Embrace The Madness Of March With The March Mayhem Promo At Caesars NJ

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march madness

If there’s one month of the year you can cut loose and go mad, it’s March. With March Madness currently occupying the hearts and minds of basketball fans across the US, CaesarsCasino.com is currently laying up its own three-pointer.

Dubbed March Mayhem and filled with more bonuses than there are NCAA D1 hotshots, this NJ online casino promo is perfect for casino fans with a competitive edge.

Be fast, but follow the rules

Before we get into the specifics of this offer from Caesars NJ and how you can boost your bankroll during March Madness, let’s talk about the one thing you need to succeed: speed. Like a power forward racing toward a defensive line, you need to play hard and fast to profit from this promotion. The reason you can’t sit on any of these bonuses is that they expire in a day.

Unlike many of New Jersey’s latest giveaways, you won’t have days, weeks, or even months to get something extra. When you opt-in to March Mayhem, you really do need to play like a madman or woman in order to boost your bankroll. Of course, before you start bashing the bet button like you’re dribbling a basketball, you need to know the rules.

For this Caesars NJ online casino bonus, you’ll need to make the following plays:

  • Log into your CaesarsCasino.com account.
  • Click on “My Account” and then “My Bonuses.”
  • Look through the list of “Available Bonuses” and select that day’s deal.
  • Click “Deposit” or “Claim” next to the bonus and you’re all set.

Ante-up when the time is right

Speed is undoubtedly the secret ingredient in this promotion, but so is timing. Just as the NCAA Division 1 tournament is split into rounds, so is March Mayhem. At this point, the first round has already been and gone.

Fortunately for you, there are two rounds left and that means you’ve got seven bonuses left to collect on the following dates:

  • March 22 to March 25 (four bonuses)
  • March 31 to April 2 (three bonuses)

OK, so we can’t tell you exactly what bonuses you’ll find when you log in on those dates because they’re a mystery. However, what we can say is that they’ll be lucrative. Whether it’s free spins, reload bonuses or casino credits, there’s plenty of value up for grabs until April 2.

Naturally, each offer you claim will be subject to some sort of wagering condition. What these are will depend on what you get. But, you should expect to stake at least your bonus amount once before hitting the cashout button.

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Should I go mad for this Caesars NJ promotion?

Overall, when you look at this deal from afar, it really does encapsulate the frenetic energy of March Madness. With so much going on in such a short period of time, anything can happen.

Regardless of whether you’re a veritable underdog in the casino game or a first-round draft, you’ve got a chance of winning. In fact, this is what we love about this deal. Because you never know what you’re going to get, there’s a sense of anticipation that captivates players of all persuasions.

What’s more, because the prizes are unknown, they have to be tailored to a general audience. So you can rest assured that the wagering requirements and everything else in between won’t just be suitable for high rollers and no one else.

Essentially, if you’re a casual player that’s looking to add some extra spice to this year’s March Madness, Caesars Casino’s March Mayhem is perfect. Running alongside the college basketball spectacle and packed with just as much excitement, this is one deal you can’t afford to miss out on if you’re an NJ casino fan.

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