Parlay Your Way To A $100,000 In Free Bets At BetStars NJ Online Sportsbook

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The advent of online sports betting in New Jersey has brought myriad new opportunities and, for some, confusing technical terms.

A parlay bet is one such term that may have you scratching your head and cowering in the corner. However, thanks to BetStars NJ, the humble parlay need not be so intimidating.

If you play your cards right, a parlay bet could net you a profit boost worth up to $100,000 

What is a parlay bet?

Before we delve into the details of BetStars’ bonus offer, let’s explain what we mean by a parlay bet. In simple terms, a parlay is a wager involving two or more propositions.

For example, a standard parlay bet could involve the following: the New York Knicks to beat the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat to beat Orlando Magic, and Utah Jazz to beat the San Antonio Spurs.

Technically, this is a three-selection parlay.

For those that want to increase their potential returns, it’s possible to add as many sections to the parlay as you wish. However, the critical thing to remember is that each selection has to be correct to win.

If we take the above example, the Knicks, Heat, and Jazz would all have to win for you to receive a return on your investment. If any less than three won, you’d lose your stake.

This is what makes parlay bets so exciting and potentially lucrative but also tricky to win.

Making a lucrative bet even more lucrative at BetStars NJ

Once you’ve come to grips with parlays, BetStars NJ is on hand to give you even more value.

As we’ve said, winning a parlay isn’t always easy. However, the upside is that the odds on a three-selection parlay are much greater than they’d be if you bet on each game individually.

The upshot of this is that you can get a much better return on your investment. In practice, this is usually enough to get people betting. However, because BetStars NJ online sportsbook knows that some of you might not be familiar with parlays, they’re adding more money to the mix.

Each time you make a three-selection parlay and win, you’ll receive a 5 percent bonus. In real terms, this means you’ll receive a $5 bonus payment for every $100 you win.

If you make a four-selection parlay, your win boost goes up to 7.5 percent. This dynamic continues right up to a parlay that consists of 18 propositions. If you’re able to win an 18-selection parlay, you’ll receive a 100 percent profit boost.

If you successfully made a $1 bet on an 18-selection parlay with odds of +10,000, you’d win $10,000. On top of your cash profit, you’d receive a 100 percent top-up, which translates into a bonus payout of $10,000 in bonus cash.

Therefore, your total win would be $20,000.

Free bets are valuable bets

Now, there are some terms and conditions you need to be aware of before you head off to BetStars NJ and start betting.

However, the main one you need to be aware of is that the bonus payout is given to you in the form of a free bet, which means the money isn’t cashable.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

These free bets allow you to speculate on any event as if it were real money. The only difference is that you won’t receive your stake back. Despite that, this is a fantastic deal.

Yes, parlays aren’t easy to win; however, if the sports betting gods are on your side, there’s a ton of added value up for grabs at BetStars NJ this month. With all that being said, make sure you take note of these terms and conditions.

Once you’ve done so, log in or create your first account at BetStars NJ and start parlaying your way to more value in December:

  • System bets such as Yankees and Lucky 15s do not qualify for this offer.
  • Minimum odds of -200 applies to all legs of the parlay.
  • Only works with pre-match parlay bets on all sports except specials. If any selection is an event in the specials category, the parlay does not qualify.
  • If any leg of the parlay contains an each-way selection, it will not qualify for this offer.
  • The maximum bonus amount is $100,000 per day, per customer.

Yes, this is not technically an NJ online casino offer, but online gambling comes in all forms in the Garden State. Join BetStars NJ using our exclusive sign-up link and get up to $500 in free bets. That should get you going on this parlay action easy peasy.

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