Hit The Big One In 2019: The Year’s Best Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

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People play traditional slots, themed video slots and online versions of their favorite brick-and-mortar casino slots at NJ online casinos for a variety of reasons.

However, they only play progressive jackpot slots for one: The chance to hit it big.

The progressive jackpot slots players find at NJ online casinos are quite similar to most others. The major difference is the size of the maximum payout, and when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, size matters.

Progressive jackpot slots feature jackpots that increase by a small amount with every spin. Then, once the jackpot hits, it resets back to a designated amount and the jackpot begins growing again.

If it has been a significant amount of time since someone has hit the jackpot so that that jackpot could reach high six or even seven figures.

Hit the elusive jackpot and millions could be yours, but don’t get caught up in thinking you’re going to get up to a million bucks a little at a time on a progressive jackpot slot.

With so much of your cash being siphoned off and put into the growing jackpot, a progressive jackpot slot’s other payouts are bound to be pretty small.

Plus, these slots also payout less frequently than others. In fact, most progressive jackpot slots RTP rates are on the low end.

The best of the biggest progressive jackpot slots

As long as you’re aware of that, it’s more than OK to play progressive jackpot slots chasing what for most can be life-changing money. In fact, when the jackpots get really big, theoretical returns rise substantially, so there is value in checking to see where a jackpot stands and trying to land a big one.

Here in 2019, some progressive jackpot slots at NJ online casinos that have already paid out massive wins. Plus, some NJ online casinos host others with seven-figure jackpots just waiting to be claimed. Here’s a list of the year’s four best progressive jackpot slots at NJ online casinos and where the jackpots stand as 2019 continues:

MegaJackpots Siberian Storm

MegaJackpots Siberian Storm on Caesars Casino & Sports is popping off in 2019. In late February, the jackpot had already climbed up to $545,000. If it isn’t hit soon, it’ll cross the $600,000 mark before we’re halfway through the calendar year.

A half-a-million dollar jackpot is more than enough reason to have a few spins on MegaJackpots Siberian Storm. However, IGT‘s Siberian Storm is also a lot of fun.

It’s a five-reel hexagonal MultiWay Xtra payline slot with 720 ways to win. Plus, even though the game has an 88.99 percent RTP that’s lower than most, that massive progressive jackpot is the only return that really counts.

Just line up the five MegaJackpots Siberian Storm symbols, and it’s yours.


Wonderland on Virgin Casino has stood the test of time as one of the most popular online slots in NJ. Nothing has changed in 2019 with Wonderland’s jackpot climbing up to a whopping $432,219 already this year.

It’s so popular that by the time you see this page online, it’s sure to have grown significantly larger.

The West Pier Studio designed five-reel features all the iconic characters and symbols from the beloved Lewis Carroll children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

And if that’s not enough to draw you in, it has a reputation for paying out some of the biggest jackpots in NJ online casino history.

Wonderland features four different bonus games. The fourth is The Queen’s Court, a high-low card game that players advance through by correctly picking whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one before it.

Turn over a joker card and that huge progressive jackpot is yours.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune made headlines in February when a Camden County resident hit the largest jackpot ever won at PlaySugarHouse NJ online casino playing the game.

That player won an incredible $295,384 on her $4 Divine Fortune spin. But the truth is, Divine Fortune has been doing similar things to other players for the past couple of years.

The NetEnt designed Greek-themed, three-row, five-reel slot has paid out more than $3 million in jackpots across a variety of NJ online casino sites since 2017. Plus, nearly $1.3 million on PlaySugarHouse alone.

The key to hitting it big on Divine Fortune is getting a shot at the Jackpot Bonus game, which is activated when three or more bonus symbols line up.

Divine Fortune randomly places the bonus symbols the bonus game’s 15 reels and players start with three free spins. The number of spins resets to three anytime another bonus symbol lands.

The bonus symbols also remain on the reels throughout the spins.

Fill an entire row and win the minor jackpot.

If a player fills two rows, he or she will win the major jackpot.

Fill all three rows with bonus symbols and the mega progressive jackpot is yours.

As of late February, the progressive jackpot on Divine Fortune was back up to $16,994.26 on PlaySugarHouse. However, you can play the game on Golden Nugget Online Casino as well, where it was at $52,313.55 heading into March 2019.

There’s no guarantee anyone will hit it again on either site in 2019, but we promise it’ll continue to grow throughout the year.


Loot’EnKhamun is just one of half a five slots on Borgata Casino that are part of its Borgata Big Series Jackpot. However, it’s the only one with an Egyptian theme, Hieroglyphic symbols and that cool pun of a name.

The others are:

  • Biker Pigs
  • Luck ‘O The Jackpot
  • Going Nuts
  • Melon Madness

All six give players the chance to win what amounts to $2,765,175.67 in jackpots as of late February.

On Loot’EnKhamun, all you have to do is start finding some of its five different Hieroglyphics scatter symbols for a chance at big money.

The massive progressive jackpot actually consists of five different progressive jackpots. These are:

  • Blitz Cash Jackpot
  • Quick Cash Jackpot
  • Super Cash Jackpot
  • Mega Cash Jackpot
  • Colossal Cash Jackpot

All five grow with every bet and are awarded randomly.

Bigger bets increase a player’s chance of winning. The game randomly takes players to the Borgata Big Series Jackpot screen, which lists all five jackpots and features a color wheel.

Players spin the wheel, and it changes colors until it stops on one corresponding to one of the five jackpots.

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