Build A Great Pyramid Of NJ Online Casino Winnings With Cleopatra Plus

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Cleopatra Plus online slot review

Take a trip from New Jersey and sail across the Atlantic to the Nile and the height of the Egyptian Empire, complete with pyramids and pharaohs.

Cleopatra Plus is the among latest online slots to hit the shores of the Garden State, so let’s take a look at it.

Cleopatra Plus online

Cleopatra Plus overview

Cleopatra Plus is one of many online slots that is based around the theme of Ancient Egypt and the beautiful queen of the old empire, Cleopatra.

It’s developed by IGT, who are acclaimed around the world and in the US for their online slots games.

Where to play Cleopatra Plus online in NJ

This online slot is available at many of the best New Jersey online casinos.

Check out our NJ online casino no deposit offers and you’re sure to find a casino (not to mention a welcome bonus) that suits you.

You can find this game at Virgin online casino, where new players can get $20 free play when using the bonus code 20BUCKS at signup.

The same $20 free play offer is also available at Golden Nugget; just be sure to use the bonus code PLAY20 to claim the bonus.

Cleopatra Plus gameplay

Cleopatra Plus is a fairly run-of-the-mill 40-payline slot, boasting a 5×3 reel grid and slots symbols including the standard poker card rankings. The lack of symbols does boost the value of the 40 paylines, though, so that number might be more valuable than it first appears.

One excellent addition to the base game is stacked 2x wilds, which can be stacked up to ten high. When these symbols are used in a winning payline, that payline win is doubled.

Despite its seemingly regular gameplay, Cleopatra Plus comes with a pair of novelty features that make this more than just your average Egyptian-themed slot.

Deity Picker

At the start of the game, you can pick from one of three Egyptian Gods:

  • Aset
  • Bastet
  • Hathor

Their symbols will lead to bigger wins. As you play through the game and level up, you can access further deities and stacked symbols.

Level Up Plus

The Level Up Plus feature is a twist on the base game, allowing you to boost your potential winnings the more you spin the reels.

This feature can increase the payback of the game, with eight different levels to unlock. In order to increase your level, you must accrue more followers. Followers are earned from hitting bonus symbols.

There are eight levels, each with their own bonus:

  • Level 1: Unlocks Alexandria Bonus Map
  • Level 2: Unlocks Nile River Valley Bonus Map
  • Level 3: Unlocks a new bonus symbol to accumulate more followers
  • Level 4: Unlocks three new deities, stacked on each reel
  • Level 5: Unlocks a new bonus symbol to accumulate more followers
  • Level 6: Unlocks the Last Spin Multiplier feature on any Bonus Map
  • Level 7: Unlocks the Pyramids of Giza Bonus Map
  • Level 8: Unlocks the Super Spin feature on any Bonus Map

NJ slot reviews Cleopatra plus

Cleopatra Plus bonus features

Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus

The main bonus feature of this game is the Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus, but like the base game itself there is more to this than meets the eye.

Rather than just receiving a set of free spins as you’d expect, you must first choose from a Bonus Map.

By far the best return is the Pyramids of Giza Map, but that is only unlocked at Level 7.

You’ll begin with five free spins and a 1x multiplier and then must place your followers around the map.

Depending on where you have placed your followers, you will receive one or more of the following rewards:

  • Up to 30 free spins
  • Up to 5x multiplier
  • Up to 30x your bet
  • A last spin multiplier up to 50x
  • Up to 10 Super Spins

Cleopatra Plus positives

Level Up Plus

Level Up Plus is a great feature, incentivizing you to marathon your slots sessions and increasing the return to player percentage of the game as time goes on. It can very easily turn a lengthy losing streak into a win in one fell swoop.

Followers and features

It’s rare for an online slot to truly have an interactive computer game feeling, but Cleopatra Plus achieves this with the followers feature tying in to Level Up Plus.

You’ll rack up bonus symbols and followers and the game will change as you advance through the levels and rise up the ranks.

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Deity Picker

On the surface the Deity Picker feature seems interesting. However, despite it being a neat way to add some variety to the gameplay, it doesn’t actually affect anything.

It’s not a negative, but it is just… well, pointless.

online Cleopatra Plus slot

Cleopatra Plus: the ratings

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Graphics and soundtrack: 4/5

There are better online slots graphics out there, but many more that are worse.

The graphics and designs are pretty intricate and creative, and the music is absolutely perfect.

Originality and creativity: 4.5/5

In terms of theme, the originality score should be 0/5.

However, the Level Up Plus feature and the way it ties into the followers and bonus symbols is a really fantastic and unique online slot feature that gives this game a great score.

Play value: 2/5

The play value of this game could be a lot better considering the wealth of features and bonus options available.

However, the return to player percentage can be as low as 92.89 percent. That said, if all the stars align then it can skyrocket to 96.5 percent.

Jackpot potential: 4/5

While there is no progressive jackpot on this game, wins are capped at 25 million credits. Even at the lowest possible stakes, that’s a pretty hefty sum to land in your online casino account!

Repeat play: 3/5

Because of the Level Up Plus feature and all the changes it can impart on the gameplay, there’s a lot of repeat play value to be had here – especially if you prefer marathon slots sessions!

Total score: 17.5/25

This is definitely one of IGT’s better online slots endeavors.

Aesthetically and in terms of gameplay, it’s pretty good, but the extra features and bonuses really put it head and shoulders above a lot of the competition.

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