Where Are The Best Reward Programs For Online Casino And Poker Players In NJ?

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All online casino sites in New Jersey offer loyalty programs providing players with some type of rewards for play on the sites. The more you play, the more you earn.

However, there’s only a handful of these programs that offer players the opportunity to redeem the rewards at a land-based casino. It’s the ultimate cross-promotional opportunity. Play online and earn points, then redeem them for real-world value at casinos in Atlantic City or others across the US that take part in the same loyalty program.

Here’s a look at the NJ online casino sites that do offer these loyalty programs to players. Plus, a little about each program itself, including how to start earning and redeeming:


Caesars Casino is of the mindset that players deserve the same perks for playing online as they do live. That’s why the NJ online casino offers its players membership in the same casino loyalty program offered by all Caesars Entertainment land-based casino properties.

Total Rewards now offers players the chance to earn rewards for online play at Caesars. This includes Tier Credits that help players increase earning power and benefits. Plus, there are Reward Credits, which can be used at any one of 40 Total Rewards resorts and casinos around the world as comps for entertainment, dining, shopping, hotel stays and more.

Total Rewards has long been considered one of the best casino comps programs in the United States. Allowing players to earn points at Caesars online in New Jersey only enhances that reputation.

Players can simply link their existing Total Rewards card to their online account at Caesars or sign up for a new Total Rewards membership on the site.

Online, players earn one Tier Credit and one Online Reward Credit for every $10 wagered on slots. They also earn one Tier Credit and one Online Reward Credit for every $100 wagered on all other games.

Total Rewards Tier Credits and Reward Credits

Tier Credit credits add up to a player’s annual Tier Score, which determines Tier Status. Higher Tier Status comes with increased earning potential and more lucrative benefits.

Total Rewards offers four tiers, including:

  • Gold
  • Platinum (5,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond (15,000 Tier Credits)
  • Seven Stars (150,000 Tier Credits)

Increased benefits for Platinum members include:

  • 15 percent discount at casino gift shops
  • Can gift up to 5,000 Reward Credits to a friend
  • Room discounts based on play

Increased benefits for Diamond members include:

  • All Platinum benefits
  • $100 Celebration Dinner
  • Priority lines at hotel check-in, restaurants, casino cages and the Total Rewards Center
  • 20 percent discount at casino gift shops
  • Access to Diamond Lounges
  • VIP Reservations Hotline

Increased benefits for Seven Stars members include:

  • All Diamond member benefits
  • Appreciation gift
  • $500 Celebration Dinner
  • Complimentary room
  • Room upgrades
  • Complimentary early check-in / late check-out
  • Check cashing / credit card advance fees
  • Annual retreat
  • Signature events
  • Norwegian Cruise Line voyage

Reward Credits can basically be used as comps at any Total Rewards destination. This includes casino play, hotel stays, dining, entertainment, shopping, and golf.


Much like its sister site Caesars, Harrah’s offers players membership in the same Total Rewards casino loyalty program offered by all Caesars Entertainment land-based casino properties.

This means they can earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits online and use them at as many as 40 Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards resorts and casinos across the globe.

The difference with Harrah’s online is in how players earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits. Players on Harrah’s online casino earn one Tier Credit and one Reward Credit for every $20 wagered on all games.

All Tier Credit credits earned are added to a player’s annual Tier Score determining Tier Status. See the Caesars section above for information about each Tier and the increased benefits it brings.

Harrah’s players can redeem Reward Credits for instant cash online. They’ll get $1 to gamble with for every 100 Reward Credits they redeem.

Reward Credits earned online can also be transferred monthly to an existing Total Rewards account. Then they can be used as comps at any Total Rewards destination. One hundred online Reward Credits is equal to 100 Reward Credits, which is the equivalent of $1 in comps.


iRewards is the exclusive online player loyalty and rewards program on the Borgata casino online and poker sites. That means you can’t use the same M life rewards card you use at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to earn points online. Also, iRewards cannot be converted or transferred to an M life account.

However, players can covert iRewards points into Express Comps that can be redeemed for rooms, dining, and other amenities at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City and all other MGM properties across the country.

Membership in the program is free and iRewards members earn iRewards Points for all real money play online. In addition to Express Comps, the points can be redeemed for cash, casino bonuses, VIP Store items, and special promotions online.

The iRewards VIP Store offers cash rewards and bonuses in addition to electronics, clothing, and other retail items.

Players earn 1 iRewards Point for every:

  • $10 wagered on slots and most other games
  • $20 wagered on progressive slots
  • $25 wagered on roulette and baccarat
  • $75 on video poker, blackjack or craps

Th program is tiered and players can move up and enjoy increased earning power and benefits just by earning iRewards Points.

The five tiers are as follows:

  • Red Label
  • Red Label Plus (150 points)
  • Silver Label (650 points)
  • Black Label (2500 points)
  • Black Label Elite (15,000 points)


The BetMGM iRewards Loyalty Program on playMGM’s poker and casino NJ sites is very similar to the one offered on the Borgata online casino and poker sites.

Players cannot use the same M life rewards card they do at MGM properties across the country to earn points online at playMGM. Plus, playMGM iRewards Points can’t be transferred to existing M life accounts.

