Top 3 NJ Online Casinos With The Best Live Dealer Games

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best live dealer games

When the first NJ online casinos appeared on the scene in November 2013, live dealer games were not yet an option. Although live dealer games were already a big hit in international online casinos, which were not open to US  players, surprisingly, they were slow to catch on in this country.

It was not until August 2016, with Golden Nugget leading the way, that NJ players got their first introduction to this exciting alternative to traditional online gambling.

Best Live Dealer Games Online In NJ

Today, the best live dealer games can be enjoyed 24/7 not only at Golden Nugget but on many different NJ gambling websites. Most live dealer games can even be played on mobile devices.

For the benefit of those players who are new to the live dealer playing experience and wondering which sites might be your best options, this article describes our top 3 picks of NJ online casinos with the best live dealer games.

Live Dealer Games at Golden Nugget Online Casino

The most obvious candidate for the NJ online casino with the best live dealer games is the first casino to introduce these games to the NJ gambling market–Golden Nugget.

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In fact, on August 11, 2016, Golden Nugget became the first licensed online casino in the US to offer live dealer games. What makes these games special and unique is that far more than any other games you can play online or on your mobile device, live dealer games replicate the social experience of playing in a real casino.

The live dealer platform offers all the convenience of being able to play your favorite casino games anytime you wish either from home or wherever in New Jersey you happen to be. Yet you are able to play in real time with a real dealer and other players. You can even carry on a conversation with the dealer and other players just like in a real casino.

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Leader of the pack with 13 different live dealer tables

Furthermore, much like Golden Nugget Online Casino is continually expanding its vast collection of other games, its live dealer offerings have also multiplied. As of this writing, no less than 13 different live dealer games are available on this website, most of which can be played 24/7.

All of the tables offer a wide range of limits. So players of any betting level will have no problem finding the game they want to play, for the stakes they prefer, even during the busiest hours.

The offerings include seven regular blackjack tables along with American roulette, Dragon bonus baccarat, casino hold’em, and three-card poker. Rounding out the offerings are two special games, Unlimited Blackjack and Casino Floor Roulette.

Blackjack players can choose a table with a minimum bet of $10, $15, $20, $25, or $50, while the other table games (roulette, baccarat, casino hold ‘em, and three-card poker) accept bets for as little as $1.

Blackjack is the most popular choice, as it has the lowest house edge. Unfortunately, those who travel to Atlantic City during busy periods like weekends and holidays, hoping to find a low stakes blackjack game, are likely to be disappointed.

Most of the table minimums are $25 and higher, and even at that level, there might be a long wait for a seat. But the Golden Nugget live dealer blackjack tables give players a choice, which anyone just learning the game and/or on a limited budget will greatly appreciate.

Best live dealer games – Unlimited Blackjack

Of course, it is possible that sometimes the lower stakes live dealer blackjack tables will be full, too. But in that case, rather than wait or play a higher stakes game than intended, Golden Nugget solves the problem by offering another game—Unlimited Blackjack.

Unlike regular blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack uses a special feature called Common Draw that allows an unlimited number of players to be playing the same game with the same dealer. You can enter a game in progress at any time with no waiting. But instead of each player being dealt different cards, everyone starts with the same hand and then decides independently how to play the hand.

Another important difference between Unlimited Blackjack and regular blackjack is the Auto-Split feature. In order to speed up the game, all pair splitting decisions are preset.

Some pairs must always be split, and others can never be split, but in all instances, you have no say in the matter. The minimum bet in Unlimited Blackjack is only $1, while the maximum is $1,000.

Casino Floor Roulette

Another innovative live dealer game that Golden Nugget offers is Casino Floor Roulette. Whereas the other live dealer games are live-streamed to your computer or smartphone from a studio rather than from the casino itself, the roulette table for Casino Floor Roulette is inside the casino. This means that you actually get to play alongside players at Golden Nugget Atlantic City!

The result is a truly immersive experience where you get to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the casino despite not having to travel anywhere. As with Unlimited Blackjack, the game can accommodate an unlimited number of online players.

