What Can The Loyalty Programs At Caesars And Virgin Casino Do For You?

Updated on March 24, 2020 0 comments 2815 Reads

Loyalty counts in the New Jersey casino world.

The more you play, the more you’re respected at the top NJ online casinos. Of course, that’s not to say casual players and newbies aren’t valued by the Garden State’s finest.

However, if you want to be invited to the other side of the velvet rope and see what true casino hospitality is really like, you need to put in some volume.

This week, we continue our loyalty scheme series by giving you the lowdown on the VIP systems on offer at Caesars and Virgin Casino.

Caesars leading the way when it comes to loyalty rewards

To kick things off, let’s run through the basics of what many players consider the best reward scheme in the business. Dubbed Total Rewards, Caesars rewards system is by far the most comprehensive of any NJ operator. The reason it’s so well-constructed is that Caesars has been running Total Rewards for many years in many states.

Through a process of trial and error, the promo team has refined this scheme to the point where players of all skill levels can get something back for the effort they put in. The first thing to note here is that you can earn Total Reward points online and offline.

What’s more, once you’ve signed up and linked your two accounts (online and offline), you can get credit for things you do inside and outside of New Jersey. Because Caesars has properties across the US, you can take a trip beyond state lines and still get some added value.

For this reason alone, Caesars’ Total Rewards is hugely impressive. However, there’s more.

Climb the ladder and earn more at Caesars

As we’ve said, this system has been honed over the years and that’s why the team has introduced tiers.

Although varying VIP levels isn’t unique to Caesars, many less experienced operators shy away from them because they’re not always easy to manage. Indeed, striking the right balance between what each tier is worth can be tricky. Fortunately, Caesars’ experts have had time to find the sweet spot. Today, when you ante-up, you’ll have four levels to climb:

  • Gold: 0 Tier Credits
  • Platinum: 5,000 Tier Credits
  • Diamond: 15,000 Tier Credits
  • Seven Stars: 150,000 Tier Credits (to become eligible)

Once you hit Platinum, you’ll start to increase your earning power. However, before you get to that stage, you’ll need to accrue some points. Doing that requires the following:

  • All slots: $10 wagered earns you 1 Tier Credit and 1 Online Reward Credit.
  • Sportsbook: $10 wagered earns you 1 Tier Credit and 1 Online Reward Credit.
  • All other games: $100 wagered earns you 1 Tier Credit and 1 Online Reward Credit.

Something extra online and offline

The important thing to note here is the difference between Tier and Reward Credits.

In practice, these refer to points you earn in the live arena vs. the online world. Tier Credits are gifted to you when you play offline, while Online Reward Credits are for bets made on the internet. Once you’ve started to earn points in either medium, you can move up levels and unlock special prizes such as room discounts, free meals, hospitality and more.

On top of these rewards, all players can convert points to a bonus. When you earn 1,000 Total Reward Points, you can exchange them for $10 in credits. This bonus cash can be used online at CaesarsCasino.com or in any of the company’s 40 live venues.

For all of these reasons, there are few VIP schemes that can challenge Caesars’ when it comes to overall value.

Virgin flying the flag for casual players

Virgin can’t claim to have as much experience in the VIP world as Caesars, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. In fact, V* Points is a great way to turn bets into free cash if you’re a casual player. The reason we can say that is because the conversion threshold is a lot lower than it is at other sites.

In practice, you only need to exchange 20 V* Points to collect some bonus. OK, so that amount of points is only worth 20 cents in site credits. However, that’s a lot better than forcing you to earn hundreds of points just so you can receive a bigger payment.

To earn a single V* Point, you’ll need to wager these amounts:

  • $15 on 90 Ball Bingo
  • $40 on slots
  • $100 on all other games.

In comparative terms, the Virgin online Casino system isn’t as lucrative as Caesars.

However, in our opinion, it’s better for low stakes players. But wait, that’s not all. The ace up this site’s sleeve is that high rollers can get a bit extra. If you’re selected as a VIP, you’ll gain entry to an exclusive club where you’ll get point multipliers, birthday bonuses, a dedicated support team and invitations to shows, events, and more are all on offer.

Yes, you will have to catch the eye of the VIP team to receive an invite. However, this is something worth shooting for if you’re a high-volume player. Of course, if that doesn’t suit, Caesars Casino is the total package for all players.

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