October 2018 Ended Up Being Just OK For NJ Online Casino Jackpots

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Well, October 2018 won’t go down as a memorable month for New Jersey online slot jackpots. But it won’t be a disaster, either.

In baseball, a player’s hitting prowess is first judged by his hitting percentage. If he cannot get a hit in more than 20 percent of his attempts, he is said to be below the Mendoza Line, which is so named after a famously-incompetent hitter.

The Mendoza Line for monthly jackpot totals seems to be $100,000. Anything less than that total means that the jackpots were a bit stingy for that month.

The good news is that October 2018 was above the Mendoza Line. The bad news is that it wasn’t by much — four jackpots in the month combined for a total win of $157,121.77.

Again — not bad, but not great either.

Recent New Jersey online jackpot winners

The silver lining for October is that business picked up a bit during the second half of the month. Three lucky Garden Staters scored jackpots for themselves, including a very nice five-digit win on Oct. 23.

That win came using a Divine Fortune slot game on Golden Nugget. The lucky spinner took down a prize worth $55,281.66.

We also had two of those “sustenance” wins on Cash Flash Jackpot at Borgata. Two players took jackpots of $1,474 and $1,159 on Oct. 16 and Oct. 22, respectively.

So, even though there were some tough stretches, October ended up alright.

Date of WinSiteGameWin Amount
10/7/18Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$99,207.11
10/23/18Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$55,281.66

Current jackpots at NJ online casinos

As we often write, there are four casinos that are worthy of one’s time in New Jersey. They all offer a wide selection of slot titles that would satisfy all but the most contrary of contrarians. They are:

Here are all the current progressive jackpots at those sites. Make sure to check them out. There are few who couldn’t use an extra half million dollars to their name.

SiteJackpot TitleCurrent ValueDate CollectedGames in Pool
BetfairDivine Fortune$126,830.008/24/18Divine Fortune
Siberian Storm
CaesarsDivine Fortune$55,427.81
11/1/18Divine Fortune
Golden NuggetOne Red Cent Deluxe$20,354.5611/1/18One Red Cent
Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$27,896.2311/1/18Divine Fortune
Golden NuggetGong Xi Fa Cai$10,120.8111/1/18Gong Xi Fa Cai
VirginDeal or No Deal$171,877.0011/1/18Deal or No Deal

The jackpots everybody played

Of course, we would be remiss if we neglected to mention the two jackpots that made national news. In the span of just five days, between Oct. 23 and Oct. 28, the two multi-state lotteries in the country awarded jackpots in excess of a combined $2.2 billion.

The first of these jackpots was the record-setting Mega Millions jackpot drawing. A single ticket sold in South Carolina won a prize estimated to be worth $1.537 billion.

So far, the extremely lucky winner has yet to come forward, although some delay is not unusual. In fact, he or she has 180 days to claim the prize.

The other jackpot would have drawn more attention if not for the Mega Millions bonanza. The Powerball lottery grew to a staggering $688 million jackpot before two ticketholders in Iowa and New York found the right combination of numbers.

So far, neither prize winner has come forward. However, their identity will ultimately become a matter of public record, as required by law in 44 states.

Still, a conversation about jackpots in October 2018 has to mention these two monsters. It’s just a shame that neither of them struck in New Jersey.

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