Which NJ Legal Online Casino Has The Most Games?

Below is a quick list of the number of games offered at NJ’s online casino sites. This list is automatically updated, giving you the latest totals of games at legal online casinos in New Jersey.

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Video Poker
Table Games

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Why are slots so dominant?

One common thread shared by all NJ online casinos is the absolute abundance of slot machines relative to other casino games. There isn’t a single instance where slots comprise less than 85 percent of a site’s game library.

This offering is not unexpected, as slot machines have been the main draw of land-based casinos since well before the online era. Advances in technology have only facilitated the slot explosion, as today’s games allow for much greater game variety, worlds are more exciting and no longer require players to lug around buckets of coins.

But perhaps the main appeal of slots, at least for players, is the low bar of entry. Unlike table games and video poker, slots do not require gamblers to memorize complex playing strategies. Instead, the first-time player has the same odds as someone who’s been frequenting casinos for years.

Another reason slots dominate is because there are so many slots available to operators. Slot titles number in the hundreds (if not thousands) — there aren’t enough table games available to allow for a more balanced distribution. This abundance applies to both live and online environments.

Exclusively, turning to online slots, brand familiarity undoubtedly plays a role in their popularity. To clarify, many of the same titles found on Atlantic City floors have made the transition to online. Not only that, but they play almost identically to their brick and mortar counterparts.

By contrast, the online table game experience is vastly different, lacking the social components and physical playing mechanics (cards, wheels, chips) found in live environments.

On the business side, casinos favor slots because they’re the biggest money maker. Not only do they allow for rapid play, but the house edge is higher when compared to other game types.

Not to say the casino possesses an overwhelming edge, especially in NJ where tons of online slots offer house edges of less than 5 percent. But there’s little denying that the average slot player will lose their bankroll faster than say, a perfect strategy (or even good) blackjack player.

Table games take second

Land-based table game players may scoff at online blackjack, roulette and baccarat, citing that there’s nothing quite like playing in a live setting. But online table gameplay offers quite a few advantages over live.

Given the numerous table game options available at NJ online casinos, it seems like operators are cognizant of these benefits.

For one, online table games move at a much brisker pace. Whereas typical live blackjack players are lucky to see 100 hands per hour, they can easily triple that volume online.

Also, players can play for much lower stakes, or even for free online. This option is particularly appealing to new gamblers, who may feel uncomfortable playing for big money before gaining familiarity with the game rules and strategy.

Along the same lines, online players won’t be scrutinized by other players for taking their time or making imperfect plays. Instead, they can take as much time as they want to go over their options, and are free to look up the correct playing decision before acting.

What results is even the new online gambler can minimize the house edge. Online table game rules in NJ tend to be more favorable than those found in live settings, with many games boasting house edges of 2 percent or less.

And for those who do not feel comfortable playing against a computer, there’s been a recent movement in NJ toward live dealer games. Golden Nugget Casino was the first to go live with these online-live hybrid games in August 2016, and we expect more online casinos to follow. In December 2017, the casino began offering a live dealer poker game, Casino Hold ’em, which is the first of its kind in the US.

Video poker a staple of every NJ online casino game library

Although they’re among the industry’s lesser popular games, video poker is still a mainstay of every NJ online casino game lobby.

Land-based casino players will find that most video poker offerings, particularly those provided by Game King, virtually mimic those found on AC casino floors.

Of the few differences, almost all favor the player.

By far the most significant benefit for the player is that online operators tend to offer a high return to the player across all stakes. Micro-stakes games that payout more than 99 percent do not exist at land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

Couple this with the fact that online players can look up complex playing strategies on the fly, and it becomes easy to see why video poker has gained a measure of popularity online.

Of course, it’s for these very same reasons that online casinos may be hesitant to expand their video poker offerings to include more variants, as the upside is somewhat limited.

Bingo offered only selectively

NJ online casinos only offer Bingo on a limited scale.

Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino were the first two casinos to offer a bingo variant (90 Ball Bingo). They were later joined by Pala Casino.

Although an effective way to introduce new players to online gambling, bingo is not as popular in NJ as compared to states with a tribal casino presence. Thus, the experimental nature of the roll-out doesn’t surprise.

The high house edge may also serve as a deterrent to savvy gamblers although the social component may offset this somewhat.

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