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New Online Casino Games in NJ – Featuring DraftKings Casino

Susan Brady February 10, 2020
new online slot games

It looks like DraftKings online casino is coming into its own, with a huge influx of new online slot games in the last month (60+). This new player on the NJ online casino scene also added 18 in November and seem very serious about making the top 10. They have a ways to go to catch up with the #1 casino, Golden Nugget, which is rapidly approaching the 700-game mark but seem dedicated to have […]

Three Top Online Slots To Kick Off The New Year

Barbara Nathan January 2, 2020

2020 is not just the start of another year but a brand new decade. So it’s the perfect time to make new resolutions. One that you might have overlooked but needs to be on the list of anyone who loves playing NJ online slots is to be very choosy about which games you play. Obviously, your betting stake should not exceed what you can comfortably afford, and you should avoid marathon sessions. But that isn’t enough. […]

Christmas Slots 101: ‘Tis The Season For Festive Fortunes

Martin Derbyshire December 9, 2019
festive fortunes

Jingle bells, candy canes, stockings hanging above the fireplace, and mistletoe overhead. These are the images that surround us at this time of year. Even at NJ online casinos. That’s because Christmas is just a few short weeks away and there are a huge number of slots at the top online casino sites in the state that celebrate the holiday by featuring all of your favorite Christmas themes. Of course, even Christmas-themed online slots feature […]

Christmas Slots 101: Santa’s Super Slot For Super Holiday-Themed Fun

Martin Derbyshire December 6, 2019
santas super slot

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by images of Santa and his sleigh, red-nosed reindeer, wreaths, gifts, and brightly decorated evergreen trees at this time of year. Even at NJ online casinos. Christmas is right around the corner and there are a number of online slots that celebrate the annual holiday by featuring Christmas themes. Even these Christmas-themed online slots feature multiple paylines and bonus games that can be downright difficult to figure […]

Best NJ Online Casino Slots For 2019

Susan Brady December 5, 2019
online slots review

Rolling into the holiday season means colder weather and a lot of time spent indoors. Many of the NJ online casinos are amping up offerings to give their customers more diverse choices on their sites. Let’s take a look at those who chose to provide you with a bit more fun this holiday season with our online slots review. Golden Nugget New Jersey’s No. 1 casino never fails to impress when it comes to our […]

Christmas Slots 101: The Secret To Secrets of Christmas

Martin Derbyshire December 2, 2019
christmas slots

Images of a winter wonderland, Jolly Old St. Nick climbing down the chimney, and gifts galore spread out in front of a sparklingly decorated tree surround us at this time of year. Even at NJ online casinos. That’s because Christmas is coming up on Dec. 25. And of course, several online slots feature the same themes as the annual holiday that has become as much about the season of giving as anything else. Like the […]

Online Slots 101: Quick Hit Platinum Is An Instant Classic

Martin Derbyshire November 7, 2019
quick hit platinum

NJ online casinos feature hundreds of online slots. That means you’ll find everything from the classics to modern video slots featuring all kinds of bells and whistles. There’s even one that is a little bit of both. Quick Hit Platinum looks, sounds, and even plays like a classic retro reels slot. But it also offers the depth and features of a modern video slot. Like a lot of the online slots on the NJ market, […]

Halloween Slots 101: Invite Some Blood-Sucking Vampires Into Your Home

Martin Derbyshire October 24, 2019
Vampire halloween slots

Images of blood-sucking vampires, maniacal monsters, and haunting ghosts surround us at this time of year. Even at NJ online casinos. That’s because Halloween is coming up on Oct. 31. And of course, several online slots feature the same themes as this spooky holiday. Like the hundreds of others available at NJ online casinos, these online slots feature multiple paylines and exciting bonus games that can be tough to decipher. However, this NJ Online Slots […]

Halloween Slots 101: Who Ya Gonna Call On Oct. 31?

Martin Derbyshire October 16, 2019
ghostbusters online slot

Halloween evokes images of scary jack o’ lanterns, haunting ghosts, evil witches, and blood-sucking vampires. But these images can be as fun and profitable as they are chilling at NJ online casinos. That’s because you’ll find several online slots featuring the same themes as the popular Oct. 31 holiday among the hundreds available at your favorite NJ online casino sites. Most of these slots feature multiple paylines and intricate bonus games that can be hard […]

Get Your Stinking Paws On The Planet Of The Apes NJ Online Slot

Martin Derbyshire October 11, 2019
planet of the apes nj casino slots

Log on to any of your favorite New Jersey online casinos, and you’re bound to find hundreds of online slots you can play. We’re going to discuss a unique dual-reels slot that has quickly become one of the best movie-themed online slots of all time: Planet of the Apes. Slots that feature multiple paylines, unique structures, and intricate bonus games like this one can be hard to figure out. It’s almost as if you need […]

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