Casino News Flash – Vegas Casino Looks to Use Crypto Betting

Updated on July 14, 2021 0 comments 1697 Reads
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New Jersey’s gaming scene is thriving post-pandemic. That’s the story we’ll lead off within our weekly recap of the casino news.

Brand New Las Vegas Casino Hopes To Allow Cashless, Crypto Betting

Resorts World Las Vegas made its soft opening this past weekend and is set to officially open up to the public on July 4th. Not only are they the newest and shiniest casino on The Strip, but they’re also looking to become the most advanced. They have already been rumored to be far ahead of other casinos in Las Vegas technology-wise and their recent announcement to accept cryptocurrency only furthers that.

Resorts World is hoping to allow all residents of their casino to deposit money into a digital wallet in order to gamble at their property. The wallet can be used on both slot machines and table games. What’s interesting is that this wallet will take not only regular dollars but also crypto. This is going to be the very first property in Las Vegas to offer this type of wagering.

They partnered with Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange service, and appear to be ready to fly with this. There is some speculation that regulators might step in but with the casino opening up in a matter of days, this could be accessible to customers in the meantime.

At any rate, less cash in the system is likely good for everyone. Customers won’t have to worry about carrying big amounts and casinos should be less vulnerable to certain types of crime.

New Jersey Sees Huge Jump In Gambling Revenue

New Jersey – like almost every other state in the U.S. – was hit pretty badly by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of their gaming sectors. Not only did tourism hurt the revenue flow of the casinos in the state, but a few properties were forced to shut down for long periods of time due to how serious the situation was.

However, as the country has opened up the last few months and gaming is back on the menu, many states are seeing huge surges in revenue. According to the numbers released by gaming operators, New Jersey picked up $374.2 million in gaming revenue during the month of May.

One of the few positives for New Jersey since the pandemic first began has been their online gambling numbers. They were able to reel in a record $113.7 million in earnings during March and followed that up with another solid month in May behind a $108.2 million showing.

The Borgata was the highest-grossing casino in the state during May once again, bringing in $48.67 million with their online platform grabbing the majority of that revenue.

New Responsible Gaming Mobile App Coming To The U.S.

If you happen to be a newbie to the gambling scene, this new app could end up saving you a lot of bad life lessons. The Gamble Responsibly America App is reportedly coming to the U.S. and it will help teach customers about gambling within their boundaries. The app has been deemed an educational resource on all types of gambling habits in order to stay as safe as possible when wagering.

All patrons of the app will have the opportunity to test themselves on all their styles of play in order to determine if they have a few unhealthy habits that they may not be aware of just yet.

According to Martin Lycka, the Entain company’s Senior Vice President, the app will be an “intermediary between the users and services that provide the help that the customer may need.”

There hasn’t been much information handed out to the public about when this app is first releasing. However, Lycka also mentioned that the sooner they can push the app out across the United States, the better it will be for all types of gamblers in the long run. Hopefully, we will be able to get a clearer picture of the release date soon.

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