FanDuel Sportsbook NJ Review and Promo Code for Bonus Bet

FanDuel Sportsbook is unique in many ways. The most obvious is that instead of being backed by a NJ casino, this sportsbook is from a racetrack.

Specifically, FanDuel operates out of Victory Bar, Meadowlands Racetrack, in Rutherford, NJ. Being so unique in the origins of this sportsbook, it makes sense that there are other one-of-a-kind features as well. Well, that assumption is correct.

However, the one thing that is not unique from other NJ online sports betting sites is that FanDuel is available throughout New Jersey.

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ promo offer – 2024

FanDuel Sportsbook does not offer a promotional code for its welcome bonus. Instead, every player who has not deposited funds yet is eligible for a  bonus bet.

FanDuel NJ Sportsbook 2024 promo code and details

Online SportsbookFanDuel Sportsbook New Jersey
FanDuel Promo code
Bonus BetUp to
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Instead of making players use an easily accessible code, FanDuel Sportsbook cuts out the middle step. Instead, the platform automatically offers a bonus bet to new players.

Bonus bet: The welcome promotion for FanDuel Sportsbook NJ offers players a bonus bet of . To take advantage of this promotion, you must be a new sportsbook player. The only thing left to do is to make your first bet.

Your first bet can be up to for the full credit refund. If that first bet is not a winner, the in-site credit will be available within 72 hours.

Please note: Only the first bet applies for this promotion. If there are multiple selections applied to one bet slip, the promo will apply to the first selection made.

Claim your bonus bet at Fanduel Sportsbook online!

What’s so great about FanDuel Sportsbook?

FanDuel Sportsbook is an appealing, easy to use and expansive platform that does a lot to accommodate its players.

It is evident that FanDuel understands the real value of its players and continually aims to show appreciation. These are three of the most comprehensive ways FanDuel shows they are the MVP of sportsbooks.

Offers a lot of information in an organized fashion

When trying out a new platform, it is sometimes hard to tell if there will be a learning curve. Often, players find that knowing how to bet on a digital sportsbook is only half the battle.

Either finding the answers to questions or just figuring out how to maneuver around the platform can be a challenge.

Fortunately, FanDuel makes it easy to find the information that players seek and utilize the platform. The ample amount of information about playing the game and the platform itself is organized and simplistic.

This practical design helps to accommodate all players who possess a range of prior experience.

Fanduel bonuses and promotions available

The sad truth is that many online gaming platforms — especially sportsbooks — have forsaken a practice that was once a cornerstone. Many of the sportsbooks and other areas have cut back on bonuses and promotions.

This is a disheartening trend; there is not much to do to change it. At least, there is not much that the public can do about it.

Thankfully, FanDuel is doing its part to keep this feel-good promotional strategy alive and well. Instead of cutting back on bonuses, FanDuel Sportsbook continues to provide its players with an abundance of bonuses and promotions.

Fanduel sports selection

FanDuel offers a range of sports, from national to international games and even college games. While this practice is not entirely unheard of, it is rare throughout the available online sportsbooks. This feature makes FanDuel a fan favorite, especially for those who enjoy rooting for up-and-coming players.

What’s not so great about Fanduel?

FanDuel Sportsbook has many qualities that are superior to its rivals. However, nothing is perfect. There are a few things that FanDuel could improve.

Here are the three most impactful characteristics that are not so great.

Withdraw information limited

The withdraw options are clear; however, without having money in your account, there is not much more information provided about withdrawing funds. This could be confusing, and it could cause you to pause before depositing funds. After all, the platform is transparent otherwise.

Explicitly, it does not state whether there is a minimum amount. If it did, much of the issue with the limited withdraw information would be solved.

Busy platform

FanDuel Sportsbook is a well-organized platform. The amount of information it offers could cause it to be overwhelming; especially if you a player who is new to the world of sportsbooks. A lot is going on in this platform, and it can be distracting.

After a moment of exploring, it should be self-explanatory. Don’t let the influx of information scare you into thinking it is a complicated platform.

