It’s Slim Pickins’ For Big Winners At NJ Online Casino Jackpots So Far

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The further into September we go, the more we should give thanks for August. A third of the way through the ninth month of the year and jackpot winners at NJ online casinos have amassed just over $4,000.

That figure pales in comparison to last month. By this point in August 2018, New Jersey residents had already shoved nearly $700,000 of jackpot winnings into their pockets.

This month has been a slow trickle of the good stuff. Three Cash Flash Jackpots at Borgata are the only notches in the win column.

On a side note, Borgata had a particularly noteworthy hit on the land-based side. A Hawthorne woman took home nearly $2.5 million on a $10 spin.

Recent New Jersey jackpot winners

It’s important to keep perspective.

Yes, there have only been three winners this month. Yes, they’ve all won less than two grand each time.

But, we’ve TRIPLED the number of winners since last week. Progress is progress.

Date of WinSiteGameWin Amount
10/7/18Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$99,207.11
10/23/18Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$55,281.66

Even with the anemic results, there’s no rhyme or reason to the incoming jackpots. Hopefully, we’ll all be singing a different tale next week.

Current jackpots at New Jersey online casinos

We continue to look at four specific sites in New Jersey. Just as a reminder, they are:

SiteJackpot TitleCurrent ValueDate CollectedGames in Pool
BetfairDivine Fortune$126,830.008/24/18Divine Fortune
Siberian Storm
CaesarsDivine Fortune$55,427.81
11/1/18Divine Fortune
Golden NuggetOne Red Cent Deluxe$20,354.5611/1/18One Red Cent
Golden NuggetDivine Fortune$27,896.2311/1/18Divine Fortune
Golden NuggetGong Xi Fa Cai$10,120.8111/1/18Gong Xi Fa Cai
VirginDeal or No Deal$171,877.0011/1/18Deal or No Deal

The jackpots at those four sites alone are worth more than $2 million. That kind of money is hard to win, but you only have to do it once.

Featured New Jersey online jackpot slot: Wonderland

Virgin Casino’s Wonderland takes bettors into Alice’s magical land. A fantastical setting and some of the best-known characters in literary history are on hand to guide you to riches.

The very first thing the player does is select a progressive jackpot to target. That’s right. There are two, and one of them offers life-changing money.

The selection gives way to cartoon versions of Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Cheshire Cat. Thankfully, the Jabberwocky is nowhere to be found.

There are four bonus features in Wonderland. They are:

  • Croquet 
    • Compete against the Red Queen
    • Choose your champion and the correct hoops to win
    • Winners enter a special bonus round
  • Mad Tea Party
    • Click on excited teapots to win
    • Watch out for the Dormouse!
  • Painting the Roses
    • Help out the gardeners before the Red Queen finds out
    • Paint as many roses as you can and receive rewards
    • Watch out for the Queen!
  • The Queen’s Court
    • Help the soldier cards line up for the parade
    • Pick the higher card to win a cash prize – Aces are high
    • If you find the Red Queen, the game ends

The great thing about this exclusive NJ online casino game at Virgin is that you can win the progressive jackpot through any of the four bonus games. In order to win the progressive, simply satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Play five croquet hedgehogs with stars on their bellies
  • Pick a cake with the progressive coin in it at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  • Paint all the roses red before the Queen arrives
  • Find the Joker in the Queen’s Court

That’s four ways that you can hit it big! Right now, the big jackpot is approaching $270,000. Go tumble down the rabbit hole on Virgin online casino today.

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