Tropicana Is Offering A $20K Treasure – Grab Your Share Today!

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Summer is over, but the hot weekly promotions at Tropicana NJ and other NJ online casinos continue as always.

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In fact, this week you’re just in time for the Trop Treasure Sharepot. A share of $20,000 in bonus money is yours for the taking, and everyone who participates is guaranteed to win something. So if you’re a Tropicana Online Casino player, you would hate to miss out on this offer.

But you have to hurry because only two days remain–Wed., Sept. 9 and Thurs., Sept. 10—to earn your Sharepot tickets. The earning period ends at 11:59 p.m. sharp on Thursday, and the following day, all of the prizes will be distributed.

What is a Sharepot, and how do the Tropicana Online Casino Sharepots work?

Since it’s been a while since Tropicana Online Casino held its last Sharepot, and also since this might be the first Sharepot for some of you, let’s start with a brief description of how Sharepots work.

The similarity between Sharepots and drawings

Like drawings, Sharepots give you an extra incentive to play in the form of special prizes that you can only win by participating. In both types of promotions, playing more, as long as you can afford it, is the recommended strategy. In the case of drawings, you receive more entries. That doesn’t guarantee you will win a prize, but it does improve your chances. With Sharepots, how big your own piece of the pie will be will depend directly on how much you play.

But Tropicana Online Casino also goes above and beyond to be as fair as possible by putting strict limits on the number of Sharepot tickets or drawing entries that any individual player can earn. Of course, you can play as much as you want. But once you reach the cap on the number of tickets or entries, you cannot receive any more. On the other hand, small players who don’t earn the maximum number won’t be wasting their time. The casino has their back, too.

The difference between Sharepots and drawings

Sharepots are different from drawings, however, because as long as you play the minimum amount required, there is no way you can walk away from a Sharepot empty-handed. Because the casino has to distribute a piece of the Sharepot to so many people, more likely than not, individual shares will be small. But you still have something to show to reward you for your time playing.

Another difference between Sharepots and drawings is that with Sharepots, the luck of the draw doesn’t enter the equation at all. As long as you play enough to earn the maximum number of Sharepot tickets permitted, you can rest assured that no one will receive a bigger share of the Sharepot than you. If you play less than that, your share of the Sharepot will be smaller. What can be fairer than that?

How to participate in this week’s Tropicana Treasure Sharepot

Most of the Tropicana Sharepots contain $10,000 in bonus money prizes, but this time, Tropicana is being extra generous in preloading the Sharepot with $20,000 in prizes. More money in the Sharepot means that each participant’s share will also be bigger. However, there is one downside. Instead of rewarding you with one entry for every $50 wagered (up to $250 per day), you need to wager $100 to earn each entry.

The promotion started on Tues., Sept. 8 and continues until 11:59 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 10. If you already started playing and earning Sharepot tickets on day 1, great. But if not, you still have two days left. So it’s not too late to get in on the fun and winnings.

On any given promotion day, for every $100 you wager on any game, you will receive one Sharepot ticket, up to a maximum of five tickets if you wager a total of $500 or more. Therefore, if you play all three days of the promotion and bet a total of $500 or more each day, you will earn a total of 15 tickets. Alternatively, if you play on Wednesday and Thursday only, you can earn up 10 tickets, and even if you only play one day, you can still earn up to five tickets.

Of course, $500 is a lot of wagering in one day for many players, so if it’s more than you can comfortably afford, don’t force it. As long as you wager at least $100 on at least one day of the promotion, a piece of the Sharepot is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, Tropicana won’t let you carry play over from one day to the next. So if you want your play for a given day to count, you must wager at least $100.

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How Tropicana Online Casino will determine each player’s share

On Fri., Sept. 11, Tropicana Online Casino will tally up each participant’s play and distribute the $20,000 bonus money prize pool accordingly.

Don’t worry about the rather complicated math figuring out each person’s fair share. For the casino’s computers, it will be a piece of cake. But just in case you want to know more, here is a quick summary of what the casino will do.

  • Add up the total number of tickets for each participating player.
  • Determine the grand total of tickets for all players combined.
  • Divide each player’s total number of tickets by the grand total to get a percentage.
  • Multiply each of these individual percentages by $20,000 (the size of the Sharepot) to determine how much bonus money to award each player.