Pay attention to the app download

First, the app is safe. So, regardless of which app you download, it will be fine for your device. The issue is that on a mobile app — Android especially — it is easy to download the fantasy app, which is different from the sportsbook. The two often appear only tabs away from one another and can be easy to confuse. To fix this, make sure the “Sportsbook” tab is selected when downloading from the mobile website.

FanDuel Sportsbook Editor Review

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Sports selection at FanDuel Sportsbook NJ

FanDuel Sportsbook offers players a great culmination of different sports for betting. Some of which are difficult to find elsewhere, such as college basketball and college football. Yet, American games are only a portion of its sports lineup.

FanDuel will take you on a digital tour throughout the entirety of the sports-playing world. Here is the list of different sports that can be bet on throughout the FanDuel platform:

  • Baseball / MLB
  • Basketball / NBA
  • Boxing / WBC
  • College basketball / NCAA
  • College football / NCAA
  • Cricket / ODI
  • Darts / Premier League Darts
  • Football / NFL
  • Football /AFL
  • Golf / PGA
  • Hockey / NHL
  • MMA / UFC
  • Motor racing/ FIA
  • Rugby Union / RBS
  • Soccer / APFG
  • Tennis /ATP

Bet selection at FanDuel Sportsbook NJ

It comes as no surprise that FanDuel Sportsbook offers many traditional bets. After all, this is not FanDuel’s parent company’s first rodeo.

FanDuel’s creators understand the importance of getting each player primed for betting by offering a host of options. Betting is a personal preference, and sometimes the options available are the reason that people choose a specific platform.

So, not only does FanDuel offer these betting options, but the platform also provides individual sports guides. This way, players can see what is available and find what they like in an informed fashion.

Here is an overview of what bets FanDuel has to offer.


Moneyline bets are the most one-dimensional, simplified bet you can make. The stipulations are obvious usually. This type of bet sometimes is based around a whole game; such as the winner or loser of a game.


Parlay bets take moneyline bets to the next level. The most simple parlay is the culmination of two moneyline bets. Of course, there can be more contingencies to the wager. Those specifics are what makes it enticing. The win of a parlay is usually better than the sum of the two (or more) individual bets. However, with a bigger reward, there is a higher risk.

Point spread

Also called spread wagering, there is a specific amount of points that are added and subtracted from the players of a game. Thus, while the final score counts, the question is whether the spread “was covered.” The answer determines the winner. However, the entire game is not the only determination of winning the spread.

Here are the ways that FanDuel offers a spread wager:

  • Game (Tennis)
  • Point (Football)
  • Set (Tennis)


While the name seems self-explanatory, there are a couple of different games where this term has a slight variation. Ultimately, the “total” encompasses all the numbers within the particular game’s score.

Here are some ways that totals are referred to in different games:

  • Goals (Soccer)
  • Runs (Baseball)
  • Points (Football)

Touchdown/score markets:

FanDuel offers you the chance to showcase your specific touchdown or scorer predictions. If you are good at figuring out the MVP for a team’s score, this is an interesting bet.

There are not a lot of sportsbooks that offer a betting opportunity like this. While this type of betting is usually for football, other sports provide similar types of bets.

Here are a few of the specific bets that can be placed in this one-of-a-kind vein of betting, outside of the football market:

  • First team basket (Basketball)
  • First basket (Basketball)
  • First-time goal scorer (Hockey)

Quarter and half markets

Instead of waiting for a full game to see the results and win, there are different opportunities to bet throughout the game. FanDuel offers these different options, making the betting fast-paced and dynamic.


This is a type of bet that revolves around the underdog. With a teaser bet, points are added to the underdog, to give them a better chance at winning. FanDuel offers 6, 6.5 and 7-point teasers for both NFL and college football.

FanDuel NJ Sportsbook mobile app

FanDuel’s mobile app is uniquely exquisite and offers a plethora of different options for sports betting. Among those options, including the possibility to download the experience onto an iOS or Android mobile device. Plus, you can always access the platform via a browser.

