Reach New Heights Of Excitement With Virgin’s Progressive Jackpots

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Progressive jackpots at Virgin’s NJ online casino are reaching new heights, and it might just be time to get in on the action!

Virgin, and sister site Tropicana, are known for their exclusive NJ online casino games. They have almost 20 games that no one else has, including two progressive slots: Wonderland and Deal or No Deal.

It is these two slot titles that have been gradually gaining momentum and now have jackpots totaling more than $231,000 and $152,000, respectively. And those totals are getting higher each day, just waiting for two lucky winners. Could it be you?

Wonderland progressive slot at Virgin online casino

Wonderland, developed by partner Gamesys, is based on Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, that quintessential children’s book featuring the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, a hookah-smoking caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit, many of which are included in this game.

The jackpot for this slot is distributed randomly, so there is no need to bet max to get in on the action. You can bet as little as 1 cent per line (x100 lines), or $1 total, and you have the same chance of winning as if you went all out. You also have the option of choosing the smaller progressive jackpot (which sits at $3,400).

The odds of hitting this jackpot are better, but the payout is about 1.5 percent of the big jackpot. Not life changing, but still a nice chunk of change.

This game also offers four bonus games in addition to regular play, so you can have some fun while you patiently wait to hit the jackpot. There is the Croquet Bonus, where Alice and Queen compete in a game of croquet; Mad Tea Party Bonus, where you choose teapots to get rewards; Painting the Roses Bonus, where you try to paint white roses red before the Queen catches you; and, The Queen’s Court Bonus, where you choose a soldier card as they line up for the Queen’s parade.

With this last game, you have the opportunity to win the progressive award if you find the Joker among the soldiers. So choose wisely!

Deal or No Deal progressive slot at Virgin

You’ll be hunting for the right briefcase in this take on the popular TV show of the same name. All that stands in your way is the banker.

Unlike Wonderland, your bet does make a difference when it comes to the progressive jackpots. You can play 5 cents per line (20 lines = $1) for the smaller jackpot, which sits at $36,000 — or you can play 20 cents per line ($4) for the larger jackpot of $152,000.

This game features three bonus games. There is the Banker’s Offer, which occurs randomly and is signaled by a ringing phone. The banker will offer you a deal on the outcome of your next winning spin, which could be more or less than the prize. Accept or decline at your discretion.

You’ll also find the Mystery Briefcase Bonus, which requires that you land three Mystery Bonus symbols on any payline during a regular spin. Once activated, you’ll see 15 suitcases, 11 with prizes, three empty and one that is Win All. Choose until you hit an empty briefcase and the bonus will end.

Finally, there is the Deal or No Deal Bonus, which occurs when you land three Deal or No Deal Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. This is where you have a chance to win the progressive jackpots.

Again, a series of briefcases are presented. Before each round of opening briefcases, the banker makes you an offer. Refuse and more briefcases are opened. Stay strong until the end of the round and only two briefcases will remain for you to choose from. Will the jackpot be one of them?

So head on over to Virgin’s NJ online casino and take a chance on one of these two great progressive slots. Don’t have an account yet? No problem! Just use our handy exclusive sign-up link and get $25 free.

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