Fall Down The Rabbit Hole To A $365K Jackpot At Virgin NJ Online Casino

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rabbit hole

Everybody would love having a jackpot all to themselves.

At Virgin Online Casino, two of their exclusive NJ online casino games give players that very opportunity.

Deal or No Deal

The first of Virgin’s exclusive jackpot slots is the Deal or No Deal game. This slot is the casino’s version of the popular game show.

At present, the progressive jackpot on Deal or No Deal stands at a solid $180,412. For many people, a win of that magnitude would be a mortgage payoff or a student loan cashout.

Most importantly, it would represent peace of mind for a lucky NJ online casino player. All that’s required is to play the game we’ve all seen for years on television.

How to play Deal or No Deal

The Deal or No Deal slot itself is a standard five-reel game. Players can bet up to 20 paylines.

There are actually three different bonus features on the slot. The first of these is the Mystery Bonus Round.

In the Mystery Bonus Round, players will choose from 15 sealed cases. Eleven of those cases have money amounts in them and finding one of those cases wins the prize amount for the player.

The other four cases are empty and will end the game. However, one of the 11 cases is a “Win All” case and will award all available money on the board.

The second bonus feature is a phone call from the Banker. Every so often, the Banker will call to offer a deal on the outcome of the next winning spin. Like the show, players can either accept the offer or decline to take the outcome of the spin.

Finally, the Deal or No Deal bonus is where the big money waits. Players must play a standard game of Deal or No Deal, and win money based upon the holdings of their own briefcase.

Of course, one of the briefcases holds the elusive progressive jackpot.


The other exclusive jackpot slot at Virgin NJ online casino is the Wonderland slot. Its current jackpot is more than double the one for Deal or No Deal — $365,372 at last check.

It is possible that this slot is an even better value than Deal or No Deal. Certainly, it doesn’t have the name recognition and won’t draw the same level of attention.

However, it is a perfect slot for fans of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, “Alice in Wonderland.” The fanciful game features a whopping 100 lines for players to bet.

There are also four separate bonus features on Wonderland. All four carry the potential of yielding the progressive jackpot. They are:

Croquet Bonus

Play five croquet hedgehogs with gold stars to win the jackpot.

Mad Tea Party Bonus

Pick a cake with a progressive coin in it to win the jackpot.

Painting the Roses Bonus

Paint all the roses before the Queen appears to win the jackpot.

Queen’s Court Bonus

Turn the Joker card to win the jackpot.

Additionally, Wild cards can appear during any regular gameplay or bonus games. The only difference is that bonus wins pay at the end of the bonus round.

With either of these great games, players have the chance of winning life-changing money at Virgin Casino. Check them out and see if the holidays can get happier for you. And don’t forget to review the NJ casino bonus options and get $25 free just for signing up at Virgin!

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