“Million Dollar” Slot Game Drops At Virgin Online Casino In New Jersey

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Virgin Million Dollar Money Drop slot NJ


You may not be familiar with the game show Million Dollar Money Drop.

However, that probably will not stop you from appreciating the fun the new Virgin Casino online slot game in New Jersey.

NJ online slot based on international game show

The original game show behind this slot game is actually a British program called The Million Pound Drop. The gist of the game is that a team of two gets $1 million (or British pounds). Then the team answers seven multiple choice questions, wagering their money on the right answer.

The players place their bets on the answer of their choice. If they are right, they keep the money. If the answer is incorrect, the money drops down a chute. The American version, hosted by Kevin Pollak, lasted for one season in 2010. There are 15 other versions of the show across the world.

The slot game does not involve trivia questions. It does involve money and trap doors though.

The game is a five-reel slot game with icons related to the game show. As a player spins, they accumulate cash across five trap doors across the bottom of the screen.

If you trigger the Bonus Game, the trap doors come into play. Once a player triggers the bonus game, the trap doors collapse one-by-one. The money left on the last trap door is what the player wins during the bonus round.

Latest in the series of popular game show-based slots

Million Dollar Drop is available only on Virgin. It is one of several slot games based on titles from Endemol production company.

Gamesys operates both Virgin and Tropicana online casinos in New Jersey.  General Manager of Gamesys US Leon Earp spoke about the new title in a press release:

“We’re more than excited to introduce such a unique and exclusive slot to New Jersey. Million Dollar Money Drop is a gameshow based slot, but does things differently than others. The engaging trapdoor mechanic adds a new level of excitement for the player. It fits in perfectly with our always expanding list of exclusives, and we’re happy to have the most exclusive games in New Jersey. We hope our players fall in love with it.”

Wagers on the game range from $.25 to $50. It is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Virgin Casino.

Try out Million Dollar Money Drop free at VirginCasino.com

If Million Dollar Drop sounds interesting, you can actually test it out with no risk at all. Both Virgin Casino and Tropicana Casino offer what amounts to a do-over. If a player loses all or part of $100 of their first deposits on the site within their first week of play, they can get it back from the site in the form of a casino bonus.

If you do not have a Virgin account and you are in New Jersey, you can sign up and deposit in a matter of minutes.

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