BREAKING NEWS: DraftKings CEO Is Bullish On Accepting Crypto As Payments

Updated on June 22, 2021 0 comments 2340 Reads
draftkings accept crypto currency

DraftKings Sportsbook made headlines this week as their CEO is pushing to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. That’s where we’ll start our weekly recap of the news.

DraftKings CEO Wants To Accept CryptoCurrency As Payment Method

Will DraftKings accept crypto as a new payment option for sports bettors & and online casino gamblers?

It seems very possible that sports betting giant DraftKings sports betting app could be taking another step forward in terms of payment methods. CEO Jason Robins has been making waves with his comments over accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment as typically, crypto is viewed as the top option for gray market and offshore books.

“The payment methods we can accept are determined by the individual state regulators and, as of now, crypto is not an approved payment type in any of the states where we’re live,” Robins said during a live town hall hosted by stock trading app Public Wednesday.


The chief executive added that cryptocurrencies will “likely transform some entire industries and portions of others.”

However, state regulators haven’t necessarily been on the same page as Robins when it comes to DraftKings accepting crypto. He first came out with the idea at a sponsored event a week ago, though he never mentioned a specific asset that would be accepted as payment. We’re likely still a very long way away from this being a reality.

There have been a few companies in the gaming industry that have begun to warm up to cryptocurrency. International Game Technology was one of those companies as they started to allow players to use certain digital currencies to play the slot machines.

DraftKings accept crypto as a payment option for sports bettors and casino gamblers? I think it’s a great idea, but states have been far less willing to start accepting crypto as a possible payment method. There are a few states that have made strides as you can pay your taxes with crypto in the state of Arizona.

Meanwhile, Wyoming has been arguably the furthest ahead when it comes to this topic as they just legalized sports betting and are now trying to become a market for digital asset investment. Allowing crypto as a banking method for sports betting is something that still feels like it’s a ways off.

DraftKings Help Shalom Meckenzie Grab CryptoPunk NFT

Holding a large share of a popular business has a lot of positive outcomes, one of which Shalom Meckenzie just found out about. He happens to be a board member for the sports betting giant DraftKings and given how well the company has done of late, he had some extra cash to snag CryptoPunk #7523 for a whopping $11.75 million. Meckenzie purchased the NFT at a digital auction.

According to a report, Meckenzie owns 22.38 million shares of DraftKings as of May 4th. Meckenzie is now currently the largest investor when it comes down to equity and common stock of the company and he’s likely to do very well with it in the future.

Though this purchase isn’t the first time that a popular figure ended up buying an NFT for a large sum. Barstool Sports ended up selling a piece they called “One Bit Pizza Review of Blocks Pizza Deli” with an image of David Portnoy. That NFT ended up being auctioned off for $138,160.

Stats Perform Could Be On The Market

As sports betting data demand skyrockets to new heights, one of the largest providers could be getting sold soon. Stats Perform is currently controlled by Vista Equity Partners but recent reports indicate that the company may be trying to sell the business. As of right now, the current asking price for Stats Perform has yet to be announced.

Nobody quite knows why they are looking to move on from Stats Perform but a big possibility could be because of the sports betting demand. More and more companies are needing a provider such as Stats Perform and given all of the recent partnerships, they could be next to be snapped up.

There haven’t been any mentioned suitors for Stats Perform and their services but one could imagine that a number of the North American sportsbooks are in early negotiations. Vista doesn’t seem to be in a rush to sell the business either as they didn’t list a timeframe that they would like to strike a deal by.

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