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Since going live in September, BetStars NJ has gradually ramped up its selection of odds and offers. Today, you can bet on anything from football and basketball, to golf and baseball, and more.

Alongside the ever-increasing selection of betting lines, the sister site of PokerStars NJ has been upping its weekly bonuses. In recent weeks, basketball has been under the proverbial spotlight, with LeBron James and others contributing to the roster of added value.

To complement these basketball bonuses, BetStars NJ has unveiled Tuesday Happy Hour.

Running every week (unsurprisingly, on a Tuesday), this promo is your chance to receive a free sports bet worth up to $100. To get into the mix, you’ll have to complete the following steps:

  • How: Place a bet of $10+ on a Tuesday between 6 and 7 p.m. ET.
  • The odds: The bet must be on a proposition with odds of -200 or higher.
  • What: Assuming you complete the above steps correctly, you’ll get a free bet worth up to $100.
  • When: Once you’ve satisfied the entry requirements, you’ll receive your free bet within 48 hours.

A free bet bonus with fantastic potential at BetStars NJ

There are a few things we like about this bonus. Firstly, the entry requirements are low. Even if you’re a casual bettor, $10 isn’t a lot of money.

Secondly, the minimum odds work in your favor. If a team/athlete is priced at -200, they’re likely to be a favorite. Therefore, because your bet needs to have at least these odds, you stand a good chance of making a positive return on your investment irrespective of the bonus.

Finally, the reward is random. As we’ve noted, the most you can receive is $100. Yes, you may not get much, but there’s a chance you could. According to BetStars NJ’s terms and conditions, there are three possible prizes:

  • You have an 80 percent chance of winning a $1 free bet.
  • You have a 15 percent chance of winning a $2 free bet.
  • You have a percent chance of winning a $100 free bet.

Yes, there is a greater chance you’ll win one of the smaller amounts. However, the fact you can win $100 at all is excellent. Indeed, there aren’t many New Jersey sports betting bonuses that give you a 10x return. In this respect, BetStars NJ is well ahead of the curve when it comes to value.

A few things to keep in mind

As is the case with all promotions, there are a few terms and conditions you need to keep in mind:

  • Free bets can’t be used on system bets.
  • Free bets can’t be used on Spin & Bet markets.
  • Free bets will expire after seven days of being credited to your account.
  • Free bets placed on void selections (i.e., a team/athlete that pulls out of an event) won’t be refunded.
  • Free bets that are cashed out early will be voided.
  • Free bets aren’t returned as part of a winning wager.

For the most part, those terms and conditions are relatively explanatory. The only one that might be surprising for sports betting newbies is you won’t receive your stake back.

Simply, if you staked $100 on a +200 proposition, you’d typically expect to win $300. This $300 would include your $200 profit plus your $100 stake.

However, if you use your bonus bet, you’d only receive $200 because the $100 stake isn’t returned. Of course, when you consider you’re getting a free shot at winning real money without any wagering requirements, it’s hard to complain.

A happy way to end your Tuesday at BetStars

Overall, this is an easy way to pick up some extra credits. Even though you will have to make a bet before you receive a bonus, it’s only $10.

What’s more, there’s nothing to say you can’t win your bet and collect the bonus. When you think about it like this, this is a way to get twice the amount of value when you ante up at BetStars NJ every Tuesday between 6 and 7 p.m. ET.

To find out more about BetStars NJ and to create your first account, check out our expert review today.

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