FanDuel Sportsbook promotions

FanDuel Sportsbook tries to offer different promotions that touch on the array of sports to help keep its customers intrigued. As a result, FanDuel’s content and gameplay remain fresh.

Here are the current standing promotions available at FanDuel:

Standing promotions

Standing promos give continuity to the platform. While the overall promotion might change its name, the idea is the same. Ultimately, the theme is different, but the party is predictably comforting.

  • Free Props Pick ’Em
  • Close-Call Insurance
  • Bracket Parlay Insurance
  • NHL Tuesday OT Insurance
  • Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance
  • Daily Odds Boost

One-off promotions

These promotions are one-timers, but they are usually sweet deals. Therefore, the best thing to do with one-off promotions is to enjoy them while you can.

Here is FanDuel’s current one-off promotion:

  • bonus bet for new sportsbook customers only

Banking at FanDuel Sportsbook

Banking is one of the most critical aspects of any online gambling platform. After all, this is where the money is; gained, lost, deposited and withdrawn. This is also the channel of trust. Thankfully, due to selection and a track-record of excellence, players are comfortable with utilizing FanDuel’s options for financial transactions.

Deposit options

FanDuel Sportsbook offers many deposit options. This caters to the plethora of different players the platform attracts. Staying true to FanDuel’s mantra of wanting to do what is best for its players, there are many tried and true deposit methods.

  • ACH (e-check)
  • Cash at the counter: FanDuel can also be managed, instantly and in-person, at the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey. If cash is used to complete the transition, through this method, the account is satisfied and updated immediately. To use this method of deposit (or withdraw) players are required to bring a government-issued photo ID.
  • Check
  • Credit/debit card
  • FanDuel Prepaid Card: The prepaid card helps you separate your FanDuel account from your personal account. With this card, linked directly to your FanDuel account, you can quickly and easily make deposits and withdrawals. There is no monthly charge for this card and funds can be added through a credit or debit card, or via ACH.
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayNearMe: PayNearMe works simultaneously with many 7-Eleven stores in the Garden State. This financial system is popular with many online gaming platforms because of its locations and the ease of use. Accounts using this service will work via a cash or card transaction. PayNearMe also accepts mobile wallets.
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Withdrawals

Crossover options

The FanDuel platform does not offer every deposit method as a withdraw method; yet, there are a lot of popular crossover options. FanDuel has tried its best to maintain absolute security while retaining as many options for you as possible:

  • ACH (e-check)
  • Cash via Meadowlands Racetrack, New Jersey
  • Check
  • FanDuel Prepaid Card
  • PayPal

FanDuel Sportsbook software

FanDuel has created its legacy. Most of its work is done in-house by its team. Fortunately, this means that players are always close to the people who created the app and its functions.

Here are the specifics for both mobile devices’ download perimeters:


The necessary software for the Apple iOS FanDuel app is iOS 8.1 or later. The software is compatible with most Apple mobile devices including, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


The application for Android is available for versions 1.0.6 and newer. However, for players that are downloading on a seventh generation or older, it is necessary to allow the security to download unknown sources.

Fortunately, for generations above eight, the security will be able only to enable the FanDuel app source. While either is safe, that is just a slight difference that could be confusing.

Customer support

The customer support available for FanDuel Sportsbook is commendable as one of the best in the sportsbook market. In addition to having a wealth of information available throughout the platform, this sportsbook also offers four contact outlets.

Live chat: Live chat available 24/7.

Email: Email assistance is also available 24/7. FanDuel’s email address is [email protected]. For FanDuel members, please add your user name, so the representative can better serve you.

Phone: Phone support is available from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. To contact FanDuel by phone, please call 877-689-0662.

Address: An address for FanDuel is also listed:
Betfair Interactive US LLC, PO Box 158, Jersey City, NJ 07303

FanDuel and its sister casino brand, Betfair, want to showcase its trustworthiness in any way they can. This is encouraging for players, as the brand is offering a level of transparency that is rare.

Check out FanDuel today and claim your bonus bet!

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