Phil Ivey Appealing $10 Million Borgata Ruling Again?

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The legal battle between Phil Ivey and the Borgata Resort and Casino continues. Ivey’s legal team recently filed for a “Final Judgment” in federal court, according to

The filing is less than a month removed from a $10.1 million ruling in Borgata’s favor from New Jersey’s US Circuit Court.

The court ruled Ivey and his companion Cheng Yin Sun violated the contract between customer and casino by practicing “edge-sorting” during a couple of huge winning baccarat sessions at Borgata.

What does a final judgment mean?

Ivey’s legal team is pushing for the recent District of New Jersey ruling to be rendered as a final judgment in the case. Once the final judgment is filed, the case can move to the United States Court of Appeals.

It may sound strange that Ivey’s team wants to finalize a verdict insisting he pay the casino almost $10 million. The key here is Ivey intends to appeal to the Third Circuit and wants to do that as soon as possible in order to avoid being remanded to pay any portion of the judgment in the interim.

The filing even specifies a stay on payment until an appeal can be heard.

Next phase centers on Borgata vs. card manufacturer

Getting a final judgment is more complicated than it may seem. The biggest problem is the pending case between Borgata and the card manufacturing company Gemaco Inc..

The lawsuit against Gemaco concerns the imperfections in the decks manufactured by the company and sold to Borgata to use at the baccarat tables. Ivey’s companion Sun was able to perceive the slight imperfections on the card backs to help Ivey play more optimally.

While Sun could detect the imperfections, Borgata and the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement were unable to detect them when inspecting the decks. This is a major issue that is slowing down the court proceedings in the case.

Ivey’s team would like a final judgment without regards to the other claims. Borgata has a week to file any motions in regards to Ivey’s requests. The hearing on the motion is scheduled for Feb. 21.

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Ivey continues to lay low

While his legal team stays busy, Ivey continues to lay low. He has not recorded a poker tournament cash in the US since 2014.

While his peers were duking it out in the Bahamas at the PokerStars Championship High Roller events, Ivey was nowhere to be found.

Ivey tends to play the Aussie Millions in Melbourne every January. The preliminary events of that series are underway, but poker fans will have to wait until Jan. 22 before the high buy-in events on the schedule get underway to see if he makes an appearance.

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