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Martin Derbyshire

Martin Derbyshire

Martin Derbyshire has more than 10 years of experience reporting on the US online poker, NJ online gambling, and land-based casino industries for a variety of publications including Bluff Magazine, PokerNews, and PokerListings. He has traveled extensively, attending tournaments and interviewing major players in the gambling world.

Online Slots 101: Quick Hit Platinum Is An Instant Classic

Martin Derbyshire November 7, 2019
quick hit platinum

NJ online casinos feature hundreds of online slots. That means you’ll find everything from the classics to modern video slots featuring all kinds of bells and whistles. There’s even one that is a little bit of both. Quick Hit Platinum looks, sounds, and even plays like a classic retro reels slot. But it also offers the depth and features of a modern video slot. Like a lot of the online slots on the NJ market, […]

NJ Online Casino Promo Codes: Key To Unlocking The Best Bonuses

Martin Derbyshire October 30, 2019
nj online casino promo codes

NJ online casino promo codes are a gambler’s best friend. In fact, these codes are the key to unlocking the best bonuses the top NJ online casinos have to offer. Whether it’s referred to as an NJ online casino promo code, promotional code, or bonus code, it’s the same thing. Enter one of these NJ online casino promo codes when you sign up for an account and you’ll get access to exclusive bonuses that aren’t […]

Halloween Slots 101: Invite Some Blood-Sucking Vampires Into Your Home

Martin Derbyshire October 24, 2019
Vampire halloween slots

Images of blood-sucking vampires, maniacal monsters, and haunting ghosts surround us at this time of year. Even at NJ online casinos. That’s because Halloween is coming up on Oct. 31. And of course, several online slots feature the same themes as this spooky holiday. Like the hundreds of others available at NJ online casinos, these online slots feature multiple paylines and exciting bonus games that can be tough to decipher. However, this NJ Online Slots […]

Halloween Slots 101: Who Ya Gonna Call On Oct. 31?

Martin Derbyshire October 16, 2019
ghostbusters online slot

Halloween evokes images of scary jack o’ lanterns, haunting ghosts, evil witches, and blood-sucking vampires. But these images can be as fun and profitable as they are chilling at NJ online casinos. That’s because you’ll find several online slots featuring the same themes as the popular Oct. 31 holiday among the hundreds available at your favorite NJ online casino sites. Most of these slots feature multiple paylines and intricate bonus games that can be hard […]

Get Your Stinking Paws On The Planet Of The Apes NJ Online Slot

Martin Derbyshire October 11, 2019
planet of the apes nj casino slots

Log on to any of your favorite New Jersey online casinos, and you’re bound to find hundreds of online slots you can play. We’re going to discuss a unique dual-reels slot that has quickly become one of the best movie-themed online slots of all time: Planet of the Apes. Slots that feature multiple paylines, unique structures, and intricate bonus games like this one can be hard to figure out. It’s almost as if you need […]

Popular Online Slot: Stay Classy With ‘Anchorman Legend Of Ron Burgundy’

Martin Derbyshire October 2, 2019

There are literally hundreds of slots available at most NJ online casinos today, but today we’re going to talk about a HUGE fan favorite, the Anchorman online slot game. But with all the intricate themes, multiple paylines, and NJ online casino bonus codes offered by new games like this on, it can be hard to figure out how to beat them. These features take online slots to the next level but it’s almost as if […]

NJ Oktoberfest 2019 – A Time For Beer, Babes & Big Bucks

Martin Derbyshire September 26, 2019
oktoberfest slots nj online casino

There are literally hundreds of slots with varying themes on NJ online casinos today, including Oktoberfest slots. You name it, they’ve got it. From online versions of classic slots to modern video slots based on movies, TV shows, and music. These games offer the chance for big wins with multiple paylines, progressive jackpots and bonus games. Sometimes, there is so much going on it can be difficult to figure out how to win. Thankfully, this […]

Online Slots 101: Rule Ancient Egypt With Cleopatra

Martin Derbyshire September 24, 2019
nj online slots cleopatra

NJ online casinos have hundreds of NJ online slots. There’s everything from updated online versions of classic reel slots to ultra-modern video slots featuring themes based on movies, TV, shows and popular bands. Online slots often give you the chance to win big, with multiple paylines, progressive jackpots and fun bonus games that take winning and excitement to the next level. Suffice it to say there’s a lot going on. In fact, there’s so much […]

Online Slots 101: Playing For More Than Just Super Monopoly Money

Martin Derbyshire September 12, 2019

The modern video slots you find at most NJ online casinos these days are a far cry from the one-armed bandits Atlantic City was built on. Today’s online slots feature all kinds of intricate themes based on TV shows, movies, bands and other iconic symbols of popular culture. These slots also feature multiple paylines offering you the chance to win big and exciting bonus games where you can win even bigger. A lot is going […]

Big Time Gaming For Big Time Winners – Go Big Or Go Home With Golden Nugget

Martin Derbyshire September 4, 2019

Golden Nugget Online Slots have always been about being bigger and better. Now it is bringing a host of new and innovative Big Time Gaming slot titles to New Jersey. In fact, the state’s top-grossing online casino announced last week it will soon be adding a variety of Big Time Gaming titles to its portfolio. Golden Nugget Online Casino is powered by Scientific Games’ Open Gaming System (OGS). This allows Golden Nugget to bring its […]

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