PokerStars Unlocking Treasure Troves With New Rewards Program

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New PokerStars rewards system


It may sound like a plot point from an adventure movie, but it is actually the new rewards program from online poker titan PokerStars. The company’s new rewards program will dispense rewards using customized “treasure chests.”

Stars Rewards covers casino, poker, and sports bets

The rewards program covers not just poker, but also sports bets and online casino. The latter two are an increasingly more important part of the company’s strategy.

Unlike the previous poker rewards program, where Frequent Player Points or StarsCoin had a fixed value and prizes had a fixed price, this system is more randomized.

Players have a progress bar. The more they play, the more progress towards a reward they make. According to a promotional video from PokerStars, the bar has boostability to help players achieve a reward faster.

Players can earn boosts by logging in consecutive days or playing a high volume.

The nature of the reward varies based on how often a customer plays. The more they play, the bigger the prize in the chest will be.

There is an interesting twist to these rewards chests too. More specifically, the exact nature of each prize is a mystery. Prizes are based on players’ individual interests. However, players do not know the exact reward until they open the chest.

The PokerStars corporate blog explains:

“Chests will offer a variety of rewards including StarsCoin, free sports bets, tournament tickets, casino instant bonuses, and more, all personalised to reflect your gameplay. For example, a tournament player will predominantly receive tournament money or tournament tickets, whereas a sports-bettor would receive free bets.

You will also earn StarsCoin from Chests, and will continue to be able to redeem them in the store at the same rate for cash rebates, tickets, merchandise, and more.”

Stars Rewards starting in Denmark, expanding worldwide, NJ this summer

PokerStars NJ customers have to wait before they can start cracking open virtual treasure chests. Denmark is the first market getting the program. That will happen later this month.

Next up is Italy. Then, the rest of the world, including the New Jersey online casino market, should change over to the new program later this summer.

Currently, New Jersey uses the VIP Club rewards programs. Players achieve a VIP level based on volume of play, then that level determines the rate at which a player earns StarsCoin.

PokerStars has not released all the specifics on the new program. The chests program does imply the VIP Store is likely going away. With that in mind, if New Jersey players see anything in the store they want to buy with StarsCoin, better to act now.

The company should release more details on the new Stars Rewards program in the coming weeks.

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