Share And Share Alike This Week At Tropicana And Virgin Online Casinos In NJ

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Sharing is caring, or in this case, sharing is winning. Two of NJ’s best online casinos are offering a couple sharepot promos this week to get you into the spring spirit.

One million is a lot of anything, and that’s exactly what Tropicana is giving away on Friday, March 23. The NJ online casino’s new promotion, The Spring Share, features a sharepot that is potentially worth 1,000,000 points, and you can win a piece of that million.

What is a sharepot at NJ online casinos?

A sharepot is a type of promotion where players can earn a percentage of a pot. The pot can contain cash, bonus money or, in this case, Trop Points. Total sharepot amounts available can be fixed or can change depending on certain conditions. If a sharepot amount is fixed, then that is the amount that is available to players at the end of the promotion period. Flexible sharepots can be based on a number of factors.

In this case, the sharepot will be determined by the number of wagers made during the promotion period (March 19-22). For every $10 wager made at Tropicana NJ during that time, 1 point is added to the sharepot.

How to win a piece of Tropicana’s Spring Share

In order to be eligible for your portion of Tropicana NJ’s sharepot, you’ll need to wager at least $50 on slots, 90 Ball Bingo, table games, video poker, or Keno. For each $50 wagered, you will earn one ticket, and you can earn up to five per day. Only Tropicana members who wager $50 or more are eligible for a ticket.

At the end of the promotional period, the total number of sharepot tickets earned are tallied. Each ticket will be worth a percentage of the sharepot. For example, if there are 10,000 tickets earned on a 1,000,000 sharepot, each ticket is worth 100 Trop Points. If you earn five tickets over the course of the next four days, your share would be 500 Trop Points. (Note: Trop Points can be converted to bonus money and be used for play on the site.)

Virgin NJ springs into action as well

Tropicana is not the only one with a spring sharepot. Virgin NJ just announced its Spring Into Bonuses promotion. Running during the same time period, from March 19-22, this NJ online casino is offering a $7,000 bonus money sharepot.

How to win a piece of Virgin’s Spring Into Bonuses sharepot

This sharepot works a little differently than sister site Tropicana’s. You have your choice of one or more challenges in which you can participate to earn a ticket.

For each challenge completed, you will earn one ticket. You can:

  • Make a net deposit of at least $50 and wager through your net deposit one time.
  • Wager at least $50 using Virgin’s mobile app.
  • Wager at least $50 a day for at least 2 days during the promo period

Lots of ways to win your portion of a spring sharepot with two different online bonus codes. So what are you waiting for?

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