Action Club VIP Program Gets A Facelift

Updated on January 12, 2015 0 comments 1975 Reads, Caesars  Entertainment’s legal online poker room powered by 888 Holdings, announced several changes to their Action Club Rewards Program in Nevada and New Jersey.

Among the changes put in place is the addition of four new tiers and the removal of three others, leaving the total number of rungs on their VIP ladder at 11 (8 monthly tiers and 3 yearly tiers).

There was also significant restructuring to the APP multiplier at virtually every level of the program.

The foundational structure of the Action Club Rewards Program hasn’t changed, as players will still receive 2 Action Club Points for every $1 in rake they contribute. Action Club Points are then redeemable for $.01 per point regardless of your Action Club tier level.

New tiers for low limit players

Three of the four new tiers are specifically aimed at low-limit, low-volume players. Two of these tiers are below Bronze, which was previously the bottom rung of Action Club, while the third is just a notch above Bronze:

  • Copper: Earn 2 APP’s in a month ($1 in rake)
  • Copper+: Earn 20 APP’s in a month ($10 in rake)
  • Bronze+: Earn 100 APP’s in a month ($50 in rake)

To make room for these new tiers removed the Silver+, Gold+, and Platinum+ levels.

Action Club still starts at Silver

Even though there are now four levels below Silver (compared to just a single level prior to the changes), until a player reaches Silver Status they will  not get a real taste of what the Action Club has to offer.

Casual and semi-regular players will likely be very happy with the changes, as the site dramatically increased their APP multiplier almost across the board:

  • Silver multiplier increased from 1x to 4x in points
  • Gold multiplier increased from 2x to 5x in points
  • Platinum multiplier increased from 3.5x to 6x in points

Silver Status is the first tier where players receive an Action Points multiplier (now 4x at Silver) and start earning enough Action Points to receive measurable rakeback. Amounting to about 8% rakeback at Silver Status and as high as 30% rakeback for Seven Star players.

  • Gold: 5x multiplier and effective 10% rakeback
  • Platinum: 6x multiplier and effective 12% rakeback
  • Diamond: 7.5x multiplier and effective 15% rakeback
  • Elite (yearly tier): 10x multiplier and effective 20% rakeback
  • Super Elite (yearly tier): 12.5x multiplier and effective 25% rakeback
  • Seven Stars (yearly tier): 15x multiplier and effective 30% rakeback

Yearly tier changes for high volume players

High-volume players will also find a new stop on the VIP ladder, with the addition of a new yearly tier level, dubbed Super Elite.

The Super Elite level requires a lot of work to attain (250,000 APP’s) but it’s a nice achievement for players who have attained Elite status (50,000 points) and are on their way towards Seven Stars, which requires 400,000 APP’s to reach. Super Elite provides a new weigh station about halfway through that journey. provided another perk for high-volume players, increasing the Elite tier’s multiplier, which went from 7x to 10x.

However, they will also notice a reduction in the APP multiplier for the Seven Star tier, which has been lowered from 17.5x to 15x, or the equivalent of a 5% decrease in rakeback.

How many online players this will affect is unclear, considering the difficulty in attaining Seven Star status through online poker play alone.

That being said, land based Seven Star members are able to have their land-based rewards status conveyed to their online account, so there may be more Seven Star players playing online poker than people would first suspect.

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