It’s Easy To Become A Betting Star With BetStars NJ’s Weekly Free Bets

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New Jersey sports betting is flourishing.

Since PASPA was punted out of sight and the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement gave operators the greenlight, odds, offers, and more have started to flow. With everything moving in the right direction, we’ve decided to shine a light on a couple of neat deals from BetStars NJ, part of the PokerStars NJ network.

Designed to ease novices into the betting scene and give experts a touch more value, these promos are perfect for sports fans of all persuasions.

A free bet each week with BetStars NJ sportsbook

The first offer from BetStars NJ on the roster is one that’s available every week.

Known as the Weekly Free Bet, this bonus is your chance to get a $5 bet with the minimum amount of effort. To get in on the action, all you have to do is wager $25 from midnight Monday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

In other words, you simply need to place a $25 bet once per week to get $5 extra. As long as the odds on your pick are better are longer than -110, you’ll qualify for the bonus.

Assuming you can meet the minimum entry requirements – and almost all of you should be able to – the $5 free bet will be credited to your account the following week. Those of you that receive a $5 free bet can use it to speculate on anything you like.

The only caveat is that your free bet won’t be returned. In other words, if you made a winning pick that returned $100, $5 of which was your stake, you’d only receive $95. Compared to standard online casino bonuses, this is a great deal because you don’t have to worry about post-win wagering requirements or any other cumbersome restrictions.

A $50 treat for NBA ballers

In tandem with this bonus, you can get a $50 in-play bet on Friday’s NBA games. To activate this offer, you need to stake $50 or more on any pre-game market.

So, when Friday rolls around, you need to log in to BetStars NJ online sports betting and visit the Challenges Window.

Once inside, you’ll see a highlighted NBA game that you can bet on. From here, you need to choose a pre-game market and stake $50 on anything with odds of -110 or longer. After doing that, BetStars will give you a free $50 in-play bet for the same game.

For those that don’t know what in-play betting is, the premise is simple. Once the game starts, BetStars will offer odds on a variety of things that could happen during each quarter. From the next player to score a three-pointer to over/under bets, you’re basically betting on anything that can happen at the moment.

Ease yourself into NJ sports betting with BetStars’ bonuses

Now, if you’re going to take up this offer, you will have to be online during the game. Because the odds are constantly changing, your job is to pounce when the betting lines reach the optimum level.

If you can’t commit to that on a Friday evening, it’s best to focus on the $5 free bet. However, if you’re a true basketball fan this is a fantastic way to add another layer of excitement to any NBA showdown.

Again, the free bet is non-refundable, which means you won’t receive your $50 stake back. However, you do get to bet for free. So, if you have an eye for basketball talent and fast fingers, you can take advantage of some juicy in-play odds and BetStars NJ’s $50 free bet offer.

The final thing to say about these sports betting bonuses is that they’re available each and every week. So, even if you’re not able to jump on the bandwagon this week, you can get a little bit more for your time online at a time that suits you. Basically, if you’ve thought about giving sports betting a try but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, this is a great way to ease yourself into the mix.

To become a BetStars NJ bettor, follow our secure sign-up link and get up to $500 in free bets when you make your first deposit!

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