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Players can earn thousands of dollars in bonuses at NJ’s legal online gambling sites, including over $100 in new player bonuses that require no deposit whatsoever.

Below you’ll find a list of answers to common questions about the bonuses and promotions offered by legal online casinos and poker sites in New Jersey. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Using codes at NJ online casinos

Codes – whether they’re discount codes, bonus codes, or promotional codes – are a standard part of doing business on the internet. The legal casinos operating online in NJ are no different. Players signing up at NJ online casino sites will often be asked for some kind of code. But what are these codes? What are they for? Why should you use them?

NJ online casino promo codes

The most common type of code at New Jersey’s legal gambling sites is a promo code. Usually the casino will ask for the promo code as part of the signup process. Sometimes it is referred to as a promotional code. The point of the code is to allow players to access certain bonuses or promotions.

For example, the standard free play bonus at Virgin Casino is $10. But if you use our promo code, you can get $20 free play instead. The point of NJ online casino promo codes is to allow casinos to offer a variety of bonuses. Otherwise, they would have to offer one bonus to everyone. That would limit their ability to market to different customers.

Casinos want to be able to offer different bonuses to different players. NJ’s online casinos know that our visitors are more likely to sign up than a typical person. They also know that our visitors are savvy. Our visitors will shop for the best value. So some casinos in NJ give us a special promotional code. That way, they can offer a bigger bonus to our players.

NJ online casino bonus codes

Bonus codes are exactly the same as promo codes. It really just comes down to what a casino decides to call the code. But the core function is the same. NJ online casino bonus codes do just what promo codes do. They provide you with access to unique offers.

Do I have to use a code?

No. You can sign up without using any promo or bonus code. But you may miss out on better offers. And you may receive a smaller opening bonus.

There’s no cost for using a code. So it just makes sense to use one.

Where do I enter the code?

When you sign up. The signup form will contain a field marked “bonus code” or “promo code” or “promotional code.” This is where you enter the code. Often it is on the last screen.

If you have any questions about where to enter a code, send us an email.

Below is an example video that shows you how to use a code at Virgin Casino. It’s easy:

Are there different codes for different bonuses?

Yes. There’s the bonus or promo code that you use when you create your account. Casinos may send you additional bonus codes afterwards. These codes will give you access to different promotions. Some will require a deposit, some will not. It depends on the offer.

Bonuses that don’t require a deposit

Let’s talk a bit about how you can try NJ online casinos without risking any of your own money. As mentioned above, we have exclusive promo codes that let you “try before you buy.” There’s no reason not to take advantage of these offers. But you should know how they work before you sign up.

NJ online casino free play

A “free play” offer or “no deposit bonus” is basically the same thing. The casino gives you some credit to try the site. To qualify for these offers, you usually have to be a new player. This means you can’t already have an account at the site.

There is nothing stopping you from making accounts at all of NJ’s online casinos and taking advantage of all of the free play offers. You can only have one account at each site. But you can sign up for as many sites as you want.

The difference between free play and real money

Free play or bonus money is not the same as real money. The big difference is that you can’t just cash it out. It can only be used to play games at the site. Otherwise, casinos would just be giving money away.

Is there a catch to no deposit bonuses at NJ online casinos?

There’s not a catch, but there are terms and conditions.

Obviously, if New Jersey’s regulated online casinos were just giving out money freely they wouldn’t stay online for long. Just like any promotion, no deposit bonuses at NJ’s regulated casino sites have some basic rules that you’ll need to follow – but that’s where NJOnlineCasinos.com comes in.

We take those terms and conditions and break them down in plain English so you know exactly what the deal is – and so you can logically compare one offer to another.

Can I just cash out the money from a freeplay bonus at a legal NJ online casino?


Think of it this way: A no deposit bonus is basically a way for NJ online gambling sites – like Tropicana online casino or Virgin casino in NJ – to give you a free chip or two to get you playing. It’s just like free slot play at one of their land-based casinos, and not like the casino actually handing you cash.

Free online casino offers in NJ work exactly the same way as freeplay at Harrah’s or Tropicana. It’s bonus money – but you can win real money using it, and that money can be cashed out once you’ve satisfied the terms and conditions. We stress that players should always read the fine print before taking advantage of a free slot play offer at any of New Jersey’s online casinos.

How do I cash out free play?

You can’t cash it out immediately. Sometimes you have to wager it a certain amount before the freeplay converts into real money. In some cases, the free play can never be converted into real money. It’s good to read the fine print at each casino first. Then you know what you’re getting into.

In cases where you can convert no deposit bonuses into real money at NJ gambling sites, you will have to “play through” a certain amount first. This just means you just have to wager the money a certain amount. We’ll talk about play through in a second.

Can I keep what I win?

Players often ask if they can keep their winning from free play bonuses. Usually, the answer is yes. But there may be some strings attached. It depends on the casino.

New Jersey law requires casinos to post the rules of their bonuses on their websites. So you can always check for the specifics there. Or ask us if you have a question about a given bonus. We’ll do our best to answer.

If there are strings attached, the most common one is that you have to “play through” some amount. After that, you can cash out. Let’s talk about how play through works.

How does playthrough work?

Play through is a wagering requirement. Casinos use it to prevent abuse of bonuses.

An example will help to illustrate. Let’s say a casino:

  • Gives you $10 in free play
  • Has a 1x wagering requirement for the bonus.

This means you would need to bet $10 before the free play would convert to real money. If the requirement was 2x, you would need to bet $20.

