Play Coins Of Egypt And Unearth Ancient Value At Golden Nugget Online Casino

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Some people call us bonus watchers, others see us more as treasure hunters. While both descriptions are accurate, the latter certainly applies this week as NJ Online Casino has unearthed a golden slots deal for you.

Located where else but Golden Nugget Casino, this promotion is your chance to excavate some ancient riches and, in turn, build up a stash of gold.

X marks the spot for this week’s promo

Before you can start digging, you’ll need a map and a shovel. In this instance, the location is Golden Nugget’s slots lobby and, specifically, NetEnt’s Coins of Egypt.

Once you’ve found the proverbial X marking the spot, you can use your bets as a shovel. Indeed, to chip away and find this week’s riches, you’ll need to wager at least $100 before 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 17.

Each time you stake $100 on Coins of Egypt, you’ll earn 10 Golden points. For those in the know, that’s double the amount you’d typically receive.

Under the terms and conditions of Golden Nugget online casino’s loyalty scheme, you earn five Golden points for every $100 wagered on slots. That’s a decent return rate.

In fact, it’s five times better than what you’d get for playing blackjack, roulette, and video poker.

However, this week, if you spin the reels of Coins of Egypt, you’ll double your earning potential. Of course, we can’t just tell you where to dig and expect you to do it. Indeed, $100 isn’t a trivial amount of money.

Yes, this figure relates to your total bets irrespective of wins and losses. However, you’ll still have to put in some time and effort to hit the mark.

Collect Egyptian coins and win at Golden Nugget

Fortunately, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is an attractive one.

Like many of NetEnt’s top online slots, Coins of Egypt is impressive on multiple levels. For example, the live action background in tandem with a 3D interface makes this game feel truly immersive at all times.

Beyond that, symbols come to life each time you hit a winning combination.

Finally, your ears will be just as engaged courtesy of the atmospheric soundtrack. Beyond the design, you’ll find five reels and 20 paylines across which to line-up matching symbols and win prizes topping 3,000x your line bet.

Of course, as you’d expect from a leading spinner, that’s not all Coins of Egypt has to offer. As you dig deeper into its mechanics and bring Pharaoh symbols into the light, you’ll unlock a treasure chest full of bonuses.

From coin wins and multipliers to free spins enhanced by special features, there are plenty of ways to win some serious prize money when you unlock Coins of Egypt’s bonuses.

In fact, it’s these added extras that make it worthwhile spending your time and money on this slot.

Double the value of your time online

Outside of the game itself, this week’s promo is worth looking at because of Golden Nugget online casino’s rewards scheme. Designed to acknowledge loyalty regardless of the limits you play, this system offers serious value for those who are active online.

Why? Because points become cashable dollars. Unlike the average NJ online casino promo that rewards you with free credits that you can withdraw only under certain conditions, Golden Points are exchangeable for real cash.

Each time you accumulate 100 points, you can convert them into $1. This money is deposited directly into your cashable balance, which means it’s free of any wagering requirements.

With that being the case, it follows that having the ability to earn more points for less effort can only be to your advantage. In fact, it’s fair to say that this promo will effectively double the value of your time online.

One final point: there isn’t a cap on your earning potential. Therefore, every dollar you spend on Coins of Egypt will help increase your potential returns.

This means that everyone has the power to bank some gold and become a little bit richer this week.

Join Golden Nugget online casino and dig for buried treasure

If you’re not yet a member of Golden Nugget online casino, stick with us. Just use promo code PLAY20 to get $20 free.

On top of that, you’ll also receive a 100 percent, first-deposit bonus worth up to $1,500. Between these great offers and the chance to earn double loyalty points this week, there are plenty of reasons to pick up your shovel and start digging for riches at Golden Nugget.

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