BetStars’ Stars Stack Makes Winners Out Of The Biggest NJ Sports Betting Fans

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Sometimes football fans can just sense that their favorite team is about to erupt for a ton of points. The Stars Stack at BetStars NJ rewards bettors that rely on their gut feeling about that kind of thing.

Each week, BetStars NJ will designate combinations of players on the same team as eligible for Stars Stack wagers. If all of the selected players manage to score a touchdown, the bet wins.

It does not matter how the players get their touchdown. Running for a touchdown, passing for six points, or catching a ball in the end zone all count toward the bet.

For NJ sports betting fans, it doesn’t get much simpler than the Stars Stack. Highly explosive offensive units or the opponents of sieve-like defenses could result in excellent paydays for the astute bettor.

Stars Stack only one of BetStars robust NJ sports betting deals

For some sites, a promotion like the Stars Stack would be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Fortunately, BetStars NJ takes care of its players with one of the most comprehensive sets of promotions in New Jersey.

And that’s saying a lot because NJ online casinos have been doing a crazy amount of promos for five years.

At any given moment, there are more than a dozen promotions available at BetStars NJ sportsbook app.

These promotions include new player deals, weekly giveaways, sport-specific spiffs and major blowouts that will distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to loyal members.

Weekly promotions

For instance, there are three running promotions that players can exercise each and every week. The first of these is quite simple: In the Weekly Free Bet, a player who wagers $25 receives a $5 free bet.

There’s no opt-in or code to enter. Simply play between Monday and Sunday, bet $25 or more, and get $5 more of play.

If that deal is not exciting enough, then make sure to play between 6 and 7 p.m. EST on Tuesdays. During that time, aka Tuesday Happy Hour, a wager of $10 or more will receive a random free bet from BetStars. This free bet could be worth as much as $100.

For NBA fans, Friday nights have the potential to be quite special. In the Friday $50 In-game Free Bet, a $50 pre-game bet on a selected game will yield an extra $50 in-game bet on the same game — absolutely free. Players need only go to their Challenges window to find out which game is the eligible match.

Finally, for NFL bettors, there will always be the Super Boost. The Super Boost, which runs on both Saturdays and Sundays, is a selection of three teams that must all win in order for the bet to pay off.

However, a win is guaranteed to have a payout to make players smile.

Ongoing promotions

Obviously, sports seasons don’t last forever. Case in point, football season is about to close its doors.

So, if a player wants more stability in his promotional options, look no further than three ongoing deals at BetStars NJ.

The first of these is the Parlay Bonus. Quite simply, a parlay bet with three or more legs at -200 odds or higher will receive an extra payout if the bet wins.

Depending on the number of legs in the parlay, a player could find their payout matched 100 percent. In other words, BetStars will double the payout for certain parlay bets.

Players can also enhance their payouts for a mere 10 percent of their wager. The Spin and Bet feature allows players the chance to increase their winnings by up to 10 times the original amount. Spin and Bet is the sports betting version of Spin and Go tournaments that constantly run on sister site PokerStars NJ.

Cash out and go home happy with BetStars NJ

Finally, BetStars NJ online sportsbook understands that waiting for the outcome of a sports bet is a nerve-wracking proposition. So, players can make use of the Cash Out function at any time.

Cash Out allows players to collect a payout on their bets prior to the completion of the game. The amount available to the player will vary according to the progress of the match, but the option allows nervous players to lock in some profit.

So, Stars Stack is by no means the only great deal on BetStars NJ. Make sure to visit the promo tab to see all the different options for easy money.

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