Dribble And Drool Over BetStars NJ’s NBA Free Bet Friday

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Super Bowl 2019 might be dominating the sporting headlines right now, but the NBA isn’t a shrinking violet.

Heating up just as the NFL is winding down, the elite basketball league is packed with ways to win some money over the coming weeks.

To make the action even more mouth-watering, BetStars NJ is upping the ante with a $50 giveaway. Open to customers new and old, the Friday Free Bet offer is your chance to test your predictive powers and get more for your time online.

BetStars NJ + an NBA bonus

Like everything this sister site of PokerStars NJ does, the offer is simple but effective. Instead of trying to overcomplicate things and obscure the true value of the deal, BetStars NJ lets the facts do the talking.

With that being the case, here are the fundamentals you need to know before you take advantage of this weekly promotion:

  1. Log in to BetStars NJ (or create your first account here) every Friday before the tip-off.
  2. Visit the “challenges window” to see that current week’s highlighted games.
  3. Bet $50+ on any pre-game market linked to one of the highlighted games. Note, the qualifying odds are -110 or better.
  4. Once you’ve made a qualifying pre-game bet, BetStars NJ will give you a $50 in-game free bet.
  5. The maximum free bet is $50, and you’ll have to stake it on a highlighted game before the final whistle.
  6. Finally, anything you win from your free in-game bet is yours to keep, minus your stake. For example, if you stake $20 at +100 odds, your total return would be $40 ($20 profit + $20 stake back). With this promotion, you’d collect $20.

As you can see, the way to unlock some added value is straightforward.

What’s even better about this NJ online sports betting bonus is that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is filled with real cash. From the example outlined above, the $20 profit is yours to keep.

Yes, you have to sacrifice your stake. However, that money was never yours in the first place. So, in reality, you aren’t losing anything. In fact, you’re making money if your predictive skills are on point.

Enjoy the cut and thrust of in-game betting

Now, the one thing we do need to talk about is in-game bets.

Unlike pre-game wagers, the odds on live bets can vary massively. Why? Because the oddsmakers are reacting to what’s happening at the moment. There isn’t enough time to conduct the same level of analysis they do before a game.

The counter to this is that you also have less time to weigh what’s hot and what’s not. However, from the perspective of setting lines, it’s tough.

This dynamic typically results in the odds often occupying both ends of the spectrum. To put it another way, in-game betting lines are either very short or very long. Yes, there are some in-betweens. However, it’s often the case that it’s one or the other.

The benefit of this is that you can make some serious returns if you know your stuff. Conversely, the lack of information also makes it harder for you to win.

Fortunately, there are two positives working in your favor at BetStars NJ sportsbook.

Making the most of your free bet at BetStars NJ

Firstly, the innate dynamics of in-game betting means you can get some unexpected value if you’re one step ahead of the oddsmakers. For example, if you feel like the game is starting to turn in a way the odds aren’t reflecting, you can place a live bet at better odds.

In essence, spotting opportunities and acting on them without delay is a huge advantage.

The second positive is all down to BetStars NJ. Because you’ll get $50 free, you can afford to take risks. We’re not suggesting you make completely ridiculous bets. However, we are saying you don’t have to be conservative.

The money you’re risking isn’t yours, but the potential returns will be. Therefore, you can speculate a little more than you usually would and, in turn, give yourself the ability to win more.

In reality, this crash course of in-game betting doesn’t alter the promotion. So, if you want to ignore all that and simply collect your $50, go ahead.

However, if you want to squeeze the most value from this free NJ sports betting bonus as possible, it’s worth considering the ways you use it during the heat of battle.

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