William Hill NJ Sportsbook Review & Promo Codes

On June 14, 2018, William Hill Sportsbook opened for betting. Although the sportsbook is new, the William Hill brand has a history.

The William Hill brand began in the United Kingdom in 1934. This is where most of the company’s annual $2.1 billion revenue originates. However, the William Hill brand made the trek across the pond to Nevada in 2012.

Although, the company was keen on expansion opportunities. With the May 2018 PASPA ruling, opportunities to expand came to fruition.

Since that time, William Hill has continued to advance in its brand expansion across the globe. In addition to the company’s New Jersey online sportsbook, the brand has also acquired online operations in Italy and Spain.

Signing up for William Hill Sportsbook

The most crucial step in understanding and playing on William Hill Sportsbook is finding the right website. The William Hill online presence is substantial, which is a good thing; yet, the brand chose to segregate its New Jersey website and its Nevada website.

During the registration period, if the brand asks the player to go to a physical location to complete registration, it is the wrong website. William Hill Sportsbook for New Jersey can be registered online. The registration process only takes a few minutes and is almost immediately confirmed via email.

To start the registration process, look at the top-left area of the screen after visiting the link on the desktop. (The mobile version will prompt the app download.)

Both the desktop and the mobile app will have the same “Register” button, highlighted in yellow. Simply answer the questions and wait for the site to ping your location.

William Hill promo code NJ

When you sign up for William Hill, you can get a bonus of up to $50 when you make your first deposit of up to $50. This isn’t as good of a welcome offer as many other NJ online sportsbooks.

We don’t currently have a promo code that we can provide, but this page will be updated when it is available.

Downloading the William Hill app

William Hill Sportsbook is extremely simple to download. There is a different process for iOS and Android users; yet, both downloads are quick and simple.

For Apple users:

If you carry an iOS device, downloading the app does not get any easier. Go to the iTunes Store — as you would with any other app — or you can access the app through William Hill’s New Jersey website. Once there, download the app and it will function like any other app.

For Android users:

Android users have a few more steps to follow, but to be fair, that is typical of all NJ online casino, gambling and NJ sportsbook apps. If you carry an Android device, you need to visit William Hill’s New Jersey website on your chosen mobile device. Once there, in mobile mode, the site will recognize your device and prompt you to download the app. This is all done via the website, and once complete, the app will function normally.

For browser users:

This sportsbook is also accessible through popular browsers. This method does still require registration and location tracking; yet, it does not require downloading of any kind. You simply access the sportsbook through your desktop and place your bets.

Betting on William Hill Sportsbook

Sports betting has always been an enjoyable pastime for people around the world. There is a culture surrounding sports betting that encompasses the generations. Whether a fan is physically at the track or betting on his or her mobile device, there is an expectation.

Fortunately, with all of its worldliness and experience, William Hill Sportsbook has brought traditional sports betting to new heights. The platform even provides a useful, comprehensive guide to help its new players explore its 101 betting options.

Here is a breakdown of the basic betting options available throughout William Hill Sportsbook platform.

Straight bet:

The straight bet is the most common bet. A straight bet is straightforward and the easiest to understand. There is only one variable that determines the win condition of the bet. The team either wins or loses, passes or fails. There is no room for addendums and little instances for misunderstandings.


Parlays are a little more complicated than the straight bet. However, parlays are only as complicated as the bettor makes them. Parlay bets are multiple straight bets bunched into one. The number of different bets bunched together determines the specific win conditions. Parlays are often preferred because the win is greater than winning any of the individual bets that make it up. There is a greater risk; thus, there is a greater reward.

Round robins:

Round robin bets are an advancement to the parlay bet. While straight bets can combine to become parlays, parlays can combine to be round robins. Again, this bet takes one form, to represent as many parlays as the bettors wish. The higher the risk (the more parlays involved in the bet), the greater the reward.


Future bets are wagers that are set in advance. Predicting the winner of the Super Bowl, for instance, would be an example of a futures bet. Stats and records of seasons past can aid this bet. Ultimately, futures are for players who are in the betting game for the long haul.


Propositions, or “prop” bets, are short-term bets that focus on the events within a given game. This can mean the first touchdown of the game, or who will make the final goal. These bets occur while the game is in progress and do not extend past the present event.


Teasers are wagers where the point spread can change in the player’s favor over the course of a few games. Teasers keep the anticipation high and the excitement flowing throughout multiple games. This is an exciting type of betting, but not a short-term bet.

Cashing out of existing bets:

The player has a lot of control over his or her bets. Of course, the specifics of the cash out depends on the game, but overall, cashing out of existing bets is possible.

Another cool feature, which is related to cashing out of existing bets is the “partial cash out” option. This option allows players to cash out a portion of their bet, while still keeping the balance in play. Similar to the existing bet cash out, the specifics of this option is subject to the game that is being played, but it is an interesting feature.

Sports available on William Hill Sportsbook

There are a plethora of different sports that are played and honored throughout the world. A few are internationally revered, while others are more restricted to certain regions of the globe.

For William Hill Sportsbook, however, its international ties expand players’ options. Here are all the games that players can bet on throughout the platform, without even having to leave the couch.

  • Automobile
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket (Other)
  • Fighting
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby (Other)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Three areas that are exceptional for William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill Sportsbook is a new entity that dons an international name. Therefore, the quality of the app should not surprise players in the least. Although, despite the high expectation that William Hill asserts, there are some aspects of the app that are exceptional.

