Enter Golden Nugget’s Haunted House For Some Frighteningly Good Treats

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haunted house

It’s October, so get ready to groan as everyone and their dog busts out cheesy puns about spooktacular deals and bonuses that go bump in the night.

OK, so maybe we’re not completely averse to a few clichés in our roundups, but this week we’re going to resist as Golden Nugget has put together a serious promo. Yes, it’s backed by a Halloween theme, but the value on offer certainly isn’t anything to be scared of.

The annual race is the thing at Golden Nugget

For those that have been tracking Golden Nugget’s promotions this year, you’ll know that we’re now deep into the $500,000 annual race.

If you’re not familiar with the nuances of this giveaway, let us explain. As the name suggests, there’s $500,000 in added value up for grabs throughout 2018. Each month, there are thousands of dollars in monthly bonus prizes for the players that earn the most points.

In tandem, with the monthly points races, there is also a yearlong race for a Bentley and other exclusive gifts. Put simply, Golden Nugget players that earn enough points can win bonus cash every month and, potentially, an end-of-year prize worth between $1,500 and a Bentley lease ($30,000).

In October, the now familiar points table is back in full effect and, as you’d expect, there’s a ghostly theme to it.

A sweet treat from Golden Nugget

To prove this isn’t an elaborate trick to lull you into a false sense of security, here are the fundamentals of the Haunted Mansion bonus:

  • The top 500-point earners will win a prize.
  • The winner will receive $10,000 in bonus cash.
  • Anyone finishing in the top 10 will receive a higher payout than usual.
  • All points earned in October will be doubled and added to your annual total.
  • Weekly challenges help you earn extra points and a share of $25,000 in bonuses.

In total, Golden Nugget is giving away more than $50,000 this month and all you have to do is play.

Once you’ve logged into your account and hit the opt-in button, every real money bet you make will count toward your score. In fact, what’s great about this online promotion is that it’s not just bets that earn you points. In our opinion, the problem with a lot of points races is that they favor high rollers. Because players with deeper pockets have the ability to wager more for longer, they naturally earn more points.

That’s not the case at Golden Nugget’s NJ online casino.

Stay active and earn points

As long as you’re active, you’ll have plenty of ways to improve your score this month:

Bets, wins, and losses

  • Earn 25 points for every $250 wagered on any game.
  • Earn 5 percent of your total daily winnings as points
  • Earn 10 percent of your total daily losses as points.

Game-specific bets

  • Earn 20 points for every $100 wagered on slots
  • Earn 20 points for every $500 wagered on table games.
  • Earn 20 points for every $500 wagered on video poker.

Limit-specific bets

  • Earn 1 point for each single bet between $5 and $49.
  • Earn 10 points for each single bet between $50 and $99.
  • Earn 20 points for each single bet between $100 and $199.
  • Earn 40 points for each single bet between $200 and $499.
  • Earn 100 points for each single bet of $500 or more.


  • Earn 20 points for every deposit between $50 and $99
  • Earn 40 points for every deposit between $100 and $299.
  • Earn 100 points for every deposit of $300 or more.

Weekly missions make it possible to earn more points

If that wasn’t enough, the weekly challenges we mentioned earlier will help improve your earning power.

Once details of the mission go live, you’ll have a few days to complete the specified tasks to earn points. Anyone that makes it onto the leaderboard will bag some extra points. Additionally, ranked players will also receive between five and 2,500 coins. These coins are used as tickets for a random prize draw through which entrants can win a share of $1,000 in freeplay credits.

Basically, it doesn’t matter how much you typically stake, you can earn points during the Haunted House promo.

Will you top the leaderboard if you bet $50-a-day, three times each week? Probably not. However, if you’re clever about it, you can mix in deposits and carefully placed bets to improve your earn rate.

Of course, if you’d rather just jump into the mix without making a plan, that’s fine. As long as you can stay active at a level that doesn’t put your bankroll in danger, there’s no reason you can’t earn a Halloween treat this month.

No tricks just treats at Golden Nugget online casino

Naturally, anything you win at the end of the month will be subject to Golden Nugget’s standard playthrough conditions. Fortunately, the wagering limit at this site is only 1X. So, if you banked $100 in freeplay credits, you’d have to wager $100 of your own money before you withdraw the bonus and any associated winnings.

That’s about all you need to know this week. If you’re not already a Golden player, use our Golden Nugget sign-up link to create your first account and see how many treats you can find inside Golden Nugget’s haunted house this October.

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