Hit The Road With The New Wheel Of Fortune On Tour NJ Online Slot

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Wheel Of Fortune On Tour NJ slots online


The world of legal online slots in New Jersey just got a little wider thanks to the addition of Wheel Of Fortune On Tour, the latest game in developer IGTs arsenal of Wheel Of Fortune-themed slots.

Based on one of television’s most iconic and popular gameshows that has spawned international imitations the world over, this series of slots has proved just as popular and profitable as the television show that inspired it.

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour overview

Wheel Of Fortune is one of the longest-running gameshows in the world, having been one of America’s favorites since its debut in 1975. Given that online slots are the most popular casino games in the world, it seems only natural that the two should marry.

Award-winning online slots developer IGT have produced several Wheel Of Fortune slots, such as Wheel Of Fortune Triple Extreme.

However, Wheel Of Fortune On Tour is the biggest and best of the bunch, jam-packed with bonus features and ways to win huge jackpot prizes.

If you’ve somehow missed out on the 6,000-plus episodes of this gameshow, the premise is simple: The game is essentially a word guessing game in which contestants spin a roulette-style wheel between guesses to win cash prizes.

This slot does, of course, feature the wheel.

But the main thing you’ll be spinning is the set of five reels, each decked out with symbols from the gameshow and landmarks across America. This 30-payline game has a Return to Player percentage of up to 96.6 percent.

Wheel of Fortune On Tour NJ slot

Where to play this game online in New Jersey

You can play this great new game at Tropicana and Virgin Casino. It’ll be tough to have a bad first week playing Wheel Of Fortune On Tour at either NJ online casino, because if you sign up and make your first deposit, you’ll receive up to $100 cash back on any losses if the reels don’t happen to fall your way.

In addition, New Jersey online slots fans can find this fantastic new game at Golden Nugget and Caesars. Now, let’s take a look at the latest New Jersey online casino game.

Playing the game

This five-reel, 30-payline slot is immediately striking from the second you open the game.

The backdrop of the reels is pulsing neon lines, giving you the impression of driving down the road with palm trees lining the sidewalks and the glitz and glamour of a major American city before you.

The reels themselves reflect this, with the Alamo, the Statue of Liberty, Route 66, Mount Rushmore, and the Liberty Bell all taking the place of more traditional slots symbols – no fruits or sevens here.

Betting is fixed at 30 paylines, with a minimum bet of 50 coins and a maximum of 2,500 coins.

While spinning the reels during regular play can prove profitable, especially if you hit a high-scoring set of symbols like the Hollywood Star which pays 1,250x your bet for five of a kind, this game is all about the bonus features; specifically, the Level Up Plus Awards.

You’ll notice a gas gauge in the corner of your screen as you play, which will begin to fill up each time you hit a non-triggering bonus symbol.

In other words, each time you hit a bonus symbol but don’t successfully trigger the bonus, you’ll increase the meter. As the meter increases, the amount of potential bonus features you can play increases too!

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Features to note

Bonus wheel

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Wheel Of Fortune online slot if you didn’t get a chance to spin the famous wheel!

If you hit three bonus bus symbols, you’ll trigger this feature round and get the chance to win up to 10,000 coins.

Level Up Plus awards: Expanded Top Award and Multiplier Wedge

As you fill the Level Up Plus gas gauge, you’ll unlock additional perks for the Bonus Wheel feature.

The Expanded Top Award triples your chances of winning the top prize during the Bonus Wheel round; the Multiplier Wedge adds a multiplier of 2x to 5x which is applied to an additional free spin of the wheel.

NJ online casino games Wheel of Fortune

Wheelmobile wilds

When you hit this feature, up to four symbols are chosen at random to transform into wilds and recalculate winning paylines.

This feature is randomly triggered after any regular spin that does not contain a bonus bus symbol on the first reel.

Free play free spins

At the start of this feature, you’ll receive three free spins. During the first spin, one symbol is randomly chosen and all instances of that symbol are transformed into wilds.

During the second spin, a second symbol is also turned wild; the third spin features yet another batch of bonus wilds.

Letter Board Picker

The classic Wheel Of Fortune game comes to this New Jersey online slot by way of the Letter Board Picker bonus. You’ll pick letters for the board, with each pick awarding you between 50 and 500 times your stake.

You can also find additional picks and multipliers amongst the letter board.

Spin To Win Bonus

Another wheel-y good bonus feature, the Spin To Win Bonus begins once you select a letter to reveal the top prize on the wheel. Spin the wheel and claim your prize – or risk it all for another, bigger spin!

What works?

The bonus wheel

Naturally, this is what you expect and want from a Wheel Of Fortune game and it delivers.

The bonus wheel is just like the show, and the fact that you can win some pretty huge jackpots (and even the smaller prizes are decent) only adds to that!

slots online NJ Wheel of Fortune On Tour

Level Up Plus

Level Up Plus is an awesome way to make regular spins feel more meaningful even if you don’t manage to hit a good-sized win. Watching that gauge fill up and knowing that each additional spin could increase your bonus winnings is a great feeling.

Wheelmobile Wilds

This is another great way to spice up regular spins, which is a really welcome addition to a game that already has a ton of bonus features and could have easily neglected to make regular gameplay exciting.

What doesn’t?

Maybe less is more?

Bonus feature rounds are the best part of most online slots and this game is no exception. However, it can begin to feel a bit bogged down with too many features.

It’s especially frustrating if there’s one in particular you love, but you keep hitting the others.

It’s a departure from the classic show

The wheel spinning and letter board features are great, and are basically exactly what Wheel Of Fortune fans are looking for in an online slot. However, the rest of it isn’t quite what your parents tuned into NBC for back in the 1970s.

Graphics are only OK

There’s nothing atrociously wrong with IGT’s graphics and animation here, but compared to some of the NJ online slots out there with near-cinematic levels of animation and cutscenes, it does feel a bit standard after a while playing.

Game ratings

Graphics and soundtrack 3/5

The graphics and soundtrack are the weakest part of this game, but that’s not necessarily because they’re bad; it’s actually more to do with the rest of the game being pretty awesome!

Originality and creativity 3.5/5

It’s the latest in a long line of Wheel Of Fortune online slots, and of course they are all based on the gameshow. In this iteration, the wealth of bonus features and the Level Up Plus meter are very original and very cool.

Play value 4/5

The sheer amount of bonus feature rounds available, as well as randomly-triggered perks like Wheelmobile Wilds, means that this game has great value for those hoping to play exciting features and spin for jackpot-sized prizes.

Jackpot potential 3.5/5

You won’t be able to win as much on this game as you could on other New Jersey online slots, but there are plenty of chances to win very decent prizes, especially in the Bonus Wheel feature.

Repeat play 5/5

This game has amazing repeat play value, because you could spin the reels for hours and still only encounter half of the awesome bonus features and winnings that IGT have to offer you.

Total score 19/25

IGT are really pushing the Wheel Of Fortune online slot concept to the max with this game, which almost literally couldn’t be any more jam-packed with bonuses and features. It may not be perfect, but it’s a fantastic online slot on which to try and spin your way to winnings.

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