Step Up To The Plate And Hit A Home Run With Tropicana NJ’s Latest Prize Draw

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Tropicana NJ’s promo team has been having a ball recently and they want you to join them.

With baseball season on the horizon, the New Jersey online casino operator is giving you the chance to hit a home run or, at the very least, watch one being struck at the ballpark of your choice. As part of Tropicana’s ongoing series of gift giveaways, you can now win a pair of baseball tickets worth $200.

Swinging into life yesterday and striking out at 11:59 p.m. ET on April 2, this promo actually has $5,000 in prizes to giveaway. As well as five pairs of tickets to any baseball game in the US, the Have a Ball promotion is offering up 89 additional cash bonuses.

Starting at $20 and scaling up to $250, these supplementary prizes mean there are 94 ways to win when the random draw takes place April 3.

  • 5 prizes: Baseball Tickets, worth $200
  • 4 prizes: $250 Bonus Money
  • 5 prize: $200 Bonus Money
  • 10 prizes: $100 Bonus Money
  • 20 prizes: $50 Bonus Money
  • 50 prizes: $20 Bonus Money

$50 is all it takes at Tropicana NJ

However, before you can even think about winning, you’ll need to knock a few bets out of the park. Now, if you’ve read any of our Tropicana NJ online casino promo pieces before, you’ll already know the drill.

For those that haven’t, earning a sweepstake ticket takes the following feats:

  • Wager at least $50 on your favorite games within a single day before 11:59 p.m. ET on April 2.
  • For every subsequent $50 you stake on a given day, you’ll receive an extra ticket.
  • There is a maximum of five tickets available each day.

If you can complete the above steps in the allotted timeframe, you’ll go into the random draw where 94 players will win a prize. One of the points we always like to make when it comes to Tropicana’s prize draws is that anyone can win. Because the barrier to entry is so low ($50 isn’t too much to stake) and the draw is random, this offer favors neither high rollers or newbies.

You’re free to choose your path to victory

However, on this occasion, there are a couple of additional reasons you’ll want to join the action this week. Firstly, you can play any NJ online casino game at Tropicana you like. Unlike other casino bonuses that force you to play certain slots or a specific table game, Tropicana NJ’s bonus team has taken a laissez-faire attitude.

So, if you enjoy playing slots, go for it. Prefer roulette or have a penchant for bingo? Wager $50 and you’re in. Put simply, we love the flexibility of this promotion.

The second reason this deal caught our eye was the fact you can win baseball tickets. Sure, baseball is great and the day out will be fun. However, the real reason these tickets make for a good prize is that they don’t come with any wagering requirements.

Yes, in theory, the $250 bonus cash prizes are worth more than the top prize. But, if you win one of these payouts, you’ll have to wager 1X your prize before you can withdraw any winnings gleaned from your bonus (but not the bonus itself).

An NJ online casino prize you can keep

While the wagering requirements are low enough that runner-up prizes are still attractive, it is another hurdle you’ll have to clear. In contrast, if you win some baseball tickets, that’s the end of it. Once you receive your prize in the mail, you can head off to the game of your choice and enjoy the day. That, for us, is fantastic.

Anytime you can pick up an NJ online casino bonus without any strings attached is a good thing. So, on this occasion, we’d suggest you try to catch this deal before it goes out of bounds.

If you’re not yet a Tropicana NJ casino player, follow our exclusive sign-up link and create your first account today and get $20 free cash.

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