Enjoy Some Sweet Alternatives To Slots At SugarHouse NJ Online Casino

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We all know that slots rule the roost inside NJ online casinos.

However, amongst the myriad paylines, symbols, and clicking, there are plenty of other games that are capable of laying a golden egg.

Yes, some of the top alternatives may not be able to match slots in terms of speed and potential payouts. However, when it comes to immersion, excitemen, and strategy, table games are fantastic.

To show you what we mean, we’ve picked out five of the best casino games at SugarHouse online casino.

In terms of complexity and engagement, the following list should give you more than enough ways to ante up when you don’t fancy spinning your way to a fortune.

Single-deck blackjack

For the player who enjoys thinking critically, blackjack has always been the go-to option.

In general, most live and online casinos in New Jersey will have six and eight decks in play. From a mathematical perspective, the more decks there are, the greater the house edge. Because of this, savvy players always try to find tables with fewer cards.

At SugarHouse online casino, you can race the hallowed total of 21 using just one deck. We shall crunch some numbers, so you’ll see why this is impressive.

Firstly, the house edge in a single-deck game is around -0.03 percent. Although certain rule variations can affect that number, the point is that it’s significantly lower than the +0.42 percent or +0.44 percent you’ll face when you play six- or eight-deck blackjack.

Secondly, you can play from as little as 10 cents per hand at PlaySugarHouse.

Finally, you can double on any two cards and split after a double. Simply put, the playing conditions are heavily weighted in your favor. What’s more, the limits are affordable enough that everyone can enjoy what’s arguably one of the best online blackjack tables at NJ online casinos.

Three Wheel Roulette

Anyone who’s played roulette will know it’s one of the most intense, enthralling, and high-octane games in the casino industry.

For those in the know, imagine taking those traits and multiplying them by three. Well, that’s precisely what SugarHouse NJ online casino has done with Three Wheel Roulette.

It’s a novel take on a classic that offers the perfect combination of traditional action with modern dynamics.

Unsurprisingly, there are three wheels in play. Located inside one another, each wheel spins independently, which means you have three separate chances of winning per round. Naturally, each bet you place will be multiplied by three. So, you’ll have to factor this into your overall strategy.

However, the main reason you’ll want to play this IGT creation is that it offers much more action. In fact, the Color Up Bonus bet gives you an extra way to hit additional wins and multipliers when certain colors align.

Live Three Card Poker

We can’t talk about top online casino games and ignore the live dealer options.

Available between 11 a.m. and 3 a.m. ET every day, Live Three Card Poker, an Evolution Gaming creation, offers a truly immersive experience. As with all three card poker games, the aim is to make a better-ranked poker hand than the dealer or hope the dealer doesn’t qualify.

At PlaySugarHouse, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to play with some of the top online dealers in the world from as little as 50 cents per hand.

Between this and the fact you’ll get instant access to HD-quality live streams, you’ll almost feel as though you’re down on the casino floor each time you play.

Mega Ball Action Bingo

If you’re someone that enjoys casino gaming but doesn’t want to overthink, bingo is perfect.

Other than purchasing your ticket, there isn’t much you can do to influence the action. In fact, with Mega Ball Action Bingo, you don’t even need to mark each number as it appears. As the balls emerge at a high pace, the software will tick them off for you automatically.

Because of this, you can sit back, relax and potentially win payouts worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In fact, the largest win someone has banked so far is 2,500x his or her stake.

Therefore, if you’re able to spend 20 cents on at least one ticket, Mega Ball Action Bingo is the perfect game for novices who want to game online without any effort.

Let It Ride

The final casino game that’s worth checking out at PlaySugarHouse.com is Let It Ride.

A form of table poker, the aim of Let It Ride is to have a pair of 10s or better. Playing against the house, you start by placing three equal bets. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive three cards.

At this point, you’ll assess the strength of your hand before deciding whether you want to remove one of your bets after the dealer has received their first card. Essentially, the stronger your hand is, the more bets you want to “ride,” i.e., keep on the table.

At SugarHouse online casino, the minimum bet is $1 per round. The real appeal is you can inject an ounce of skill into the mix. As long you understand the nature of cards and can think logically, it’s possible to stick or remove bets at the optimum time.

Indeed, if you can get this right, you should be able to maximise your win rate. However, even without this, Let It Ride is an enjoyable game and goes well alongside our other top casino picks.

To try your hand at any of our top picks, log in or join PlaySugarHouse.com today and get up to $250 on your first deposit.

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