Epic Monopoly II: A Cash-Filled New Jersey Online Slot With A Monumental Number Of Bonus Features

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Epic Monopoly II online slot


Online slots based on Monopoly are becoming almost even more popular than the board game itself.

Williams Interactive have something of, erm, a monopoly on these games, as the company has produced several for New Jersey online casinos and the rest of the world. The latest one promises to be, well, epic!

Epic Monopoly II overview

Epic Monopoly II is a follow-up to Epic Monopoly, as well as many other Monopoly slots such as Super Monopoly Money. The game boasts two sets of reels; one is the standard 5×4 reel set and the other is a 12-symbols-high set of Colossal Reels, giving the game a total of 50 paylines.

Where to play Epic Monopoly II online in New Jersey

Epic Monopoly II is available to play at many of the best New Jersey online casinos.

You can find this game at Golden Nugget, SugarHouse, Caesars, Borgata and many more casinos besides. Check out our full list of NJ no deposit online casino offers to find out more about legal NJ gambling websites.

Epic Monopoly II: gameplay

The gameplay is immediately striking for those unused to Williams games, as the twin sets of reels are somewhat overwhelming! Besides the added symbols, the gameplay is pretty regular during the base game.

A 50-payline game is never short on frequent small wins, and Epic Monopoly II is no different.

Epic Monopoly II slot

Epic Monopoly II: special features

Colossal Reels

Like many other Williams Interactive games, Epic Monopoly II boasts a set of colossal reels which features a string of stacked symbols, increasing the number of paylines and the chances of hitting a big win.

Epic Wheel Bonus

The Epic Wheel Bonus is triggered by hitting three or more bonus symbols across both the regular and colossal reels. You’ll immediately receive a win of up to 100x your total bet, and then spin the wheel to win one of the following:

  • Double your money and spin again
  • Free Epic Chance Bonus
  • Free Around the Board Bonus
  • Between 7 and 20 free spins
  • 250x to 500x your bet per two payline

review Epic Monopoly slot online

Epic Free Spin Bonus

The Epic Free Spin Bonus is actually a fairly ordinary free spin bonus, but most NJ online slots players won’t complain about the chance to spin the reels for free. One nice twist on this feature, though, is that hitting three or more scatter symbols during the free spins will add additional free spins and award up to 100x instantly.

Epic Chance Bonus

Take a chance with the Epic Chance Bonus and you could win one of the following prizes by picking a chance card at random:

  • 200x to 500x your bet per two paylines
  • 20 free spins
  • Free Around the Board Bonus
  • 2x to 5x win and another Epic Chance Bonus

Around the Board Bonus

Here’s what Monopoly fans are after from this game. Roll the dice and your token will advance around the board to win prizes.

Your prize will depend on which square your token lands upon, but there are a number of ways to either win big or advance the game and keep going with multiple dice rolls. There are too many prizes to detail here, but you can win seriously big bucks with this feature.

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What works?

A wealth of bonus features

Monopoly is a simple game with some complex features, and Epic Monopoly II manages to convey that with its huge number of bonus features. Just like the board game on which its based, there are turns of luck around every corner and we love how action-packed the game is.

Around the Board Bonus

Easily the standout feature of this game, and one that could easily be a stand-alone feature without all the other free spins and bonuses, is the Around the Board Bonus. You can roll the dice almost indefinitely, passing Go for extra wins and landing on various squares to win a ton of different prizes.

What doesn’t?

Too many cooks…

We rarely complain about too many bonus features, and we’re not going to this time. However, all these features combined with the colossal reels and the music and the graphics?

This game might give you a headache if you’re not careful!

It’s really not that epic

For all the free spins and bonuses and whatnot, there’s nothing hugely special or unique about many of the features in this game.

They’re good by sheer numbers, not by originality. Ironically, the most epic bonus feature is the Around the Board Bonus, which isn’t titled in an “epic” style!

Epic Monopoly online slot game review

The scores

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Graphics and soundtrack: 3/5

The graphics aren’t world-class, but they’re not bad by any stretch. Even though board games don’t have a soundtrack, the music chosen for this game is definitely perfect and fits Monopoly well. The characters, however, have something of an uncanny valley vibe about them…

Originality and creativity: 3/5

It’s tough to give a Monopoly game too many marks for originality, as there are a ton of them. What’s more, this is a sequel! However, the bonuses and features of this game are pretty unique and well thought out, which boosts the game’s marks here.

Play value: 4/5

This low-volatility game has a pretty good Return to Player percentage of 96.1 percent, which is great value – especially coupled with an online casino welcome bonus.

Jackpot potential: 4/5

While there is no Progressive Jackpot attached to this online slot, there are two notable bonus features that could see enterprising slots fans win big. The Epic Wheel Bonus can award up to 500x per two paylines played, but that’s dwarfed by the Around the Board Bonus. This feature can award up to 1,500x per two paylines on multiple occasions.

Repeat play: 5/5

Because there are so many bonuses and so many different ways to win within those bonuses, the repeat play value on this game is fantastic. You can play for days on end and always find something new.

Total score: 19/25

This is one of the better online slots that you can play in New Jersey, and it’s quite possibly the best that isn’t made by one of the big-name online slots providers. Fortunately, you can play it at many of your favourite online casinos, so log on and give it a spin!

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