PointsBet NJ Sportsbook – $1,000 Sign-up Bonus

PointsBet Sportsbook, an acclaimed Australian gaming platform, went live in the NJ sports betting market in January 2019 after soft-launching in December 2018.

The sportsbook is forging its path in the states by going against the grain in essential aspects all for the betterment of the player’s experience. One thing the online sportsbook is not veering from, however, is the fact that it is available anywhere within New Jersey.

PointsBet NJ promo code 2024

Online SportsbookPointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey
PointsBet promo code for NJNone - Use Links
PointsBet NJ total bonusUp to $1,000
PointsBet NJ bonus bet #1Traditional bet insured up to $500
PointsBet NJ bonus bet #2PointsBetting bet insured up to $1,500
PointsBet NJ land-based partnerMeadowlands
Last verifiedMay 2024

PointsBet Sportsbook has great promos for new players. With PointsBet New Jersey promo code None - Use Links, players can receive a couple of bonus bets up to $1,000. Here is the breakdown:

  • Sign up with PointsBet Sportsbook in New Jersey and use the code None - Use Links.
  • Then, your first PointsBetting wager will be bonus, max of $1,500, and your first traditional bet will be bonus, max of $500.
  • If you lose, PointsBet NJ refunds you with a bonus bet.
  • Bonus bets expire one week after PointsBet NJ issues them to you.

Please note this only applies to new players, and make sure you use the None - Use Links bonus code.

PointsBet Sportsbook promo — May 2024

Let It Fly (baseball): Place a moneyline bet on any MLB team and every time your team hits a home run, bank a $10 bonus. The bet has to be at least $50, and only the first bet will count (no parlays). Offer available through April 8.

Make it Rain 3s: PointsBet Sportsbook has a special promotion for those three-point lovers just in time for the NCAA Tournament. For every three-pointer your selected team scores, you will receive a $3 bonus bet. The promo only applies to the first bet of each game. Offer excludes parlays and the minimum bet is $100.

Cinderella Story: Everyone loves a good Cinderella story especially during March Madness. With that in mind, place a fixed moneyline bet on an NCAA Tournament team seeded 10 through 16 (playing against a higher seeded team). If they lose by three points or less, customers will receive a bonus bet of up to $100. The offer only applies to first bets only and excludes parlays. Refunds issued within 24 hours.

Duke to win it all: With the Duke Bluedevils being the number one overall seed, PointsBet Sportsbook is offering the “best price in the market” for Duke to win it all at +300.

What’s so great about PointsBet Sportsbook?

PointsBet Sportsbook is a fascinating platform, which is contradictory to many of its online sportsbook predecessors’ decisions.

This sportsbook is paving its path in the online gaming community and therefore, we expect it will be successful. Despite being a little late to the online sportsbook party, its unique approach is part of what makes PointsBet great.

Here are some of the most notable ways PointsBet Sportsbook is moving in a positive direction:

Sleek design

The design that packages the PointsBet Sportsbook platform makes for a wonderful first impression. Yet, this debonair approach is not shallow. Instead, the creators of the sportsbook have worked hard to keep this image fresh throughout the entire platform.

Besides being visually appealing, though, PointsBet Sportsbook is also easy to navigate and extremely welcoming. Each branch of the sportsbook is similar in design and function.

PointsBet’s Revis Betting Academy

The “Revis Betting Academy” explains the basics of wagering on a sportsbook, with a particular emphasis on the PointsBet Sportsbook. This is an excellent resource for players who are just starting out betting on sports. Yet, it is also ideal for those who want to learn more about betting on PointsBet.

Additionally, the “Revis Betting Academy” is named after Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets. Revis has worked closely with the PointsBet CEO Johnny Aitken to develop blogs and videos to help inform PointsBet’s players.

This betting 101 guide is in addition to all the bonuses, which makes it a welcoming environment for new players.

The ample bonuses

Online sportsbooks are in the habit of shunning bonuses, which is especially true for welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. Fortunately, PointsBet Sportsbook beats to the rhythm of its drum.

There are many bonuses available throughout the platform, including the no-deposit and welcome bonuses that encourage continued play. Hopefully, for players, this new sportsbook will prove the value of incentivizing players.

What’s not so great?