However, players are welcome to convert the playMGM iRewards Points they earn online into Express Comps. These Express Comps can then be used to buy rooms, meals and take advantage of other amenities at all MGM properties across the country, including Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

According to playMGM, with each spin on a slot or table game and every hand played on poker, players earn iReward Points. The iReward Points can then be redeemed in three different ways:

  • Express Comps, which can be used at any MGM Resort to book hotel rooms, enjoy restaurants, or see shows.
  • Bonus Dollars or cash, which can be used free play on blackjack or online poker tournaments.
  • Accessories, electronics, and other online store items

playMGM iRewards is a tiered program, and players can move up tiers to enjoy increased benefits and earning potential.

The tiers include:

  • Sapphire
  • Pearl (25,000)
  • Gold (75,000)
  • Platinum (200,000)
  • Noir (By invitation only)

playMGM iRewards Points are earned at a rate of one for every $5 bet on slots, $10 on progressive and jackpot slots, and $20 on video poker.

Players also earn a single playMGM iRewards Point for every $25 bet on baccarat, blackjack, craps, or roulette.

Poker players earn Game Play 5.5 playMGM iRewards Points for every $1 spent in poker tournament fees and cash game rake.


The SugarHouse NJ online casino has its very own loyalty program that rewards players for gambling on the site. The iRush Rewards program is unique in that it offers players rewards that are redeemable online, as well as at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, Pa.

The iRush Rewards program offers a multitude of different rewards. This includes:

  • Wheel Spin Prize
  • King Cash Bonus Back Scratch Cards
  • Free Bonus Bingo Invitations
  • SugarHouse Casino Special Offers
  • Bingo Prize Multipliers
  • Dedicated VIP Manager
  • VIP Birthday Gifts
  • VIP Lounge Access at SugarHouse Casino
  • Exclusive PlaySugarHouse Swag
  • Free Play & Dining Offers
  • Exclusive VIP Events
  • Expedited Withdrawals
  • Custom VIP Avatars
  • VIP Thank You Dinners

There are also 10 tier levels in the program with increased benefits and earnings power.

iRush Rewards is a little different than most casino loyalty programs in that players earn iRush Rewards points based on the Return-To-Player rate (RTP) for each individual game. The bigger the RTP, the harder it is to earn points. For example, if a game has 94 percent RTP, players earn 1 point for every $4.17 wagered. However, they earn just a single point for every $25 wagered on a game with a 99 percent RTP.

Players can link their iRush Rewards account from SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia to their SugarHouse online iRush Rewards account to take advantage of land-based rewards and benefits and redeem points earned online at the casino.

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun offers online players free membership on the same Mohegan Sun Rewards player loyalty program available at Mohegan Sun casinos in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Points earned through the program online are also redeemable at Resorts Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Mohegan Sun Rewards members earn benefits including promotions, discounts, complimentary hotel stays, free entertainment and cash back.

There are six membership levels and players qualify for the next level by earning Gems through online casino play.

Players earn 1 Gem for every:

  • $10 wagered on slots
  • $20 wagered on roulette
  • $40 wagered on video poker and all other games

Players can covert Gems into cash. The rate of redemption improves at each Gem level:

  • Amber: 100 Gems = $1
  • Garnet: 87 Gems = $1
  • Amethyst: 55 Gems = $1
  • Topaz: 25 Gems = $1
  • Pearl: 17 Gems = $1
  • Sapphire: 14 Gems = $1

Mohegan Sun online has a store that accepts Gems as currency. The store sells electronics, jewelry, gift cards, and more.


Resorts NJ online casino offers its own unique player rewards program with points that can be redeemed for cash online or comps at Resorts Atlantic City casino.

Players earn Reward Points for all real money play online. They earn at a rate of one Reward Point for every:

  • $2 wagered on slots
  • $4 on roulette
  • $8 wagered on video poker

It is a tiered program. It offers five levels of player rewards with increased earnings potential and benefits as players move up:

  • Bronze
  • Silver (650 points)
  • Gold (2,500 points)
  • Platinum (11,000 points)
  • Diamond (25,000 points)

Players can get cash online using Reward points. Resorts Atlantic City accepts Rewards Points as comps.


Tropicana online casino offers players in New Jersey free membership into the same casino player loyalty programs offered at Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City.

Online players can earn points online, redeem them live at Tropicana Casino & Resort and enjoy the same TROP Advantage benefits all players do.

This includes:

  • Free slot play bonuses
  • Invitations to special events
  • Discounts
  • Free gifts
  • Show tickets
  • Overnight stays

Online players who do not have a TROP Advantage account get one automatically assigned to them.

Then they start earning Tier Points at a rate of 10 for every $1 wagered online. Tier Points allow players to move up and enjoy increased benefits on five different TROP Advantage Tiers, including:

  • Green
  • Copper (4,000 Tier Points)
  • Gold (20,000 Tier Points)
  • Platinum (100,000 Tier Points)
  • Black (450,000 Tier Points)

Benefits including free hotel stays, vacations, lounge access, earnings potential, VIP access, and services. These benefits increase with every tier. Players achieving Gold, Platinum or Black status receive a free cruise for two to the Caribbean, Mexico, or the Bahamas.

Additionally, players earn Comp Dollars that can be used to purchase almost anything at Tropicana Casino & Resort. Comp Dollars are earned at a rate of one for every $15 on 90 Ball Bingo, every $40 on slots, and every $100 on all other games.

Players can redeem Comp Dollars for Bonus Money online at a rate of 20 for every $1 as well.

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