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Martin Derbyshire

Martin Derbyshire

Martin Derbyshire has more than 10 years of experience reporting on the US online poker, NJ online gambling, and land-based casino industries for a variety of publications including Bluff Magazine, PokerNews, and PokerListings. He has traveled extensively, attending tournaments and interviewing major players in the gambling world.

Our Top List Of NJ Online And Mobile Sports Betting Apps For 2019

Martin Derbyshire February 25, 2019

Legal sports betting launched in New Jersey in June 2018 and by early August it started going online. In 2019, NJ online and mobile sports betting apps now take in close to 80 percent of the bets in NJ. In short, the online and mobile sports betting segment is now dominating the NJ online casino & gambling market. The number one reason has to be convenience. Online NJ sports betting let you place bets from […]

Hit The Big One In 2019: The Year’s Best Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

Martin Derbyshire February 22, 2019

People play traditional slots, themed video slots and online versions of their favorite brick-and-mortar casino slots at NJ online casinos for a variety of reasons. However, they only play progressive jackpot slots for one: The chance to hit it big. The progressive jackpot slots players find at NJ online casinos are quite similar to most others. The major difference is the size of the maximum payout, and when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, size […]

Best NJ Online Casino Bonuses For 2019

Martin Derbyshire February 5, 2019

It’s the start of another new year, and NJ online casinos are marking it by offering boatloads of free bonus cash to new players. That’s right, just for doing something as simple as signing up for a new account or making the first deposit on an NJ online casino in 2019, players can get their hands on free bonus cash to gamble with. Several of these no-deposit and first-deposit bonuses available at NJ online casino […]

Best NJ Online Casino Mobile Apps On The Market In 2019

Martin Derbyshire January 29, 2019

In 2019, an NJ online casino operation isn’t considered complete without a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There isn’t an NJ online casino mobile app on the market that can deliver the full desktop experience on a mobile device. However, there are some that are moving closer to that goal each and every year. In fact, this year’s best NJ online casino mobile apps are feature-rich and deliver a game library almost the same […]

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