Casinos will sometimes have different games count differently toward the requirement. Slots usually count at 100%. Lower-edge games like roulette and blackjack often count less. Read the terms of each bonus for details.

Why do casinos offer these bonuses?

Free play bonuses are just another marketing tool for NJ online casinos. Think of it like an ad.

New Jersey gambling sites know that if you try the casino, you are more likely to become a customer. So they let you try for free. Land-based casinos do the same thing.

Do I need a bonus / promo code for free play bonuses at NJ sites?

Usually, but not always. To get the highest bonus, you should shop around. As far as we know, our codes offer the best bonuses available at New Jersey’s legal online casino websites.

Tell me more about your ranking system for no deposit bonuses at NJ casinos online

We rank the no deposit offers from NJ online casinos on a few basic criteria, including the quality of the casino, the quality of the no deposit offer, the other bonuses and promotions available at the room, and so on.

Each one of our freeplay reviews breaks down these individual components, and you can see how the various free bankroll offers stack up against one another by reviewing all of our offers here.

Bonuses that require a deposit

Now we’ve covered free play bonuses. What bonuses can you get if you make a deposit at NJ’s online casinos?

There are two common types. Match bonuses are the standard. Some casinos offer loss back promotions.

Deposit bonuses / match bonuses

Deposit bonuses (also called match bonuses) are what they sound like. You deposit a certain amount. The casino matches it with some amount of bonus money.

Usually, deposit bonuses have a few parts:

  • The match percentage
  • A minimum deposit
  • A maximum bonus

For example, many casinos in NJ offer a deposit bonus of 100% up to $1000. Golden Nugget is one. The minimum deposit is usually $25. So if you deposited $25, you would get a $25 bonus. If you deposited $1000, you would get $1000 in bonus money. But if you deposited more, you would still only get the $1000 bonus.

Note that bonus money is not like real money. Read our “free play” section above to understand how bonus money works at a casino. This is not just cash that you can withdraw from your account. Instead, it has some strings attached.

These strings don’t mean you shouldn’t get deposit bonuses. It just means you should read before you deposit. Then you won’t be disappointed. Deposit bonuses can still be a good value. You just should not confuse them with real money.

Cashback / lossback

Cash back bonuses (also called loss back bonuses) are less common. The main casinos in New Jersey offering this kind of bonus are Virgin and Tropicana.

It works like this. You make a deposit (check the terms for the minimum amount). Then the casino will rebate you some amount of your losses if you play and lose.

This kind of promotion is also very common at land-based casinos. In fact, it may be more common at Atlantic City casinos than at New Jersey’s online casino sites.

Do these promotions require a code?

It depends on the promotion. But the code you use when you sign up is usually a different bonus or promotional code than the code you need to quality for a match or loss back bonus.

Often you need no code at all. These bonuses are standard and are usually given to all players. Occasionally, an NJ internet casino might send you a specific code when letting you know about a promotion.

Other promotions at NJ online gambling sites

Once you’ve created an account and deposited, there are more promotions available at NJ’s online sites. Below is a sample of common offers. For the more information about the latest offers, check out our deals section.


One common offer at NJ sites is the “race” or “leaderboard” promotion. Here, players compete against each other to wager the most, play the most hands, and so on. Usually these last a day or a week. They are sometimes monthly.

The leaders at the end of the period will receive prizes. These bonuses are nice, but by their nature, it can be difficult to get much value. Usually, you have to wager a lot to be competitive. That means you risk losing a lot.

New game promotions

When online casinos introduce a new game, they will sometimes offer incentives to players to get interested in the new game. These offers can be a good way to try a new game with less risk.

Drawings and sweepstakes

Drawings and sweepstakes promotions are very common at Atlantic City casinos. It’s no surprise that online casinos in Atlantic City have adopted them as well.

The key with online drawings and sweepstakes is basically the same as it is for land-based drawings and sweepstakes. You often have to do something to enter, or be available at a certain time in order to have a chance at winning. For this reason, it’s good to read the terms carefully when you see these promotions.

Slot tournaments

Interestingly, slot tournaments have yet to really catch on at NJ online casinos. While slot tournaments are incredibly common at land-based casinos in Atlantic City and Vegas, you don’t see many at gambling sites in New Jersey. We believe that will eventually change. But for now, slot tournament lovers simply don’t have many options.

Recent developments regarding NJ online gambling bonuses

While the free money amounts offered by NJ online casinos have largely stayed the same, we’ve noticed that some wagering requirements have become more player-friendly.

Notably, Caesars Casino and Golden Nugget Casino now only require players to run through their first-time deposit bonuses 10x on slots.

Why the movement toward generosity? It probably has something to do with the fact the industry is reaching maturity, and new players are dripping in at a slower pace than in years past.

But whatever the reason, it’s about as good a time as any for new players to explore what NJ online casinos have to offer.

Key takeaways about NJ online promotions and bonuses

Congratulations. You made it to the end of our extensive guide to NJ online casino bonus codes and promotions. With so many topics, a refresher is in order. Or maybe you just scrolled here and want the highlights. In any case, here’s what’s important:

  1. You should always use a bonus or promo code when signing up at an NJ online casino. Doing so can help you get a bigger bonus than you would otherwise.
  2. Free play is not the same as real money. It’s nice to have, but you should not confuse the two.
  3. You should always read the terms and conditions for any promotion or bonus. NJ law requires online casinos to post these on their websites.
  4. If you have any questions, ask!

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