The minimum bet is only $1. However, high rollers who want to bet big certainly can. The maximum straight bet is $100, and the maximum outside bet is $2,000.

Unfortunately, both Casino Floor Roulette and the regular live dealer roulette game are only offered as American Roulette. The presence of both a single and double zero on the wheel raises the house edge to a lofty 5.26 percent, as compared to just a 2.7 percent house edge in European roulette with only a single zero.

Live Dealer Games at Betfair Online Casino

In May 2017, nearly a year after Golden Nugget introduced live dealer games to NJ online casino players, its affiliate, Betfair Casino, became the second NJ online casino to offer the option.

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Betfair not only shares the same studio space that Golden Nugget uses for live streaming the games, but it’s entirely possible for Betfair players to be playing the same games alongside Golden Nugget players.

As of this writing, Betfair offers a total of 12 live dealer tables, almost as many as Golden Nugget. The seven live dealer blackjack tables offer a choice of four possible table minimums: $10, $15, $25, or $50.

The $10 minimum tables are open 24/7, while the hours of operation for the other tables vary. However, all of the tables are open during the hours that are likely to be the busiest—that is throughout the evening until 4 a.m. The maximum bet in most instances is $2,000.

As at Golden Nugget, live dealer blackjack players who don’t find an open spot at the table minimum they want can opt for immediate seating with no waiting at Unlimited Blackjack. However, at Betfair, the minimum bet for Unlimited Blackjack is $5 rather than only $1.

The bet ranges for American Roulette, baccarat, and casino hold‘em are $1-$1,000, $1-$2,000, and $1 to $250, respectively. All of these tables are open 24/7.

Multiview Roulette

In addition, Betfair offers one other live dealer roulette option that Golden Nugget does not—Multiview Roulette. Just like the title of the game indicates, Multiview Roulette lets players follow the movement of the ball during the entire time it is in motion. By zooming in on the game sequentially from three different angles-a straight-ahead shot, overhead shot, and side view–you can follow everything that is happening every step of the way.

The multiview feature doesn’t improve your odds of winning. It’s still the same mediocre American roulette described above. But it does elevate your gameplay to a whole new level that‘s as exciting as watching a horse race. Anyone who assumes that roulette is a boring game obviously hasn’t played Multiview Roulette!

Live Dealer Games at BetMGM Casino

The BetMGM live dealer casino is much smaller than the Golden Nugget and Betfair live dealer casinos. Blackjack, American roulette, Dragon bonus baccarat, and Unlimited Blackjack are the only four games offered.

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Furthermore, unless the hours of operation have recently been expanded, the live dealer tables are only open until 3 a.m. rather than 24/7. The BetMGM website needs to let players know at a glance the exact hours of operation and table limits for every live dealer game.

The reason why this casino still deserves a spot as one of the top three live dealer casinos is that it offers some outstanding promotions, like the following:

Weekend Live Dealer Leaderboard

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in February, you can opt into the live Dealer Leaderboard promotion for a new chance to win up to $1,000 cash.

Here’s how the offer works. Each weekend, on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (or all three days, if you wish), earn 1 leaderboard point for every $5 you wager on any live dealer game.  The top 25 players on the leaderboard at the end of the 24 hour period you entered will all win cash prizes. The  following table shows how the prizes will be distributed:


Position Prize
1 $1,000 Cash
2 $300 Cash
3 $175 Cash
4 $125 Cash
5 – 6 $50 Cash
7 – 10 $25 Cash
 11 – 15 $20 Cash
 16 – 25 $10 Cash


The casino does not place any limits on the number of leaderboard points an individual player can earn. Therefore, in order to have any realistic chance of winning, you will need to bet very heavily. However, anyone who wants to can give this promotion a shot.

It remains to be seen whether BetMGM will extend this offer over subsequent months.

Bet and Get

Here’s more great news for live dealer players at BetMGM Casino. Even if the Weekend Live Dealer Leaderboard is unlikely to work for you, BetMGM has another outstanding offer that any player can afford.

Every Monday in February, bet just $10 on blackjack, which can be on a live dealer blackjack game, and receive a $10 free sports bet!

Again, you will need to check if this offer will be extended beyond February.


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