Want To Be A Winner? It’s Easy When You Play Golden Nugget’s $50K Giveaway

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This month, everyone’s a winner at Golden Nugget.

OK, so you’ve got to play to be in with a chance at winning a share of the prize pool. However, as long as you can earn at least 50 Golden Points before 11:59 p.m. ET on Nov. 30, you’ll win some bonus cash. If that’s not enough to get your pulse racing, this month’s community jackpot will be worth at least $50,000!

If you’re wondering why Golden Nugget’s promo team is being so generous, the answer is simple: We’re nearing the climax of the $500,000 Annual Race.

As it’s done throughout 2018, Golden Nugget is giving away a stack of cash ahead of the year-end finale, which will give one player a brand-new Bentley GT Continental lease. With tension mounting and players scrambling to earn as many points as possible before the end of the year, the bonus gods at Golden Nugget HQ are ramping up the value as we head into the home straight.

Win a share of $50,000+ from Golden Nugget

For those of you willing to get in and get active during the next four weeks, this means there is a ton of bonus cash up for grabs.

In fact, even if you’re not in the running for one of the year-end prizes, you can still pocket a healthy sum of free credits by earning Golden Points throughout November.

Now, before we tell you how to enter the mix and earn points, let’s talk a bit about the prize pool. As we’ve said, the minimum amount to be given away is $50,000 in bonus credits. However, that can and will change. Each day that the biggest win is less than $10,000, Golden Nugget will add $1,000 to the prize pool. Each day that someone wins $10,000 or more, $200 will be put in the pot.

By the end of November, there will be at least $6,000 more up for grabs. However, depending on how the community’s fortunes are, there could be as much as $80,000.

Naturally, you’ll want the prize pool to be as lucrative as possible. However, what’s important to remember is that your share depends on the number of Golden Points you earn during the promo period. Therefore, as well as hoping for as much extra cash as possible in the pot, you’ll also want to bank as many points as possible.

Earn points your way

To ensure every bet counts toward your total, you’ll need to login to your Golden Nugget account and activate the bonus on your promotions page. Once you’ve done that, deposit at least $20 and start making one or more of the following moves:

Wager money on slots and table games:

  • $100 wagered on slots will earn you five Golden Points.
  • $100 wagered on table games, blackjack, roulette or video poker will earn you 1 Golden Point.

Get active and earn:

  • You’ll earn 10 Golden Points each day that you place a real money wager between 1 a.m. ET and 1 a.m. ET the following day.

Fund your account for added fun:

  • Each day you make a deposit between $50 and $99, you’ll earn 20 Golden Points.
  • Each day you make a deposit of $100 or more, you’ll earn 40 Golden Points.

How to maximize your time online

Regardless of your experience, bankroll, or activity levels, there are plenty of ways to earn some points. Of course, if you’re in the business of maximizing your potential, there are a few things you can do to tip the balance in your favor:

Make multiple deposits: Let’s say you’re planning to deposit $500 this month. You could do that with a single transaction and earn 40 Golden Points. Or, if you’re smart about it, you could divide it into equal parts and make five separate deposits on five separate days to bank 200 Golden Points.

Set yourself in a spin: Even if you’re not the biggest fan of slots, they really are the best way to earn points. At Golden Nugget, slots bets are 5X more valuable than table games. So, even if you’re a low stakes player, it makes more sense to spin a few slots, even if it’s just for November.

Stay active within your limits: The one thing you shouldn’t do this month is bet beyond your means. Yes, it’s great to earn points and pick up some bonus cash, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your bankroll. As you can see, you’ll earn 10 Golden Points per day just for placing a real money bet. So, if nothing else, stick to your limits and be consistent with your play and you should get a little bit back at the end of the month.

Finish strong and bank $10K

Depending on how many points you earn this month, you’ll either win a small share of the pot or, if you make it into the top seven, one of these prizes:

  • First place: $10,000 minimum
  • Second place: $7,000 minimum
  • Third place: $5,000 minimum
  • Fourth place: $4,000 minimum
  • Fifth place: $3,000 minimum
  • Sixth place: $2,000 minimum
  • Seventh place: $1,000 minimum

All prizes are paid out in bonus cash, which is subject to a 1X playthrough. This means you’ll have to stake whatever you win before you can withdraw the bonus and any associated winnings.

Apart from that, there’s not much more you’ll have to do this month. As long as you’re willing to log in, make a deposit and be active enough to collect at least 50 Golden Points, you’ll pick up a bonus. What’s more, if you’re in the hunt for the Bentley, any points you earn in November will be boosted by 200 percent.

So, if there was ever a time to give Golden Nugget some attention, it’s now. NJ online casinos don’t get much better than this!

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