For example, if you earn 10 Sharepot tickets and the total number of tickets earned by all players combined is 8,000, your percentage of the total comes to .125%. The amount of your bonus would therefore be $10,000 x .00125 or $25.

When will you receive your bonus?

As mentioned, Tropicana Online Casino will complete all of the necessary calculations on Fri., Sept. 11 and will promptly notify all qualifying players accordingly via email what their share of the $20K Treasure Sharepot will be. Most likely, you will receive the bonus money in your account within 24 hours. But allow up to three business days in case of technical difficulties.

Wagering requirements for the bonus and other terms and conditions

All the Trop Treasure Sharepot prizes come in the form of bonus money credited to your account, and as such, work like any other bonuses you receive from this NJ online casino.

As much as you would love to withdraw the bonus, don’t even attempt it because you can’t. Instead, you will need to meet a very small wagering requirement of just 1x the bonus, and you have up to 30 days to do so, after which you are free to withdraw any resulting winnings but not the bonus money itself.

All games count 100 percent, so feel free to play any game you wish. However, you can only wager your bonus once, and as soon as you do, while your winnings, if any, are yours to keep, the bonus itself gets removed from your account permanently. What a bummer! But the good news is that it won’t be long at all before Tropicana offers another opportunity—either in another Sharepot, or a drawing, or deposit match or playback offer—to earn more bonus money!

By the way, all of the bonuses offered at Tropicana’s sister online casino, Virgin Casino, work the same way.

What could be better about the Tropicana Treasure Sharepot?

 As with all NJ online casino promotions, some features of the Tropicana Treasure Sharepot could be better. Here is what we don’t like about the offer.

  • Increasing the minimum play per day from $50 to $100 and awarding one Sharepot ticket for each $100 instead of each $50 wagered on a given day (up to five tickets per day) may be hard for some players. Keeping the minimum play at $50 would make the promotion more affordable.
  • You can’t keep the bonus, only your winnings, if any, after betting the bonus once. This automatically rules out any possibility of trying to parlay your win and extending and capitalizing on a winning streak.
  • Your bonus money prize in this promotion is already likely to be small due to the very large number of participants. And because of the combined effect of first, only being allowed to be the bonus once and then, having the bonus taken away from you, your net win will be even smaller. While doubling the size of the prize pool to $20K helps, you still have a much better chance to win big simply by playing than you do from participating in this Sharepot.

 What’s great about the Tropicana Treasure Sharepot?

 On the other hand, take a look at all of these great features this promotion also offers.

  • Because of the built-in flexibility in how much you choose to play, it’’s an easy way to assure yourself of a guaranteed bonus with minimal risk to your bankroll.
  • No deposit is required. As long as you have at least $100 in your online account, you can participate.
  • Capping the number of Sharepot tickets any player can earn at the reasonable number of five per day based on $500 in wagers is a fair compromise for everyone. Bigger players still earn more tickets than smaller players. However, premium players who can afford to bet thousands per day can’t hog the lion’s share of the Sharepot just for themselves and leave everyone else with crumbs.
  • Everyone who participates and plays at least the minimum is guaranteed to win something. Of course, if you only bet the minimum, it won’t be a lot, but even a small prize is better than no prize.
  • Once you receive your bonus, there’s no further risk to your bankroll at all. You’re only betting it once, as compared to traditional bonuses that come with wagering requirements of many times the bonus. So the casino is footing the entire cost of this wager. In the worst-case scenario, you don’t win anything betting the bonus, but you don’t lose any of your own money either. In the best-case scenario, you do win.
$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

The bottom line

Based on all of the foregoing, if you’re wondering whether the Tropicana $20K Treasure Sharepot is worth your time, the answer is yes.

Will your winnings from the bonus be big enough to have you making a beeline to the bank or celebrating with dinner and champagne at the most expensive restaurant in town? Probably not.

But as long as you plan to play at Tropicana Online Casino anyway over the next couple of days, how could you not want to take advantage of this easy opportunity to snag a guaranteed bonus?

However, the clock is ticking, so you need to act fast. Start racking up those Sharepot tickets now, if you haven’t already, so you can grab your share of the Trop Treasure Sharepot before it’s going, going, gone!

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