Become The King (Kong) Of Online Slots In New Jersey

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King Kong online slot NJ review


Movies, old and new, are obvious sources of online slots inspiration for all manner of online slots developers and casinos.

Naturally, as King Kong is one of the most classic movie franchises in history, it’s no surprise to see the great ape climb the tower of online slots.

He arrives on the New Jersey online casino scene at the hands of NextGen, the award-winning online slots developers who have produced some of the Garden State’s (and indeed the world’s) best and most fun online slots.

You’re rarely left dissatisfied by a NextGen game, so let’s see what they’ve shipped over from Skull Island

King Kong slot overview

As you would expect, this game takes place in 1930s New York City with the five reels projected on a theatre screen against a backdrop of the iconic Manhattan skyline.

The game is set at the dead of night, and searchlights can be seen scanning the sky against a huge full moon.

The reels and symbols themselves are within an art deco border and do a good job of transporting players back in time to that era.

There are no traditional slots symbols, but classic characters from the film as well as symbols like film cameras, broken shackles, a fierce dinosaur and much more fill the reels.

Where to play King King online in NJ

If you’re seeking the glory of capturing the mighty King Kong (and perhaps winning a few bucks, too) then you’ll find this game at the Caesars casino online in NJ and at SugarHouse Casino.

King Kong slot gameplay

King Kong is a standard 25-payline, five-reel slot. Like many NextGen games, it boasts a Gamble feature that allows you to play double or nothing with no house edge on any of your winning spins.

The graphics are top-notch as you’d expect, and regular spins are good fun.

There isn’t a lot to keep your attention during regular gameplay except the high-quality graphics, but there is an occasional big feature round or two that will certainly keep players happy as they spin the reels.

King Kong NJ slot online

Noteworthy features: King Kong

King Kong Goes Ape

In regular spins, the King Kong symbol is wild.

Though it only appears on the three middle reels, it can still lead to some monstrous wins; whenever it appears on the central reel, the King Kong Goes Ape feature is triggered.

When this happens, Kong smashes his way through the other symbols to transform the entire reel wild. On top of that, additional bonus wilds may appear on adjacent reels and wins will be re-calculated with these extra wilds.

King Kong Smash feature

The King Kong Smash feature will be triggered whenever you manage to land three or more King Kong logo symbols on the reels.

You’ll then take control of Kong, smashing biplanes out of the sky; the more you take down, the more free spins you rack up. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to net 150 free spins with all prizes doubled!

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Positive aspects

King Kong Smash

Any bonus feature with an element of interactivity and/or skill will get a thumbs-up from most online slots reviews and this feature has both in spades.

It’s great fun to smash the planes out of the sky, and good fun to rack up free games doing so!

Music and atmosphere

When it comes to NextGen games, it pretty much goes without saying that the graphics are great.

However, in this game the music does as good of a job as the graphics at placing you immediately in 1930s New York; the tense and atmospheric strings interspersed with thumping bass makes it immediately clear that a wild ape is on the loose and you’re in great danger!

King Kong slot Caesars NJ

Not-so-positive aspects

Few huge wins

Despite the potential for 150 free spins with double prizes, regular play – and indeed the bonus features – don’t offer up a lot of big money jackpot opportunities.

A respectable 95.1 per cent Return to Player means this is a good low-volatility slot, but a game about King Kong should have the chance for larger-than-life wins.

King Kong Goes Ape

In theory, a feature that involves a wild reel and extra wilds should be a slam-dunk winner.

However, it isn’t triggered often and we’ve rarely seen a huge win from this feature, which means it’s more of an aesthetic feature than a meaningful, winning one.

The ratings

Graphics and soundtrack: 5/5

NextGen always delivers when it comes to quality online slots graphics, and this time the soundtrack matches. It’s atmospheric, exciting, and appropriate to the game – full marks!

Originality and creativity: 2/5

There are a few King Kong games out there, as you’d imagine for one of the most popular movie franchises.

This one isn’t particularly standout in terms of originality and creativity when compared to some others, though.

Play value: 3/5

A respectable Return to Player percentage and low volatility means that you’re unlucky to lose the house spinning the reels on this game.

Of course, that means you’re unlikely to win a huge amount, too.

Jackpot potential: 2/5

Theoretically, you could win a sizable amount from 150 free spins with doubled prizes. Realistically, you’re never going to.

Repeat play: 3/5

This is a pretty fun game, and it’s consistent in terms of payouts and hitting features. If you like it the first time you play, you’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

Total score: 15/25

All in all, this is another quality online slot from NextGen that is as good as many of their other top online slots.

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