PointsBet Sportsbook offers features that go against the grain of the typical sportsbook. Players highly regard many of these specialties. Yet, there are still a few areas of improvement. Here are the most notable aspects of PointsBet Sportsbook that could use some improvement:

Getting answers is sometimes difficult

For players who understand what they are doing or what they are looking for, this is a great platform. However, when players have a question, it is a little harder to find the answer on PointsBet Sportsbook than it is on other sportsbook platforms.

There is a “help” button and live chat, but these options are stuck at the bottom of the page. Usually, the help and FAQ sections are more visible; for this sportsbook, though, players must know precisely where to look.

Elusive withdraw options

While the deposit options are clearly displayed, the withdrawal options are not always visible. Unless the player has a positive account balance, there are no displayed withdrawal options. The sportsbook doesn’t mention the parameters in the help section.

It is a strange occurrence, and even though PointsBet is perfectly safe, it is frustrating. It is difficult to trust if a player doesn’t have clarity on how to retrieve it before he or she hands it over.

Limited payment options

Once players figure out their options, they now face another potential issue: limited options. It is one thing to keep an online wallet limited for security, but its deposit and withdrawal standards are strict.

Players like to have options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. Depending on a competent player’s situation, this lack of options could turn potential VIPs away from the platform.

Sports selection at PointsBet Sportsbook NJ

PointsBet Sportsbook covers a host of different sports and even some entertainment-related wagers. While the entertainment options are only in the US, the sports coverage and betting capacity are not.

From different types of football to cricket, PointsBet Sportsbook offers it all. Here is a comprehensive list of the betting capacity found throughout this in-depth sportsbook:

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Boxing (World Boxing Council)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Cricket (One Day International)
  • Cycling (World Cycling League)
  • Darts (Premier League Darts)
  • Entertainment (Academy Awards)
  • Football (NFL)
  • Football (Aussie rules football)
  • Hockey (National Hockey League)
  • Mixed martial arts (United Fighting Championship)
  • Motor racing (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Rugby Union (RBS)
  • Soccer (Professional Football League)
  • Tennis (Association of Tennis Professionals)

Bet selection at PointsBet New Jersey

PointsBet Sportsbook works hard to juggle traditional and modern options. Its one-of-a-kind approach to betting seems to work well. PointsBet honors traditional betting while adding a unique twist that is beneficial to its players.

Parlay bets

Parlays are an advancement on moneyline bets. Two or more wagers are combined, and the sum of the win is greater than all individual bets. The best thing about wagering on a parlay with PointsBet is its “parlay calculator,” which explains the potential wins before a player places his or her wager. That way, the player can see the numbers for each bet, before committing to a wager.

Moneyline bets

A moneyline bet is the easiest wager to make. There is only one bet and one outcome. Usually, that outcome is as simple as who will win a game. The odds are simple for this wager, too. Betting on the better team comes at a premium price, and there is a lower risk. Alternatively, betting on the underdog has a higher risk but also a better reward.

Point spreads

The spread (also known as the point spread or side bet) is intended to make the two teams equal in odds. Therefore, the better team gets a positive number of points they need to win by, and the underdog gets a negative number. This gives the team an equal chance of winning and losing for the bet.

Prop bets

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are wagers usually done in-game. This type is short-term and is doable throughout one game for many different scenarios. Common prop bets include the team that will score next and predicting the next play.


Futures betting is for the patient wagerer. Players place this bet before a sports season begins and isn’t settled until the season has concluded. The good news is that a winning bet could turn a small bet into a massive return.


PointsBetting is unique to PointsBet NJ. It is high risk but offers the chance for big returns — or big losses. The game is based on predicting how close the final number is to the spread.

A bettor can wager money on the over, for example. Assume a $1 bet and the total ends up 10 points over. In this case, the bettor wins $10, but if the final number ends up 10 points under, the bettor loses $10.

PointsBet NJ app

PointsBet’s mobile sportsbook app is fresh, clean and easy to maneuver. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and it offers a responsive experience.

You can download both the Android and iOS apps by visiting PointsBet Sportsbook and following the step-by-step instructions you’ll find there.

PointsBet Sportsbook’s promotions

PointsBet Sportsbook is keen on offering a plethora of promotions on the platform. The platform is trying to prove the benefit of promotions single-handedly. Fortunately, this is all to the benefit of players; new and otherwise.

