Table Games At NJ Online Casinos

You may be well aware that traditional casino table games, like blackjack and roulette, are available on all New Jersey online casino sites.

But did you know that many NJ casino websites also offer alternative table games where players can try their luck as well?

Many of these alternative table games at NJ online casinos are electronic versions of the one inside brick-and-mortar Atlantic City casinos. Therefore, most players are likely already familiar with the games.

Electronic versions of table games such as baccarat, pai gow poker, and three card poker have become increasingly popular at several NJ online casino sites. So much so that more and more sites are adding such titles to their game libraries all the time.

Online versus live table games

There are some advantages to playing online table games versus live table games. The main one is the games are so much faster online.

Physical playing devices, dealers computing payout calculations and all kinds of distractions slow down play. Online, it’s all handled digitally, making the games exponentially faster. Players can even change the settings to speed things up.

Minimum wagering requirements are usually much lower online as well, making the games more accessible. Instead of being forced to bet a minimum of $5 or $10 a hand, players can wager as little as $1 per hand online, sometimes even less.

Why play table games at NJ online casinos?

There are many reasons to play online table games at NJ online casinos:

  • Entertaining
  • Fast
  • They offer top-end payouts
  • Return-to-player (RTP) percentage is often better than slots
  • The chances of winning are almost on par with blackjack and video poker

What table games are available at NJ online casinos?

Online CasinoTable GameReturn to Player (% of Bet)
Borgata / PartyTexas Hold'em Bonus Poker97.96 / 88.99 (side bet)
CaesarsThree Card Poker96.93 / 95.62 (Pair Plus) / 90 (6 Card Bonus)
CaesarsLet it Ride96.49 / 95.62 (3 card bonus)
CaesarsNo Comm. Baccarat98.54 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)
Mohegan Sun / ResortsThree Card Poker96.93 / 95.62 (Pair Plus) / `90 (6 Card Bonus)
Mohegan Sun / ResortsLet it Ride96.49 / 95.62 (3 card bonus)
Mohegan Sun / ResortsNo Commission Baccarat98.54 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)
Golden NuggetThree Card Poker96.93 / 95.62 (Pair Plus) / `90 (6 Card Bonus)
Golden NuggetLet it Ride96.49 / 95.62 (3 card bonus)
Golden NuggetNo Commission Baccarat98.54 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)
Golden NuggetLive Baccarat98.94 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie), 97.35 (Dragon)
BetfairThree Card Poker96.93 / 95.62 (Pair Plus) / `90 (6 Card Bonus)
BetfairEZ Baccarat98.98 (banker), 98.76 (player), 92.38 (Dragon7), 89.81 (Panda), 85.64(tie)
BetfairHi-Lo Solitare89.0-96.0
BetfairNo Commission Baccarat98.54 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)
Tropicana / VirginThree Card Poker96.93 / 95.62 (Pair Plus) / `90 (6 Card Bonus)
Tropicana / VirginLet it Ride (Trop only)96.49 / 95.62 (3 card bonus)
Tropicana / VirginPai Gow Poker97.28 / 95.83 (bonus bet)
Tropicana / VirginHi-Lo96.07
Tropicana / VirginBaccarat98.94 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)
PokerStarsHeads-Up Hold'em97.64 / 95.46 (Pocket Bonus) / 98.26 (Triple Plus)
PokerStarsBaccarat98.94 (banker), 98.76 (player), 85.64 (tie)

What online table games are a player’s best bet?


If there’s a table game that represents an exception to the rule of the house always winning, it’s baccarat.

Baccarat, with a 5 percent commission on winning banker bets, has an RTP of 99 percent on banker bets and 98.75 percent on player bets. That’s as good a bet as a player can expect to find in any casino, online or off.

Even no-commission baccarat, which pays 1-2 on banker bets when the banker wins with an 8, has an RTP of 98.54 percent.

Of course, bargain hunters should avoid things like tie bets, and EZ Baccarat Dragon 7 and Panda 8 bets. The RTP on these bets ranges from 85.64 to 92.38 percent.

However, traditional banker bets and player bets on the baccarat games featured on various NJ online casinos are a still a table game player’s best bet.

Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker

A casino table game born out of the boom in poker’s popularity in the early 2000s, Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker is a good bet for table game players.

The idea is to make a better five-card hand than the dealer, and the house edge on the primary game is just 2.04 percent.

The side bets are for suckers seeking high-end bonus payouts, but the RTP on this is a mere 89 percent and should be avoided.

In the end, basic Texas Hold ’em Bonus poker game is low volatility compared to other table games. It’s designed to appeal to poker fans, but should also attract any table game players with its favorable house edge.

Three card poker

The popularity of three card poker is gaining every day, online and off.

Part of the reason is it is a straightforward game pitting a player’s three-card hand directly against the dealers.

The strategy is simple: Play if the hand value is queen/6/4 or greater; fold otherwise.

NJ online casinos abide by the 5-4-1 pay structure:

  • 5-to-1 for a straight flush
  • 4-to-1 for three-of-a-kind
  • 1-to-1 for a straight

Another reason three card poker is so popular because it has an RTP of 96.63 percent.

There are two additional side bets, but the house edge on these range from 4.38 to 10 percent.

Let it Ride

While playing Let it Ride, one player made headlines for more than $1.5 million on a single hand in 2015.

The maximum bet allowed on the game at NJ online casinos has been reduced, so that won’t happen again. However, Let it Ride still gives gamblers the chance to turn a small bet into a big score.

Plus, it offers a somewhat favorable RTP of 96.49 percent.


Hi-Lo is gambling in its purest form. Players are shown a card and bet on whether the next one will be higher or lower.

Payouts fluctuate based on the value of the card. The house edge works out to 3.93 percent, so Hi-Lo probably doesn’t belong in a list of NJ online casino games‘ best bets.

Heads-up Hold ’em

Heads-up Hold ’em is a version of Texas Hold ’em Bonus. Here, the house edge is just 2.36 percent.


PokerBet is another poker-based casino table game. Its RTP ranges between 89 and 96 percent.

Are any online table games’ bonus bets worth making?

Reading the best bets for NJ online casino table games above gives the impression most table games’ bonus bets should be avoided.

That’s true for the most part. However, there is one worth making.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s well known that pai gow poker is the best way to rack up free drinks while playing. That’s because players are breaking even more than 40 percent of the time. Even with no luck, should last longer playing pai gow than any other game in the casino.

You get seven cards and must make the best five and two card poker hands. You play those hands against the dealer and can usually beat the dealer with at least one to break even.

Enter the game’s optional bonus bet, giving players the chance to do more than just break even.

The optional side wager pays out when a player makes a straight or better. Plus, all seven cards can be used. The holy grail here is a seven-card straight flush paying a whopping 5,000 to 1.

Straights pay 2 to 1 and four-of-a-kind will earn a player 25 times the bet.

All told, the house edge on the pai gow poker side bet is 4.17 percent. It’s not great, like pai gow’s 2.72 percent. However, it remains the only table game’s side bet worth taking a shot at.

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