How To Choose An NJ Sports Betting App That’s Best For Your Bets

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DraftKings Sportsbook launched the first mobile sportsbook app in New Jersey at the beginning of August 2018. The state’s online and mobile sports betting market has grown exponentially since that time.

There are now eight NJ online and mobile sports betting products live in NJ. And several more are likely on the way. As of Oct. 5, 2018, the eight mobile sportsbook apps fully operational in the NJ sports betting market are:

What’s in an NJ sports betting name?

More than just names separate these NJ sportsbook apps from one another. Each one runs on its own software. Each has its own customer service department that handles any and all issues. Plus, while many overlap, each has its own variety of deposit and withdrawal options.

Perhaps even more importantly, each has its own bonus offers, promotions, and competitive betting lines that clearly separate it from the pack.

If you want to know how to choose the best NJ mobile sports betting app for you, that’s an easy one. Simply list these categories based on what’s most important to you. Then, take a look at how each app is handling it.

Just so you can see them in an easily accessible list, the categories are:

  • Software
  • Customer service
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Betting lines

Plus, here’s a little primer on each, letting you know who’s got the edge in the NJ online and mobile sports betting game right from the opening tip:

Sportsbook software

All NJ mobile sportsbooks have relatively user-friendly software that makes it pretty simple to make a bet. Each also includes account management functionality and settings gamblers can use to customize the experience.

What makes one better than the next really comes down to personal preference. However, if there is one aspect of an NJ online and mobile sports betting product’s software that separates it from the others, it’s the available betting options.

With a few exceptions, each NJ mobile sportsbooks offers the same list of sports to bet on. Plus, the same list of bets, which generally includes:

  • Futures
  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Propositions
  • In-play betting

The list may be alphabetical, but that last category is quite a difference maker. For example, BetMGM Sports barely includes in-play betting, and while it’s there on DraftKings, FanDuel, and most others, no NJ mobile sportsbook has more in-play options than SugarHouse.

If in-play betting is really your thing, choosing the best sportsbook for you is easy. If software is the most important category for you, then go with SugarHouse. You’ll also benefit from another perk the SugarHouse software offers. Players only need one account to play in its NJ online casino and bet in the sportsbook.

Several other NJ online sports betting products offer this seamless access, but none with all the advantages that SugarHouse’s software provides.

Betting lines

Betting lines are probably the number one category most gamblers will look at when making an NJ mobile sportsbook choice.

Booking sports bets is a competitive business and sportsbooks battle over pricing on the betting lines.

Some of the lines put out there by mobile sportsbooks since launch have been questionable, but the situation is improving.

It’s difficult to say one has consistently better lines than another. When it comes to sportsbook pricing, its always in flux. That means shopping around is key for the consumer. You may find the best price on a bet at William Hill one day, then BetStars the next.

The one thing that can be said for sure is outfits such as Caesars, BetMGM, and William Hill have a lot more bookmaking experience in the US market than most, thanks to years of operation in Nevada. Experience may give these mobile sportsbooks an advantage in setting lines, but again, the best thing to do is shop around.

If you’re basing your decision strictly on the betting lines category, you may never find a clear answer as to the best sportsbook for you. Then again, you may discover a sweet spot with competitive pricing for the lines you like to bet. If you do, stick with it, but again, don’t be afraid to keep looking around to make sure you always get the best price.

Customer service

Over the long haul, how an NJ mobile sportsbook handles disputes, problems, and issues can make or break it.

With this much competition, there will always be another mobile sportsbook up the virtual street promising to treat customers better. If gamblers continue to walk away from a mobile sportsbook because its customer service department handles issues poorly, the customer base will shrink fast.

That said, the NJ online and mobile sports betting market is too young for any mobile sportsbook to have separated itself from the pack in terms of customer service. If one had, it would likely be due to the fact it had more than its fair share of problems to begin with, which is a deeper issue in and of itself.

As it is, you can take a look at how customer service questions are handled at NJ sportsbooks currently thanks to a recent test.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Having a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options is a must for any NJ mobile sportsbook.

Most of New Jersey and people from surrounding states are well aware how difficult it can be to get money on a New Jersey online casino or poker site using a credit card. The same issues hold true on mobile sportsbooks.

For whatever reasons, several issuing banks aren’t on board with legal and regulated online gambling yet. Therefore, it’s imperative NJ mobile sports betting apps give customers several alternatives. Most do already, and there’s not much separating one from another in this category.

However, DraftKings made a big deal about the fact it added payment processor PayPal to its roster of deposit options a month after it launched. That’s because while all NJ online and mobile sportsbooks use payment processors, not all are linked up with the largest payment processor in the world. Not yet anyway.

Bonuses and promotions

New Jersey mobile sportsbooks want your business, and they’re willing to offer competitive lines, bonuses, and promotions to try to get it.

The market is player-friendly right now with tons of free bonus cash gamblers can get their hands on just for signing up.

This usually comes in the form of no deposit and first deposit bonuses. That’s either the sportsbook handing you money to bet with just for signing up for an account. Or, it’s the sportsbook giving you a bonus matching your first deposit. Either way, it’s a great value to gamblers. Plus, it could turn the one you never thought you’d sign up for into your go-to sports betting app.

Things will change as the market matures and market share lines up. Ultimately, the haves will be separated from the have-nots.

For now, it looks like DraftKings Sportsbook offers one of the best bonuses in the business. Just for signing up for a DraftKings Sportsbook account, new players get $25 in free bets. It comes in the form of five free $5 bets.

Meanwhile, SugarHouse Sportsbook has an exclusive deposit match bonus for the sportsbook through a site that is one of the more lucrative in the budding industry. New players are eligible for a 100 percent first deposit match bonus of up to $250, provided they sign up for an account using the promo code 250MATCH.

Ultimately, choosing a sportsbook app in New Jersey depends on what you want and what you need. Place your bets with confidence, knowing that you chose an NJ sports betting app that’s right for you.

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