Casino News Updates: Horse Racing & BetMGM

Updated on June 9, 2021 0 comments 1486 Reads
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Another week, another BetMGM partnership. After joining forces with The Hockey News last week, they have struck another big deal. That’s where we’ll start our weekly recap of the casino news.

Mobile Wagering To Be Offered On Horse Racing At BetMGM

BetMGM has recently locked in a partnership with NYRA Bets LLC, making it the first-ever horse racing partner for the company in its history. The deal basically allows BetMGM to make use out of the wagering platform that NYRA Bets’ currently has in place. BetMGM has plans to use that software on their horse racing app, which is going to be available to both Apple and Android.

Both BetMGM and NYRA happen to be pretty huge in their respective fields, so the combination should benefit each of them. However, the deal is simply going to be about horse racing and nothing else, despite a lot of action going on with regards to sports betting lately.

BetMGM hopes to create their own customer service and deposit methods on their new app and hope to get it sent out to multiple states as soon as they can. It’s an interesting partnership as few of the state-side sportsbooks have delved into horse racing as of yet.

Vegas Casinos Mulling Stadium Cost Contributions For Potential MLB Team

The Oakland Athletics have been the center of rumors in the MLB this past season after people caught wind of them mulling relocation. It does seem like Las Vegas is the top destination at the current time but the question is whether or not the local casinos will contribute to stadium costs. Of course, the city of Oakland has been reticent to do it but would casinos contribute if the new baseball stadium was on or near The Strip? It would likely lead to more foot traffic, which is exactly what they’re always looking for.

The cost of building a stadium in Las Vegas is expected to be around $1 billion, according to the Athletics President Dave Kaval. However, if they were to begin building a stadium around The Strip, it could end up becoming a massive success. We have already seen the Oakland Raiders move over to the Las Vegas area behind Allegiant Stadium.

Cosmopolitan Joins Other Las Vegas Strip Resorts By Reinstating Paid Parking

One of the few positives for guests who frequently visit the Las Vegas Strip seems to be fading away quickly. The Cosmopolitan is now joining a growing list of resorts on the Strip that are reinstating paid parking. The conversation about charging for parking has been a bit of a sore spot for the community as there was a time where all parking was free. However, we’ve seen them jack up the fees for pool access, resort fees and even internet in some cases, so parking was merely a matter of time.

Locals were thrilled when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of casinos to stop charging for parking. Of course, when they were hurting for business, they waived those fees. Now they’re back. They appear to be easing them in, though, as registered hotel guests are still able to park for free and local residents can park for free for three hours.

In the end, these casinos are simply banking on traffic continuing to ascend. As airlines start flying and more tourists start visiting, the casinos are going to look to take advantage to make up for losses in any way possible.

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