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A prolific writer and editor, Susan Brady covers travel, food, real estate, health, and the New Jersey online gambling industry. She was formerly with PokerNews as managing editor of their HealthNews website.

March 2020 NJ Online Casino News & Numbers

March 19, 2020
nj online casino march

Spring has almost sprung, and most of the NJ online casinos are blossoming with new games for you to try. Over 100 additions hit the sites this month. Some of which are older, but the majority are new titles that debuted at multiple sites. Let’s take a look at what all the casinos in New Jersey have to offer right now, in alphabetical order. 888 This NJ online casino went big in February, bringing 20 […]

New Online Casino Games in NJ – Featuring DraftKings Casino

February 10, 2020
new online slot games

It looks like DraftKings online casino is coming into its own, with a huge influx of new online slot games in the last month (60+). This new player on the NJ online casino scene also added 18 in November and seem very serious about making the top 10. They have a ways to go to catch up with the #1 casino, Golden Nugget, which is rapidly approaching the 700-game mark but seem dedicated to have […]

New Month, New Year, One Glaring Difference

January 8, 2020
gambling online in 2020

December was actually a pretty quiet month at most of NJ’s online casinos. Six casinos saw no change on their sites, while the majority had less than 10 additions. Only one went big, providing a great holiday gift to their players. What’s this mean for gambling online in 2020? Gambling Online in 2020 – Top NJ Casinos Let’s take a look at the changes we’ve seen over the last month…. 888 Casino 888 Casino has […]

Best NJ Online Casino Slots For 2019

December 5, 2019
online slots review

Rolling into the holiday season means colder weather and a lot of time spent indoors. Many of the NJ online casinos are amping up offerings to give their customers more diverse choices on their sites. Let’s take a look at those who chose to provide you with a bit more fun this holiday season with our online slots review. Golden Nugget New Jersey’s No. 1 casino never fails to impress when it comes to our […]

NJ Online Casino Slots – What’s Hot & What’s Not This Month

November 7, 2019
nj online casino slots

With the weather is getting colder, more people are staying indoors and likely spending more time gaming. It’s the perfect time for NJ online casinos to increase their offerings to lure in new players and keep the existing ones happy. Almost across the board, the online casinos have done just that. Let’s take a look at those that have taken their gaming libraries to the next level. NJ Online Casino Slots Update DraftKings’ online casino […]

NEW Online Casino Games, Promo Codes & More – 2019

October 7, 2019
casino games online NJ

September was a weird month for NJ online casinos. We have a couple of newer casinos that went big and added a whole lotta casino games online; then there are several casinos who actually dropped a significant number of titles but still managed to add some; there are those who just maintained—no additions, no subtractions; and finally, a few who managed to not lose any and move up in the ranks. So let’s take a […]

NJ Online Casinos Continue To Shock World With Record-Breaking Revenue

September 4, 2019

New Jersey online casinos hit yet another milestone during the month of July, with the most recent revenue reports showing a record $39.3 million for casino and poker combined. Online casinos are responsible for the bulk of that, with $37,428,813 in revenue, while online poker still lags woefully behind with $1,885,918. This is NJ online casino news that only dreams are made of. If the trend this summer continues, August will eclipse that record; however, […]

NJ Online Casino Games & Bonuses – August 2019

August 2, 2019
nj online casino

Well, sadly, we’re on the downhill side of summer, with kids heading back to school shortly and vacations that will just be a vision in our rearview mirrors. But the record-setting heat wave that has plagued the country has been matched by the record-setting online growth we’re seeing in NJ online casinos. Recent revenue reports show massive growth in the industry with year over year changes coming in at +68%. The latest tallies show June […]

Live Dealer Games Now Available 24/7 At Golden Nugget Online Casino NJ

June 18, 2019
golden nugget live dealer 247

Back in August of 2016, Golden Nugget’s online casino was the first to debut live dealer games in the United States. Now, almost three years later, NJ’s leading online site is expanding its live dealer offerings and making them available 24/7 — another first. NJ live dealer games allow players to have an immersive experience where they can play their favorite NJ online casino table games as though they are at the casino itself. They […]

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