Golden Nugget Shines Brightly At The Top Of NJ Online Casinos With 500 Games

Updated on March 5, 2018 0 comments 2124 Reads
golden nugget nj online casino 500 games

Size matters, right? Well, in the online casino world, the leading operators seem to agree that it does.

One operator that’s in agreement more than most is Golden Nugget online casino. Following some recent innovations, the company can now lay claim to being the biggest and, therefore, the best online casino in the state. Just a few weeks after launching its 300th mobile casino game, the operator has taken its desktop tally beyond the 500 mark.

In terms of quantity, this is more games than any other online casino in New Jersey. The obvious benefit of this is that players of all persuasions will have something to keep them amused.

However, as we all know, quantity without quality isn’t helpful to anyone. Fortunately, Golden Nugget’s developers haven’t simply crammed as many games into the site as they can. In fact, the operator has had a longstanding commitment to “providing a steady flow of high-quality casino games.”

More players, more money, more games

Within the last 12 months, Golden Nugget NJ gambling site has not only paid out more than $1 billion in winnings, it’s seen an 81 percent increase in wagers. To accommodate the influx of new players, Golden Nugget added 136 NJ online casino games in 2017.

As well as a ton of slots, innovations such as Live Casino Hold’em, virtual sports, and the always entertaining Slingo went live last year. Wanting to continue this momentum, the developers recently turned on some fantastic slots, including Everi’s Great Tiger and High Voltage Blackout as well as Finn and the Swirly Spin from NetEnt.

OK, so how many games can you actually play at Golden Nugget?

At the time of writing, we counted 504 table games, slots, and virtual betting options. Now, we know that sounds impressive. However, it’s probably more impressive than some of you might think. To explain what we mean, let’s broaden our gaze and look toward the online casino scene in Europe.

Thanks to a longer lineage, online casino sites in countries such as the UK have had more time to develop their products. Because of this, there are not only more online casinos to choose from but more games.

Golden Nugget NJ aligns itself with Europe’s finest

Unsurprisingly, New Jersey’s online casinos have been lagging behind for the last few years. But, and this is the important bit: Things are changing. With Golden Nugget’s desktop platform offering 500-plus games, the site is now on par with Europe’s top-rated platforms. Sure, achieving a level of parity with the rest of the world doesn’t sound all that impressive, but it is.

The reason it’s impressive is that the New Jersey online casino community has only been active since the end of 2013. In contrast, online operators in the UK, for example, have enjoyed uninterrupted activity since the late 1990s. When you look at it from this perspective, you start to understand why the 500-game milestone is so significant.

As well as becoming the biggest operator in New Jersey, Golden Nugget is now able to offer players a gaming experience that’s on par with Europe’s best.

A win for everyone, including NJ online casinos

In fact, all this is not only great for Golden Nugget, it’s fantastic for the US gambling industry as a whole. Although the road to regulation was somewhat slow and fragmented, the latest news is a sign that the market is starting to mature.

By proving it’s both possible and viable to run a large operation within the state, Golden Nugget NJ is now in a position to inspire other operators to evolve and expand. For you as players, this is obviously fantastic news as it means you’ll have more ways to play.

So, while we’re currently celebrating Golden Nugget’s achievements, the latest news should also be seen as a milestone for the industry as a whole. New Jersey’s online casino market is in a fantastic place at the moment, and that’s great for everyone that antes up. Of course, if you’re looking for the best selection of NJ online casino games right now, you should head over to Golden Nugget.

By following our secure sign-up link and using bonus code PLAY20, you’ll not only get instant access to 500-plus desktop casino games and 300 mobile offerings, but you will also get an exclusive no deposit bonus worth $20. If that’s not enough to pique your interests, there’s also as much as $1,000 in bonus credits available when you make your first deposit.

Basically, if you believe size matters and you want the biggest bang for your buck, Golden Nugget is the place to play.

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