Here are the most valuable assets to the sportsbook:

Platform layout and performance:

There is so much packed into the William Hill Sportsbook platform. The sportsbook hosts 101 ways to bet on more than 10 sports industries. Plus, it includes a lot of industry information.

It seems like the platform should be bursting at the seams. The layout and the performance accompanying it is impressive. Both the desktop and mobile version work well, and the two entities are easy to navigate.

The whole platform maintains a clean brand image and the mobile app loses nothing to the desktop version. The two conjoin nicely, without one overshadowing the other in the least. Overall, the platform is stable and extremely easy to navigate, despite the volume of content it supplies.

Information sharing:

There is a lot of information circulating through William Hill Sportsbook. Much of that information, though is educational for new players.

Instead of simply explaining the rules of its specific sportsbook, William Hill has included reference guides for new players using the platform, who have yet to learn about sports betting. This is an excellent resource, because it breaks down terms, betting odds and wagering methods to help the player.

Additionally, this is not merely a page of listed content. These guides are in PDF format and have a fair amount of depth to them.

In addition to the guides, the actual information concerning the specific platform is positive, too. The app makes it incredibly easy for players to have their questions answered, with many FAQ pages and links. This information is exceptionally well presented and informative without being overwhelming.

Both in content and visually, the “FAQ” and “Help” pages are easy to navigate. Plus, the information answers the question clearly and concisely.

International influence:

The fact that the creators of the William Hill Sportsbook platform are worldly is obvious. The company is proud of its international experience. Throughout the platform, the experience shows, without being stifling. The selection of sports that are available and other fine details hint that there is an international influence. Although, there is a balance that is appreciated. The influence the platform portrays only helps to enhance the experience.

Three areas of William Hill that could be improved

The creators of William Hill Sportsbook did a great job getting the app ready for sports fans to enjoy. However, there are still some aspects that the platform might want to think about improving. After all, even all-stars have their weaknesses.

Here are three places where William Hill could improve:

The welcome bonus:

William Hill Sportsbook welcome bonus doesn’t com near its competitors like DraftKings, SugarHouse, FanDuel, Etc. While giving away free bets, without a deposit makes sense, to a degree, but giving low incentive does not make sense.

Sure, the platform is good; it has a lot of different information available. Plus, there are many other benefits to wagering with this sportsbook. Although, the players will not know that if they do not feel that the sportsbook is playing ball. There is a certain give and take, when it comes to signing up, with any online gambling entity.

While the house will likely regain any bonus it offers, the point is more a gesture of good faith. It helps give the impression that the company cares about the players and it is vying for their business. By failing to offer anything as a welcome bonus, it comes across as pompous.

Minimum deposit:

There is a $20 minimum for depositing funds into the platform. While that is not an overly extravagant amount of money, it is strange that there is a minimum on deposits. Usually, if anything, there is a minimum withdraw. This does not seem to be the case with the William Hill Sportsbook platform.

Instead, any deposit made, at any time, must be no less than $20. Sure, this might not be a big deal for a good deal of the players, but that does not make it any less of an oddity.

Lack of deposit/withdraw options:

William Hill Sportsbook is international; it has licenses in different countries. Plus, there are different casinos, both mobile and traditional that span across the globe. However, when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds, the options are oddly limited. After all, there are plenty of reputable options available.

Why would such a large company that is so used to seizing the opportunity offer so few avenues of both deposit and withdraw? There are many speculations as to why William Hill Sportsbook took this avenue. The ultimate point is that it did and it is considerably noticeable.

Depositing money through William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill Sportsbook does not have the largest selection of deposit options, but they are all secure. The available options are all easily accessible and well-respected.

Here are the options for depositing to William Hill Sportsbook:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Cash at cage via Resorts in Atlantic City or at Monmouth Park Raceway

Withdrawing through William Hill

Often, getting your winnings from online gambling entities can be difficult. Fortunately, with William Hill, receiving funds is easy, with a multitude of secure ways to withdraw money. Here are all the withdraw options available to players:

  • William Hill Prepaid Card: Players can release their funds to the prepaid card. This is essentially a debit card that is usable anywhere that Discover is accepted. Additionally, people can withdraw cash from the card at ATMs.
  • Cash at cage: Players can receive cash withdrawals at either Ocean Resort Casino or Monmouth Park Raceway.

Availability of funds

Fund availability is quick and easy. Even though there are limited choices for depositing and withdrawing throughout the William Hill platform, fund availability is convenient. Both depositing and withdraw options allow the transaction to be complete within moments.

Browser betting

Browser betting is available for this platform, which is remarkably similar to the mobile betting abilities.

The William Hill platform is well-built; therefore, in addition to having a reliable network, there is also plenty of information available. This means that people who are new to sportsbooks have a reference to refer to while learning the platform.

Frequently asked questions

How old does someone have to be to play William Hill Sportsbook?

Everyone who plays William Hill Sportsbook must be at least 21 years old, as players are wagering for real money.

Do players have to be in New Jersey to bet?

Yes, William Hill Sportsbook is compliant with the regulations set by the gaming commission. All players must be physically located in New Jersey while they are playing; yet, that does not require players to be a resident of the state. Players must be physically located within the state while they are betting.

Where does William Hill NJ Sportsbook receive its gambling license?

Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City and Monmouth Park Raceway are two physical locations that back William Hill Sportsbook. This is interesting because it usually is only one backer that is physically within New Jersey. However, the way the deal worked out between the two entities gave the platform two physical points. The sportsbook, however, is operating under the Monmouth Park license.

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