He Can’t Open A Casino In New Jersey, But Can Glenn Straub Open An Airport?

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Glenn Straub NJ airport plan


These days Glenn Straub seems to be focused on everything but the TEN Resort in Atlantic City.

In his home state of Florida, Straub is dealing with not one, but two different law suits involving former possible paramours.

The business back home is not distracting Straub from looking forward, though. He, along with three others, recently placed a bid on the shuddered Bader Field in Atlantic City.

Straub once again trying to bring planes to Bader Field

Currently the city owns the former airport turned minor league baseball field. However, this past July the city council voted to sell the property instead of redevelop it on its own.

Those interested in developing Bader Field had until last week to submit a proposal. Straub was one of four submissions.

Straub’s idea is to use Bader Field for its original purpose: an airport. This is not the first time he tried to bring back planes to Bader, either.

In 2015 there was another round of proposals regarding Bader Field. These included a couple of pretty out-there ideas:

  • The hub of an Atlantic City monorail system
  • A water park
  • Site of a new freeway exit
  • Townhomes and condominiums

If you think an airport sounds pretty tame compared to some of those, think again. Straub’s proposal at the time was a little different than an airport. He wanted to bring an aviation entertainment center to Atlantic City. Bader Field would host air shows and aviation expos.

New airport plan aims to address lack of direct routes to AC

This time around, Straub had the better judgment to ditch the aerial extravaganza portion of his plan and focus on the airport.

Straub explained his idea to Press of Atlantic City:

“We want to ask FAA to reopen a portion of the runway. This town needs more people flying into it from places like Boston and Youngstown.”

Straub is correct that air travel into Atlantic City is tough to come by. Currently the only commercial carrier servicing the Atlantic City is Spirit Air. The carrier does not travel to all that many cities, so its existence does not cross many Atlantic City casino-seekers’ minds. Instead, those thinking of making the trek to the coastal town assume they will need to fly into Philadelphia, PA. to do so.

Now that new casinos are coming to the Boston area, Connecticut, and throughout upstate New York, New Jersey casinos may not have dominance in the area they once did.

Straub trying to get more routes to major local cities like Boston could help address the upcoming competition. Here is hoping if he does get this proposal through, he and local lawmakers will work more peacefully than they have when it comes to TEN.

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