Therefore, in this pursuit, the platform offers much more than a welcome bonus and an initial deposit bonus. Instead, the platform tries to make rewards last.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the previously mentioned promotions going on throughout the PointsBet platform:

Standing promotions

Standing promotions are great because they become a stable facet of the platform. Likely, a sportsbook will change up the names of its promotions throughout different seasons. However, it is likely that standing promotions will stay the same; only the names will change. (That is if there is any change at all.)

The $100, in-play bonus bet

Players who place a $10+ pregame wager will receive $100 in-play bets for that game. Players can only use it during the initially wagered game; however, that will make for some extremely exciting court time.

Odds boosters

From the field to the Red Carpet, PointsBet Sportsbook has boosters for every occasion. PointsBet Sportsbook offers boosters of bonus bets and real-money amounts, depending on the sport or event of the player’s choosing. This promo is a great way to ease into the sportsbook scene or go all in.

One-off promotions

Besides the PointsBet NJ promo code, there are a couple of other one-off promotions. Here are the one-off promotions that are currently available on the PointsBet Sportsbook: (Players should check them out before they place their first bet.)

First PointsBetting bet

This promotion enables players to make their first bonus PointsBetting wager. This first bet can amount to $500. If the wager is not a winner, players will receive their wager back in bonus funds, which can become other bets.

Get $3 bonus bet

Get $3 with every three-pointer scored: An edge-of-the-seat basketball game can be full of three-point scores. With a player’s first bet of at least $100, players can win $3 for each three-pointer throughout the game. Regardless of the outcome of the wager, players can cash in on three-point bets. (This promotion does not include parlays.)

PointsBet Sportsbook’s loyalty program

PointsBet Sportsbook loyalty program offers different amounts of points for bets wagered and money exchanged. The best part about this rewards program is that win or lose, players are still getting points on their transaction.

Points equate to $1 per every 100 points. Once players accumulate enough points, they can turn their points into cash.

Banking at PointsBet Sportsbook

For everything the platform establishes on the sports selection, it loses in the financial selection. Rest assured; the limited options that are available are safe. However, there are plenty of other sportsbooks that have a lot more to offer in this capacity.

Here is the short breakdown of financial options awarded to players in terms of depositing and withdrawing their PointsBet funds:


The depositing opportunities are limited compared to those available at other NJ online casinos, but it is better than the withdrawal options.

Thankfully, though, most people have one or more of these financial methods at their disposal. However, it is always nice to have an option of whether to use it or not. After all, some people want to keep their financials and their play financials separate. This platform makes that a little more difficult than most. Bear in mind also that the minimum deposit amount is $10:

  • Online banking transfer
  • Credit cards
  • ACH/e-check
  • Cash at casino cage


The deposit options are admittedly slim. The withdrawal methods, however, are nearly none. Here is the lonely option for withdrawing funds from PointsBet’s platform:

  • Online banking transfer

On the plus side, the money is directly deposited into a player’s account within three business days. That makes it nice if the player is willing to give the account information up.

While, again, there is nothing wrong or unsafe with this method, some players may have their doubts.

PointsBet NJ’s software

PointsBet’s platform keeps its projects in-house and close to the vest. This sportsbook is responsible for its software and content; even going so far as to post jobs on LinkedIn.

Here are the specific qualifications for utilizing the platform on mobile devices:

For Apple: The application for iOS is available for iOS 9.0 or later. This “sports” classified app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

For Android: The application for Android is available for versions 1.0.6 and higher. You can download the app via the PointsBet website.

Customer support

The customer support available on PointsBook Sportsbook is commendable. There is a help section with a list of helpful frequently asked questions, email and live chat. Players can connect with someone who can help answer their questions via chat at any time.

More on PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook has gone to great lengths to ensure its platform is distinguishable from the rest of the sportsbooks.

One of its most ambitious initiatives includes re-creating the way players bet on the platform. While the main types of betting remain intact, the book constructed the odds in a way that pays out more based on the right decisions. Basically, if the player is a good judge of outcomes, he or she will do well.

PointsBet Sportsbook background

Early 2019 saw the release of PointsBet Sportsbook.

This release offers players a functioning, unique online sports betting experience. Except for a few minor tweaks, the platform is well developed. For right now, an update is not necessary, unless outside forces change the parameters.

And in February, the NJ online sportsbook teamed up with Topgolf in an advertising deal that would give PointsBet access to a couple Topgolf locations in New Jersey. However, bettors cannot place live bets at Topgolf.

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